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Our builder is the cover letter wizard that allows you to generate customized content through a simple questionnaire and select an effective design in one click. Get closer to your dream job in just 8 minutes!

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Why You Should Create a Cover Letter

If you still doubt the importance of a cover letter for your employment, these fast facts will put things right.

According to Yahoo Finance, a perfect cover letter can convince 83% of hiring managers to schedule an interview for an applicant, even if their resume has apparent flaws.

The cover letter proves that you put extra effort into your job application, which already sets you apart from dozens of job competitors.

Forbes reports that 7 out of 10 recruiters still expect to receive a cover letter from candidates even if listed as optional in the job description.

OfficeTeam survey found that 86% of CEOs regard the cover letter as an essential tool for evaluating candidates.

This document can contain any information that does not fit on your resume but is still valuable for a potential employer. For example, your motivation to join the company, reasons for choosing a profession, work style, achievements, etc.

How Our Cover Letter Generator Works

GetCoverLetter is a simple and straightforward builder, and therefore even novice users can create their application documents in no more than 8 minutes. To prove this, we will show you the entire process of working in the editor step by step.

1. Select your industry and desired position

You can either enter the title manually or select the one from the proposed list.

Select your industry and desired position
Pick the design you like

2. Pick the design you like

Scroll through the gallery to see all the proposed layouts and select the one you want with one click.

3. Enter your personal information

Follow the simple prompts under each field to complete them correctly.

Select your industry and desired position
Pick the design you like

4. Specify the date

Our editor sets the date when you compose your document. Be sure to change it to the current one before sending your letter to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Enter recipient details

Hints and examples below the field will help you enter all the data correctly.

Select your industry and desired position
Pick the design you like

6. Choose your professional skills

In this field, you will receive a complete list of customized skills for the desired position. Just click on the ones you prefer, and they will appear in your self-presentation.

7. Choose your work styles

The traits you choose in this section will help the builder select your personal strengths for the ready letter.

Select your industry and desired position
Pick the design you like

8. Indicate your personal strengths

Click on the appropriate characteristics, and our builder will use them to present you as the right person for the team and corporate environment.

9. Edit your text

You can add or edit any information to enhance your self-presentation or change the format settings.

Select your industry and desired position
Pick the design you like

10. Get your cover letter

That's all! Once your document is ready, you can download it in PDF format, print it, or email it to a recruiter.

As you can see, just a few clicks separate you from the perfect self-presentation. Start now, and apply for your dream job as soon as possible.
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GetCoverLetter Advantages

Customized content

GetCoverLetter offers you a set of skills and personality traits that are valuable for your desired position. Plus, you can fill in the blanks with the company name and personalize your appeal even more.

Extensive templates collection

Our editor offers over 50 different layouts, from traditional to creative, which allows you to design your document per job characteristics or a particular company's requirements.


You have complete control over the process of creating your self-presentation: you can select its components, evaluate the proposed version in a preview, change any part of the text, and add the necessary information yourself.

Simple instructions

You get useful tips and accessible explanations at every step of building a cover letter. They will help you avoid confusion and complete your job-winning self-presentation in a matter of minutes.

Fast job application

When you are satisfied with the final version of your document, you can immediately send it to the recruiter by email and be among the first 25 applicants who, according to LinkedIn, are three times more likely to land a job.

Cover Letter Builder Templates

GetCoverLetter online cover letter maker offers over 50 unique designs, each of which meets business correspondence standards. You can try out different layouts and choose the best one.


In this layout, the candidate's name and desired position are underlined, and the candidate’s contact information is located at the end of the page and decorated with thematic images.


This template allows applicants to add a photo and offers a separate section for the skills described in the letter body.


This layout offers a traditional design of sections with the recipient and addressee data and a bright accent on the candidate's name, making the document memorable.
This template is only in this color.


In this layout, the applicant's name and job title are highlighted at the top of the page, and contact information is illustrated and arranged horizontally.


The name is given in bold and personal information is located at the end of the page so that the recruiter can contact the applicant immediately after reading the letter.
This template is only in this color.


The template has a captioned and clearly defined personal information section and a place for the applicant's photo.

GetCoverLetter Reviews


  • 1.

    What is an online cover letter builder?

    It is your smart helper that allows creating your customized self-presentation from scratch in real-time. You just need to choose your strengths, click on the appropriate layout, and receive a document ready to download or send to the recruiter via email.

  • 2.

    Why should I use the builder instead of preparing the document myself?

    When writing a cover letter on your own, you need to think through your message, re-read the text several times to identify typos, and finally format the finished document. Despite each stage's time-consuming nature, you are still not immune to unfortunate mistakes that can negate your efforts. A professional cover letter builder, in turn, is not only fast but high quality. It guarantees compelling text without grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors or misaligned text blocks that can spoil the overall impression.
  • 3.

    What are the benefits of your builder?

    GetCoverLetter's team of career experts monitor the rapidly changing requirements of employers in various industries. Thanks to this, our builder offers only the most essential and in-demand skills and personality traits for 900+ professions. It increases the effectiveness of your self-presentations and your chances of hitting the target.

    Besides, our constant analysis of modern job descriptions allows us to identify the keywords necessary for the applicant tracking system (ATS), which means your cover letter will pass the verification with ease.

  • 4.

    Can I edit my document?

    Yes. You always get a preview of your document for approval. If any part of it does not suit you, you can return to work in the editor or manually make the necessary adjustments.

  • 5.

    How many cover letters can I do in your editor?

    The GetCoverLetter website’s terms allow you to create an unlimited number of cover letters in our editor until the end of your subscription period. Thanks to this easy application process, you can focus on a fruitful job search.

Your dream job is still waiting for you. Go to work with the GetCoverLetter builder and get a self-presentation that the recruiter will definitely notice.
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