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Professional Resume Examples

If you are looking for a job and need the best resume for your position, then look no further. Our collection of modern resume examples should give you the foundation needed to make a killer CV in our online resume builder service, with a great layout and design. Browse through the categories below, find your job title, and start learning.

Create My Resume

A perfect CV—short for Curriculum Vitae—should not only effectively and efficiently summarize your career, but have good writing and a functional, easy-to-read layout. That means you should stick to simple fonts and standard resume formats for optimal results.

With these rules in mind, how do you stand out? We’ve designed top tier resume examples to help you secure your next position.


Administrative positions require a broad range of hard and soft skills that can be built from a variety of sources in your professional life. No matter your education and professional background, you can likely tailor your CV to show off your potential administrative skill set. Select one of our numerous example CVs that can show you how you can break into administration.

Arts & Design

As more and more job opportunities in Arts & Design become available, it becomes increasingly important to have a strong CV to accompany your portfolio of work. It can be challenging for even talented creative professionals to channel their abilities into a well-curated CV, so we’ve developed these samples to help you overcome any writer’s block. We have one for nearly any job available.


Consulting positions demand not just a high level of expertise in your field, but also strong interpersonal skills, a talent for simplifying technical definitions, and a knack for handling bureaucracy. Making the transition to consulting can be intimidating for some, but those qualified enough can make it with the right CV. With our templates, it will be like you read the recruiter’s mind.

Customer Services & Support

The more advanced consumer products become, the greater the need for talented customer service professionals. This can be a great field to build a career and develop your personal skills through regular interaction with the general population. But with so many entry-level professionals seeking positions, how do you intrigue recruiters? Browse through some of the best resume templates around to find out.


Teachers have such an incredible effect on the world; one class at a time, they share knowledge and shape future generations, their impact felt over the centuries like ripples on the water's surface. If you’re looking to make a splash at your next interview, whether you’re looking to enter the field or you’re a career professional, our temples can help.


There are few problems too great for a talented engineer to solve. They’re the minds behind some of the greatest inventions in the history of the human race and drive us forward through each new technological revolution. In comparison, designing a CV should be a basic task, but even the best technical minds can struggle when putting their life on a page. Download one of our templates instead.

Finance & Accounting

In the oft-hectic field of finance, it can be tough to stand out. A competitive, well-regulated industry like this requires constant self-improvement and education, and maintaining an edge over other job seekers can be a challenge, but there’s no need to be fraught with worry. Our CV templates can give you a helping hand in entering a lucrative position as a financial professional.

Human Resources

Without human resources workers, no corporation can function. They provide a valuable, oft-overlooked service, ensuring the quality of the company workforce. Even those who can oversee the hiring process can struggle with their own CV, though—it’s only natural. That’s where we can step in and provide you with quality resume templates to ease the burden and help you catch your next boss’ eye.

Informational Technology

Right now, it seems like there’s no better place to be than in Information Technology. Information drives the global economy and innovation in computing and the internet disrupts markets every day. If you want to get involved in the golden age of the internet, but need the best resume possible, check out our templates, and maybe even get started with our resume builder.


The legal profession is among the most socially important in our modern world and has some of the greatest repercussions on our daily lives in civilized societies. Joining the ranks of the legal system can be a long process, and changing positions can be challenging. The last thing you want to do when applying for a new job is to make a weak first impression.


No matter how much time, planning and skill goes into a product, it won’t be successful without the valuable work of the company’s marketing team. These are the people who have not just the creative, but also the analytical skill to devise the strategies which build brands and win customers. To join their ranks, you need one of the best resumes on the market.

Media & Communications

The media is a powerful and ever-growing business. There are a lot of potential roles in the industry in this golden age of content, with new vacancies every day. With the power that the media has over public consciousness, it can be an alluring industry, but it has high standards for those wishing to join their ranks. You should bring your best resume to the table.

Military & Protective Services

Providing security can be a complicated and dangerous job, with many ever-changing variables. Nailing the job interview is usually the easiest part for someone with military experience. Getting there can be the hard part. What should you include in a resume? What do you leave out? There are answers to all of your questions in our resume templates. Find the job title you desire below and get started.


Operations professionals keep the gears turning. They are absolutely essential to the smooth, efficient operation of the corporate machine. From role to role and company to company, these positions can vary in their requirements and day-to-day duties. To make sure that your job search is as smooth and efficient, make sure to check out our templates, to ensure you have the best resume for your position.

Product & Project Management

A capable product or project manager needs to be able to form complex, well-integrated plans to oversee products and projects which can have years-long life cycles. In comparison, designing a solid resume could be a rather simple project. In your research phase, check out our templates so you can present your best self to stand out against the competition in the job market.

Research & Science

Education, experience, and passion for your field will help you run the job hunting gauntlet into a lucrative academic position. Academic careers can provide you with an interesting variety of experiences, and it can be difficult to know what might catch a recruiter’s eye. Allow our templates to provide you with some interesting discoveries that might help you land your next job.

Retail & Food Services

A strong resume can get your foot in the door at almost any establishment. If you’re looking to move your way up the retail career ladder, an eye-catching resume can be exactly what you need to get you out of a position you hate and into one which excites you. Check out our varied templates, find your new job title, and get started on your way into your next position.


None of the strategizing, logistics, or streamlining in the world will amount to anything without a skilled salesperson ready to represent the product or service to potential customers. Sales is a demanding but profitable field, which requires near-permanent optimism. If you’re up to the task and eager to break into sales, try out our perfectly tailored templates, which can help you land your next interview.



None of the work of any of the other categories would amount to much without the absolute backbone of industry that is transportation. These are the specialists who keep goods and people moving. With specialized machinery comes special skill requirements, and a variety of soft skills which can make you more competitive in this undervalued field. Check out our resume templates below to get out ahead of the competition.


For those whose field might be difficult to define, or lump into a category, it can be even more difficult to know exactly how to present yourself. Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered. Check out our sample resumes to help you land your next position.

Individual approach

Recruiters can identify a stock resume in a heartbeat. So, even though it might seem like every resume is basically the same, that isn’t the case at all for a professional recruiter. It’s vital that your resume is built specifically for you, and targeted for the vacancy you’re looking to fill. That’s why we’ve gone such great lengths to provide you with specialized resume examples, for not just each category, but almost any position imaginable, right here at your fingertips.

High standards

In this age of technology, global markets are always changing and adapting to new advances in technology. This means that each new wave of recruits may need to be armed with fresh knowledge, and oftentimes even the universities cannot keep up. This is why we provide applicants with cutting-edge CVs, so they can smash recruiters’ expectations.

How did we curate such a gallery of top tier resumes? We spoke with recruiters, human resources managers, and top executives to find out not only exactly what they were looking for in potential candidates, but also when candidates impressed them with things they didn’t even know they wanted. We used that information to build our resume library for applicants who are looking to take their career to the next level.