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How to create a good cover letter for a veterinarian: free tips and tricks

Crafting a job application letter is a tricky part of job hunting. Don’t worry if you do something wrong. It is a simple formal business style document that expresses your interest in a position and aligns your qualifications to the job requirements. The veterinarian cover letter example below is of a seasoned specialist. Thus, you can better grasp how to implement these top tips and tricks as to cover lever writing. Remember to use a template for a top-notch layout and formatting.

Make it short. It would be erroneous to think that the employer, or recruiter, is willing to read more than one page about you. Be concise and include only the most relevant information.

Don’t give yourself slack about generic phrases. The more specific you are in the text, the better. Put some effort into writing and make your language as meaningful as possible.

Do your homework. Before you sit down to write out your application documents, you should do some preliminary work and find out more about the company, hiring managers and job requirements.

Don’t sit down without understanding your purpose. Otherwise your document is off the mark and useless. When you get a clear idea being your written introduction before your resume is read, you’re able to engage the employer.

Give plenty of examples. As Stephen King says, ‘Show instead of tell.’ When you mention a particular skill of yours, support it by an example. For example how many dogs you saved by making a successful CPR.

Don’t forget to edit. As soon as you finished your first draft, don’t think that the job is done. You should reread it a few times and then add and reiterate weak points. Put it aside and get back to it with a fresh take.

Sample cover letter for a veterinarian position

The veterinarian cover letter sample shows how our tips can be put into practice. Just one page gives the recruiter a clear understanding of your skills, experience, motivation to work for the company, and why you are an excellent worker than other candidates.

Malika ScholtzVeterinarian125 Baker’s Street8765-876-987 / dental@gmail.comAdam MitzkevichHiring Specialist “Morningside Veterinary ...

Malika Scholtz
125 Baker’s Street
8765-876-987 / [email protected]
Adam Mitzkevich
Hiring Specialist “Morningside Veterinary Care”

Dear Adam,
I’m writing to express my interest in the veterinarian role at Morningside Veterinary Care. As a graduate of veterinary medicine from Los Angeles University, I worked for 5-years at Glade Animal Care. Now, as I have substantial experience, I would love to offer you my expertise and skills.

While at Glade Animal Care, I performed typical veterinarian duties. I diagnosed and treated animals for various diseases; I performed surgeries on pets as well as wildlife animals; I advised pet owners on correct care and treatments.

I am passionate about animals and I love to help them and make their life better. In my free time, I conduct clinical research on animal health problems and write articles. One of my research articles got published in Diggo.

I would love to have an opportunity to join the team at Morningside Veterinary Care. Looking forward to meeting you in person to discuss my possible contribution to your mission.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still in doubt? Don't hesitate to ask questions. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from our users.

  1. Does the veterinarian cover letter only have to show my professional skills?
    Since a cover letter has more flexible content requirements than a resume, you can add any information you think is of value to the employer. Yes, professional skills are a must-have. But you can also talk about personal qualities, motivation to work in this particular company, and, ultimately, about love for animals.
  2. Should I describe my duties from the previous place of work to prove my professionalism?
    First, the list of responsibilities itself does not prove your professionalism in any way. Second, this information is already on your resume. Therefore, if you want to mention your previous job, it is better to tell about your achievements and skills you have mastered in performing your duties.
  3. Can I specify the desired salary in the cover letter before submitting my resume?
    You can only indicate your financial expectations if the employer requires it in the job posting. In any other case, disclosing the desired salary in the cover letter is unacceptable and inappropriate. Leave the discussion of this issue for an interview and bend every effort to get it.
  4. If I have no work experience, should I write this in a veterinarian cover letter?
    This document is intended to demonstrate to a potential employer your strengths, not your weaknesses. Therefore, there is no need to make excuses for lack of experience. Instead, talk about your field-specific education, possibly engaging coursework that has increased your expertise, and hard and soft skills that make you a suitable candidate for the veterinarian position.
  5. If the cover letter shouldn't repeat the resume, why do I need to mention my skills there again?
    If you just list your skills on your resume, then in your cover letter, you describe them and explain why they are essential for the chosen position and how they will be useful to the company. This proves to the employer your understanding of the job. The skill names remain the same, but the way they are presented is radically different.

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