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GetCoverLetter Services

The central goal of GetCoverLetter is to simplify and, equally important, to speed up your job search. To achieve it, our team has developed two effective builders for preparing your set of application documents.
Resume Builder
This powerful tool allows you to tailor your resume to each new vacancy and fit it into the required 1-2 page format. The step-by-step writing guide offers hints, examples, and explanations to complete all suggested sections correctly. The wide range of templates makes it possible to design and format a document in one click.
Cover Letter Builder
It is a wizard that generates a unique and effective self-presentation from the components you choose. It provides you with a list of essential skills and personality traits for your role, produces compelling and error-free text, and formats your paper to fit your chosen layout.
Cover Letter library
Resume library

Professional Cover Letter Templates

Thanks to our broad selection of layouts, you can adapt each cover letter to the chosen company's documentation standards. View all design samples and click on the one you like to get started.

Professional Resume Templates

Your resume design is just as important as the content. For your convenience, our builder offers an extensive collection of layouts. Pick the desired one, and your document will be formatted automatically.

Benefits of Our Builders

Formatting documents in 1 click
Design options
More than 50 design options to suit any taste
Customized content
Customized content for over 900 professions from 24 industries
Preparing file
Preparing a resume and cover letter in about 23 minutes
Job search
Reducing job search time by 2 months on average
Positive feedback
89.5 %
positive feedbacks
89.5% positive feedback from users
Job applications
77.5 %
job applications
77.5% of job applications leading to interview invitations
Get a job-winning resume and cover letter in just a few clicks

Handy Way to Get a Cover Letter & Resume

Our professional builders allow you to prepare each application document in a few simple steps.
To make a cover letter online:
  1. Create your candidate profile.
  2. Click on the position you want to get.
  3. Choose a design for your document.
  4. Select your professional and personal strengths.
  5. Check the preview and make edits if necessary.
  6. Print, download in PDF, or send your ready document to the desired company.
To create a resume:
  1. Click on the layout you think will meet the expectations of the particular company.
  2. Enter your contact information for the recruiter.
  3. Complete the 4 main sections of your resume using our tips and practical examples.
  4. i>Print, download in PDF, or email your finished document to the desired company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use GetCoverLetter? GetCoverLetter is an excellent opportunity to prepare your application documents on one platform in less than half an hour. In our resume builder, you will receive a detailed guide that will help you complete all sections quickly and error-free. Our cover letter generator will compile your winning self-presentation based on the selected answers in a simple questionnaire. Both documents are formatted automatically after choosing a layout.
  2. Why do I need unlimited access to your builders? Sending out a single general resume and cover letter is an outdated practice. Today, customized application documents have become a must-have tool for any job seeker. Accordingly, you need to adapt your papers to each vacancy for which you are applying. You can create a resume and cover letter online from scratch in our builders, modify their content and design according to the desired position and potential employer’s requirements, and store your drafts and finished copies in the cover letter and resume libraries.
  3. How to write a customized resume/cover letter? First of all, you need to study the job description and write down all the employer’s essential requirements for your professional background, qualifications, personal qualities, and so on. After that, you should focus only on the information that meets these requirements and proves you as the right candidate. This way, you will keep your papers to the point and fill them with keywords for the ATS.
  4. How can I customize my cover letter in your builder? Our career experts have already analyzed hundreds of job openings for you. They included in our builder only those hard, technical, and soft skills that employers look for in candidates for your desired position. However, if you still haven't found the skill you need in the list provided, you can always manually add it. To play it safe, you can choose your self-presentation components based on the items written out from a specific job description. Finally, you can insert the company name into the appropriate blank spaces to make your message even more personalized.
  5. What if I want to improve the proposed version of the document? Once you've received the preview, you can make the necessary edits. In the resume builder, you can do it manually by clicking on the section that requires changes. In the cover letter builder, you can also add information manually or go back to the questionnaire and re-select your self-presentation components.
Making a flawless resume & cover letter is easier than you think, and successful employment is closer than you imagined!