Get Cover Letter is your helpful career assistant

Get Cover Letter is a start-up company founded in February 2019. Our entire team from CEO and editor-in-chief to the career experts and developers are united by one joint mission: to simplify the job search for all applicants, from interns to senior specialists.
To achieve this, our team:
Keeps abreast of the labor market to provide users with comprehensive insights about the application and hiring process in our blog;
Monitors the current requirements for each position daily to equip professionals with individual employment tips;
Has created a unique cover letter builder that allows each applicant to receive a job-winning self-presentation in just a few clicks.
Even though the Get Cover Letter company has been operating for less than a year, over 11,000 users have already received their job offers.
We are not stopping there! Our short-term goal is to provide users with full support in all job search processes.

Meet Our Team

Yana Trihub
Founder, CEO, and Mastermind
Yana has run the gamut of employment, from intern to craft-professional in 11 years, which inspired her to simplify this task for other job seekers. She is dedicated to studying the needs of employers and developing effective self-presentation techniques for applicants.
Valeriia Kozarezova
Editor-in-chief, Career Expert
Valeriia’s experience in career changes, as well as her in-depth knowledge of psychology and self-presentation techniques, provide strong support to every applicant.
Svitlana Harkusha
Head Career Expert
Svitlana knows all the intricacies of the hiring process firsthand. She can evaluate a candidate from the first lines of the application document. Using this experience, she helps job seekers to arouse recruiters’ interest and get more callbacks and interview invitations.
Olga Butyrina
Career Expert
Thanks to her pencraft, Olga is entirely sure that a one-page application document is enough for a successful self-presentation and is ready to share the best practices for its step-by-step creation.
Artyom Krasavin
Career Expert, Marketing specialist
Artyom explores dozens of job descriptions to identify the main requirements for each position and the keywords that will increase the chances of catching the recruiter’s attention through the cover letter.
Tata Senique
Career Expert
Thanks to 13 years of experience in content development, Tata has a skilled hand in research and plenty of writing techniques and tricks in stock, which can help to turn any application document into engaging text.
Nick Dubina
Career Expert
Nick knows that there is no room for mistakes in the application document. Therefore, he researches and processes large amounts of information daily to select only the most proven and valuable advice for applicants.
Anna Hmara
Career Expert
Twelve years of experience in the IT field has taught Anna to keep abreast of any changes that could affect the quality of the product, due to which she provides users with only the latest advice from the labor market.
Michael Dovhanenko
Career Expert
Michael carefully examines the common issues of job seekers and individual candidates’ requests in different areas, thus making each piece of our information useful and valuable to users.