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How to create a good cover letter for a marketing coordinator: free tips and tricks

The role of the coordinator in the marketing sphere may include numerous duties and responsibilities: from researching competitive products to preparing promotional materials. Whether a marketing expert or an entry-level applicant will have to work in different formats, nevertheless employers always hunt for a specialist with a certain set of skills, which are generic for the profession. We gathered a collection of helpful tips and tricks for composing a winning CL. For many people it’s easier to communicate in person, than to write a letter, but to be invited to the interview, you have to make several steps first. Discover more with the marketing coordinator cover letter example below.

You’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression! Your CL is a step in the ladder to your hiring. So try not to break it at once. Perform the most intriguing opener, which would be able to catch reader’s attention.

Don’t avoid working rules and formulas! Keep in mind, that a perfect job application letter must contain a list of indispensable items: personal salutation, powerful catchy start, informative body and confident resolution.

Include your contact information correctly. You should add a link to your email, your telephone number and your address. Remember, that there is no need to specify links to your profiles in social media in the CL, unless it is required by your hiring manager.

Don’t underrate the importance of contact information. Your activity on social media is not bad in itself. But indication of all links to your profiles, from Facebook to Instagram, may be redundant and unprofessional. Check your personal pages for some undesirable content.

For sure, marketing is the art of selling. Consequently, it may seem like a great idea to try and puff yourself up as much as possible, but there’s a certain difference between confidence and arrogance.

Being supercilious is probably the worst writing style for the CL in the marketing and sales area. Emphasize your willingness to learn more from the company and don’t overdo with compliments to your employer!

Sample cover letter for a marketing coordinator position

After carefully studying our advice above, let's take a look at how it works in practice. This marketing coordinator cover letter sample was compiled with our incredibly fast and effective builder. An entire team of great career experts continues to work on its improvement every day.

Lisa WalshMarketing Coordinator212 Nixon Street855-644-4466 / lisa.walsh@gmail.comAngela ScottHR “Asbury Communities”Dear ...

Lisa Walsh
Marketing Coordinator
212 Nixon Street
855-644-4466 / [email protected]

Angela Scott
HR “Asbury Communities”

Dear Angela,
My previous projects gave me an exceptional opportunity to participate in creating diverse and effective strategies for domestic and international markets to help clients with reaching new audiences. Now I would like to focus my efforts and contribute with my skills, knowledge and experience on the recognition and stability of “Asbury Communities” in the market, as well as on increasing the revenue. I want to blend seamlessly into a professional team and become a useful link.

My natural diplomacy and tact always helped me maneuver between the interests of all stakeholders in a marketing strategy to satisfy the needs of each of them without harming the final outcome. Extended knowledge of marketing expertise allows me to develop marketing strategies for different business goals with appropriate promotion tools.

I intend to accompany the brand all the way straight to the audience, avoiding unplanned obstacles. Although my role as a marketing coordinator implies creative component, I have always been realistic. That's why I always emphasize the importance of planning and observation. I look forward to learning from the “Asbury Communities” team, and I am ready to bring my decision making and prioritizing skills to the workflow.

I will be glad to hear feedback and start a dialogue. So, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time that is convenient for you.

Sincerely yours,
Lisa Walsh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer you to pay attention to the general and the most frequent questions about cover letters. And if you still need more detailed consultation, please contact one of our experts. We will be happy to help.

  1. What colors should I use for my marketing coordinator cover letter?
    You should keep the black and white combination in your letter's text, as such colors contrast with each other and make the text readable. However, in the rest of the document, you can add vibrant colors if your industry and company documentation standards allow. For example, you can add the colors the company uses in its logo or on the website.
  2. If I don't have professional achievements yet, can I highlight my academic ones?
    Yes, if you have specialized education for the chosen position. You can talk about any marketing topic that you have successfully researched for a term paper or thesis, a project that you developed as part of your studies, or extracurricular activities that allowed you to learn practical skills valuable for the position.
  3. Should I prepare my marketing coordinator cover letter if the job ad does not require it?
    Yes. First, 7 out of 10 recruiters expect to receive a cover letter even if it was not listed as a required application document. Second, it shows that you have made additional efforts to the job application, giving you extra points in the selection process.
  4. Should I explain the reasons for leaving my previous job in a cover letter?
    A cover letter is not the best place for such an explanation. It takes up space meant to describe your strengths and motivations and can form the wrong first impression of your candidacy. Therefore, it is better to leave the discussion of your dismissal for an interview if the recruiter asks about it.
  5. What font size should I use for my cover letter?
    Recommended font size ranges from 10 to 14 points. Smaller font makes the text harder to read, while a larger one makes your cover letter look unprofessional. Remember, if your self-presentation does not fit on one page, you need to remove the less important parts and not reduce the font size.

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