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How to create a good cover letter for a finance manager: free tips and tricks

Finance manager is a job of high-demand and high rewards. A proper presentation will boost your chances of receiving the position of financial manager in a big, respected company. To help you with that, we’ve compiled a list of a few important things you should or shouldn’t say in your letter in order to make the best impression and get an invitation to an interview.

Whether you have a degree from a prestigious business school or a certificate from an online course, especially in accountancy, statistics, mathematics, etc., make sure to include them in your copy. No employer would trust an unqualified person with their budgets and business planning.

You should not cover your inexperience with the ability to learn quickly. Surely, some organizations may accept students or undergraduates, but a relevant qualification will give you bonus points and speed up the process of your adaptation in the new role.

Emphasize your strengths that are necessary in the financial field. Are you able to produce long-term plans? Can you fully understand how all business processes work? Can you make a quick analysis of the market and properly evaluate risks? These skills will be invaluable in your text.

Avoid citing irrelevant experience in your letter. Two years of selling used smartphones is not going to attract the attention of your future employer, no matter how successful your endeavor seemed to you at the time. Your philosophical degree is not worth mentioning either, but your IT background certainly is.

Financial managers require good communication skills, both oral and written. Commercial awareness, great problem-solving and the ability to be a good teammate are also a must.

Avoid using generic terms and qualities, like friendliness, positive attitude or determination. Employers from the financial area look for precision, strategic thinking and adaptive behavior in order to keep up with the competition.

Sample cover letter for a finance manager position

An excellent way to understand the tips mentioned above is to see a practical example. Below you can find a finance manager cover letter sample explicitly created to show an effective document that you can get too. Just use our builder to create a winning cover letter.

Jake MusgroveFinance Manager65 Hudson Avenue8765-876-987 / finmanager@gmail.comKelly MasonRecruiter “Fitzdale & ...

Jake Musgrove
Finance Manager
65 Hudson Avenue
8765-876-987 / [email protected]
Kelly Mason
Recruiter “Fitzdale & Sons Inc.”

Dear Kelly,
It would be a great honor to be a part of such analytical powerhouse as “Fitzdale & Sons”. Financial management is second nature to me, and I’m sure my knowledge will be quite beneficial to your company.

I’m a successful graduate of the Haas School of Business, with a degree in Business Studies. My experience in the financial field includes consulting and supervising a chain of beauty salons in my home state of Missouri, which were able to triple their revenue under my guidance. I also worked as a part-time manager for a small software developer, which culminated in a successful acquisition of the company by international investors for $1,000,000. My responsibilities included controlling the entire negotiation process and providing both parties with all the necessary paperwork.

“Fitzdale & Sons” will undoubtedly be a big step in my career, and I’m willing to step up to the challenge and showcase my best abilities in order to help your company maintain its status as one of the best analytical services in the country.


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Frequently Asked Questions

New information always comes along with some questions. Don’t shy away from asking if you have some – it will help you create a great cover letter. Below you can find some answers to general questions that you might have.

  1. What personal qualities should I put on a Finance Manager cover letter?
    Personal qualities should deepen the effect of your hard skills and complement your portrait as an ideal candidate. Include your ability to forecast, numerical proficiency, reliability, and excellent communication.
  2. How should I describe my duties?
    Try to use action verbs in the past time. For example, audited, managed, calculated, projected, forecasted.
  3. Should I mention the quantitative results of my work in the Finance Manager cover letter?
    The short answer is yes. Quantitative metrics are one of the most important aspects a recruiter can use to measure your productivity. Moreover, this data will help you present yourself as a result-oriented employee.
  4. What contact information should I include in my cover letter?
    Ideally, you should include your address, email, and phone number. Sometimes, you may want to put a link to your LinkedIn profile. The rule of thumb is that the information should be relevant so that the recruiter can contact you.
  5. Should I write about the salary in my cover letter?
    Usually, this information shouldn’t be included in cover letters. However, some employers may ask you to highlight your salary history. In this case, you can list previous salaries as ranges.

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