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Cover Letter Examples

If you are in search of a proven and effective cover letter example, then you have come to the right place. Here you will receive both the unique content of the cover letter based on your desired position and the visual design due to the readable cover letter templates.

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An effective cover letter should accompany the CV and push the recruiter towards it. It goes beyond the CV, though, in that it displays the applicant’s fit for the particular position. From the recruiter's point of view, the cover letter reveals the identity of the job seeker through personal qualities, motives, achievements, and even writing style. A worthy cover letter is thus a key factor in applying.

Each sample cover letter is based on the requirements of the modern labor market and meets the needs of employers in all industries. We adhere to high standards of business writing and an individual approach, which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of any cover letter template on our website.


The administrative industry includes a wide range of professions, each of which requires unique qualifications. That’s why it is necessary to adapt your cover letter to the descriptions and requirements of the selected job. However, applicants for administrative positions should demonstrate some common soft skills. Which ones? Follow the examples and find out all the details.

Arts & Design

The branch of art and design, as a whole, is on the rise in the modern world, presenting brand new opportunities for professional growth to almost all creative people. Nevertheless, sometimes creativity is not enough to get a prestigious job. Fortunately, our examples show you what can and should be added to a job-winning cover letter.


Business is one of the most extensive areas of the labor market. Therefore, lucrative positions are achievable for both young professionals and experienced business sharks. There are also many examples of applicants with business acumen obtaining an advantage over candidates with prestigious education. Thus, business is a highly competitive and unpredictable industry. But this should not scare you off if you use the examples below.


The role of consultants is growing in a dynamic environment where expert advice and recommendations are in great demand. A successful consulting representative is not limited to hard industry skills, and has many other strengths. Recruiters know firsthand how “general skills” contribute to company functioning, and thus pay attention to them when considering an applicant. It has never been so easy to guess the recruiter’s thoughts. Use the examples below and find out what the employer wants to see in a cover letter.

Customer Services & Support

Despite the surge in technological innovation and automation, customer service and support continue to show the value of real-life communication and interaction between people. Customer service workers have several key qualities that help them excel at their jobs. Choose the best sample cover letter for you from the following list and exceed all the expectations.


Educators should always be leaders in their community and for their audiences. But unlike standard leadership positions, they are responsible for the development of entire generations. There are examples aplenty of students, inspired by the passion of their teachers, striving to succeed. Educators understand the value of knowledge. Use our cover letter templates as sources of important information.


Employees of the engineering industry have a great mission for all humanity. It is engineers who are involved in the creation of most modern technology and inventions that have become an integral part of everyday life. The engineering industry requires advanced technical skill. And if the cover letter is handled properly, it will not be as complicated as designing a factory. Our samples prove that what is ingenious is often quite simple.

Finance & Accounting

Employees in the field of finance and accounting show strength in painstaking work and constant self-improvement. This industry offers quite a long corporate ladder and a variety of career paths. Finance and accounting involve concentration and attention to detail. And for now you can focus that attention on free cover letter examples to learn more.

Human Resources

Employees involved in human resource management are critical players for the organization. They help maintain the company’s competitive advantage through increased loyalty and employee satisfaction. As a specialist in human resources, you understand the importance of a competent cover letter. Do you think the examples below could meet your requirements?

Informational Technology

Information technology has become one of the most reliable and promising industries in the labor market. High demand for the professions of the future has generated an appropriate level of supply. This means that competition in the industry is rather steep. As a person who keeps up with the times, you need to produce a cutting edge cover letter. Here are some such letters!


The legal industry is, and always has been, of great social importance. The high degree of responsibility thus implies a set of requirements for everyone who wants to interact with the law. You have a chance to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates in the legal field. Just use these free cover letter templates for your industry.


Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the formation and development of a corporation without the support of marketing tools. Examples of successful marketing decisions and outstanding figures in the industry have become canonical in the world of business. The job search is not unlike the promotion of a product on the market. But unlike a complex marketing strategy, you need only follow an example of a deserving cover letter.

Media & Communications

Today, the media has become not only a familiar part of life but also a powerful tool of influence and control. Media representatives are masters of their craft and opinion shapers for their audiences. Therefore, employment in this industry is in special demand. What if you could know for sure what an employer is expecting from you? You have that chance, because our cover letter samples are developed based on advice from recruiters.

Military & Protective Services

Representatives of the military and protective services are carefully selected, as their mistakes can result in the leak of valuable data or even human life. As such, the applicant must be a picture of moderation and concentration. Undoubtedly, you know how to protect your customers. And we, in turn, know how to protect you from mistakes in a cover letter.


Operational activity is a critical component of any business, as operations experts optimize business processes and make a significant contribution to uninterrupted production. The requirements and functions of these professionals may vary from company to company. Despite your wide range of skills, the recruiter will pay attention most to significant ones. Can't decide? Follow the sample cover letters below.

Product & Project Management

Product and project management requires an integrated approach for the successful implementation of activities at all stages. Employers are looking for versatile professionals to cover all the necessary functions and responsibilities. You can regard your cover letter as an example of the project. And now use the tips from our templates to reduce project risks.

Research & Science

It is difficult to become a successful specialist in the field of science and research if you are not passionate about what you do. Beyond that, be prepared to meet the specific requirements of employers. Scientific activity requires time-consuming research. But you are lucky that we’ve investigated employer requests, collected the best tips and applied them in the following samples.

Retail & Food Services

The central goal of an ideal retail and food services employee should be end-user satisfaction. And our goal, in turn, is to get you closer to a successful interview thanks to our sample letters. We are united by a qualitative approach to the performance of our duties. If our best example cover letters were restaurants, they would be rewarded with Michelin stars. Follow them on your way towards professional success.


Any sales and trade employee understands the value of effectively presenting a product to a customer. This not only boosts demand but also guarantees a profit. Let's pretend that now your advantages as a specialist are a kind of product. Therefore, let's make a good deal and sell your skills to the employer. All the necessary sales tools can be found below.



Transportation services are in great demand in modern society, as the industry saves customers time and effort, making their lives more convenient. Representatives of this industry are involved in direct communication with clients daily, which requires a number of soft skills. Let us give you a lift to the nearest interview! We offer cheap rates and free cover letter templates below.


The value of a specialist depends not only on his or her skills and qualities, but also on the ability to present them to potential employers correctly. Thus, it can be argued that the applicant creates a demand for himself independently. Regardless of your profession, it is important to present yourself successfully. A cover letter is designed to connect your strengths with the requirements of the employer.

Individual approach

There’s no question that sample cover letters across all professions share common characteristics. But our goal was to create not ordinary cover letters but effective ones, and this requires uniqueness first and foremost. Armed with this goal, we conducted a thorough study of the labor market and identified individual trends and requirements for each industry.

It is also evident that qualities and skills that guarantee employment in one particular field can be devalued in another. Therefore, we have developed a litany of effective cover letter templates, dividing them by industry and even by position. This not only increases uniqueness but also makes the process of creating a cover letter interactive by introducing personal info such as strengths, advantages, etc. As a result, each specialist can receive a free cover letter example that meets the key requirements of their desired position.

High standards

The modern labor market is a rapidly changing arena, and this complicates the task of the job seeker. Therefore, we offer each applicant a sample cover letter with current and proven tips regarding their chosen position. These tips may include:
  • necessary personal qualities,
  • important skills and experience,
  • requirements that are in demand among employers in a particular industry.
This information was provided by recruiters, human resources managers, and top managers directly, which guarantees its relevance. Thus, each of our cover letter examples meets the high standards of the market and takes the applicant closer to their dream job.
Beyond that, we provide an adequate design for the cover letter, based on the norms of business correspondence. Using our cover letter templates will not only save you time but also help you maintain perfect structure and readability.

You can rest assured that we will accompany you all the way from square one to the completion of your job-winning cover letter.