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How to create a good cover letter for a staff accountant: free tips and tricks

A job application letter is an essential step on your way to a good job. If a quick skimming through your text gets the hiring specialist interested in your competencies, you’ll probably get invited to interview. Whether you’re entry level or a seasoned professional, make good use of our top writing trips and demonstrate your skills and experience with some flair. The staff accountant cover letter example below will guide you in this endeavor.

Research the company before applying. You need to know the names of the recruiter and the employer, get familiar with the most important projects or accomplishments of the relevant department, and learn the company’s mission in general.

Don’t distort information of yourself. Hiring managers usually fact-check the applicants before hiring them. Don’t embellish your qualifications for the sake of getting to interview. You can damage your reputation and ruin this particular chance for a job.

Rely on the job description. Recruiters usually mention in the job posting the most important skills an applicant should possess. Match your experience and achievements to the keywords used by the recruiter for the position you’re interested in.

Don’t mention your salary expectations. You need to make sure first that you got the employer interested. As long as you’re an unknown job-seeker, there is no practical point for you to start negotiating your salary. Don’t plant into the employer’s head an idea that money’s your first motivation.

Use active verbs to shape a perception of yourself as an employee. Many people still believe that passive grammar constructions convey seriousness and academism. No. Using active voice and action verbs will establish you as a skillful and well-spoken professional.

Get rid of generic descriptions. Specific examples are better than empty words. For example, instead of “Handled administrative duties and responsibilities,” you better focus on the effect you created and use words like ‘audited,’ ‘checked,’ ‘inspected,’ etc.

Sample cover letter for a staff accountant position

If writing from scratch is challenging for you, check out our staff accountant cover letter sample. It will show you what information to include and how to prove your skills and motivation. This is a great chance for you to find out how to gain interest from the desired company.

Donald JacksonStaff Accountant101 Shore Road Lane8765-876-987 / librarian@gmail.comSylvia SteinRecruiter “New ...

Donald Jackson
Staff Accountant
101 Shore Road Lane
8765-876-987 / [email protected]
Sylvia Stein
Recruiter “New Wave Truck Service”

Dear Sylvia,
In response to a job posting on LinkedIn, I would like to suggest myself for the position of a staff accountant.

As a holder of a bachelor’s in accounting, I have had a one-year internship at R2 Ltd. working with accounts and finances. In that role, I became familiar with accounting principles and laws and regulations on the basis of a company that generated over $10 million of revenues during that time. In my line of work, I was to prepare financial statements, analyze operational data, perform account coding, reconcile General Ledger, and cooperate with colleagues to improve efficiencies.

Overall, I am an easy-going individual who is hard-working, diligent and attentive to detail.

I would love to meet you in person and discuss how I can assist your company’s productivity. I hope to hear from you soon.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to give you a proper and clear understanding of how GetCoverLetter works and gave you tips on what should be written in the document. A general cover letter becomes rich and fulfilled by using our services. In case any other questions are left, read the section below.

  1. What format should I save my cover letter in?
    The most common format is PDF. But read the job description carefully, as the recruiter may indicate the type of document they expect to receive.
  2. Should I add links to social networks in my staff accountant cover letter?
    You should only include your physical address, email, and contact phone number in your cover letter. If you would like the hiring manager to receive links to your social media, include them on your resume.
  3. Can I send the same cover letter to different employers?
    Unfortunately, this will significantly reduce your chances of getting a job. A cover letter that has been edited for the specifics of a company will bring you great benefits in terms of employment.
  4. What tone should I use in my staff accountant cover letter?
    Follow the rules of business correspondence. However, we advise you not to use overly formal words. Leave a space to express your enthusiasm in everyday language. Using the GetCoverLetter builder, you can be completely confident that your letter will match the tone preferred by hiring managers and contain a strong description of your skills.
  5. What is the most suitable volume for writing?
    Keep it short. The perfect letter should be no more than one page.

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