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How to create a good cover letter for a historian: free tips and tricks

Many people underestimate the importance of cover letters. But we assure you, they are equally essential as your resume. In this section, we will list the dos and don'ts of a job-winning cover letter. After that, you will get a historian cover letter example to see the tips in practice, making them easier to understand.

You should include the hiring manager’s name. This step is critical, as it makes your letter more personalized, thus creating a more positive attitude between your potential employer and you.

You should not only write what the company can give you. Why should the company consider you the best expert for the role? What benefits can YOU as an expert bring them? Perhaps, you have started some research that can bring a grant to their institution. Indicate such information in the cover letter.

You should write about relevant qualifications. Use similar wording as the job description and highlight hard and soft skills that make you the best fit for the covered position.

You should not write apologies for your knowledge gaps if any. It is impossible to know everything, so if you meet nine out of ten requirements - write the job application. For example, don’t highlight that you are no expert in Medieval History; say that you are a fast learner.

You should add your areas of research interest. In the academic field, areas of scholarly interest are equally important as the studies themselves. This point will show your employer that you are eager to explore new things.

You should not be too excited about the job. Your employer and yourself both need each other. So, keep it professional and don’t write things like, “I am thrilled for getting such an opportunity”, “it is such an honor”, etc.

You should thank your potential employer for considering your application. You can also write something like “I am looking forward to the interview”, “I am hoping for our fruitful cooperation”, etc.

You should not write too much information. The hiring manager does not have time to read all the titles of your course papers if they have nothing to do with your job application. Keep the letter simple, short, and precise.

Advice from the GetCoverLetter Hiring Expert

“Historians need not only profound academic education but also strong communication, analytical thinking, and several other skills. Let’s view the necessary skills in more detail.

Analytical skills are a must in almost every area of study. However, it is of paramount importance when it comes to history, a field where the amount of data exceeds the number of humans who can process it. You need to be able to analyze the sources and make the best conclusions.

Historians also need communication skills to give presentations on their historical research to the general audience, collaborate with colleagues or students in the workplace, and interview people to collect oral histories.

These and other skills are of utmost importance for a historian, so develop them.

Do not hesitate to indicate these soft skills in your cover letter. Modern employers often value soft skills more than hard skills, as the latter is usually easier to master. Combine your accomplishments and skills that will help you reach new milestones at your new job in the cover letter.”

Sample cover letter for a historian

Now let’s see how the above writing tips work in practice. Study the example of a cover letter and remember that you can easily compose your unique document in the GetCoverLetter builder in a few minutes.

Amber HillHistorian325 Circus Alley7454-983-231 / historian@example.comLeonard SmithRecruiter "AM Research"Dear Leonard,I ...

Amber Hill
325 Circus Alley
7454-983-231 / [email protected]
Leonard Smith
Recruiter "AM Research"

Dear Leonard,
I would like to apply for a historian position at AM Research. My professional background and research experience make it possible to become a worthy member of your team and a valuable part of the institution.

My strong academic background, analytical thinking, and attention to detail help me select information that is of the most use and interest to my students. Besides, I am convinced that diligence, empathy, and communication skills are of utmost importance for career success in my field.

I can perform high-quality research under strict deadlines that prove my diligence. Due to my highly developed communication skills, I can also hold the attention of large (40+) university groups and easily engage with the public. It is easy for me to find an individual approach to each student, which results from my empathy.

I believe the AM Research historian position is an excellent opportunity for me to boost my current research. I have heard a lot about the professionals that work in your institution, and I am convinced that we will make a good team and help each other achieve new heights.

I am grateful for your attention, and I look forward to hearing your feedback about my application.

Kind regards,
Amber Hill.

This example is not commercial and has a demonstrative function only. If you need unique Cover Letter please proceed to our editor.

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Document writing tips

There are many builders out there. But there are three ...
  • Do not use euphemisms in your writing:

    You want to keep your writing precise, so do not use phrases like “I am currently between jobs” or “Embarking on a journey of self-discovery.” Euphemisms convey no meaning. Also, they make the text longer and more challenging to understand.

  • Do not include information you cannot backup:

    Don’t invent information that isn’t based on truth. Your goal is to achieve maximum objectivity in your text unless it is a literary artwork. So, try to avoid subjective judgments in your writing. It is also a good idea to add trustworthy resources where you have found the information.

  • Avoid wordy sentences:

    Remember that 50-60 characters is an optimal line length on the web. If it is impossible to shorten your sentence more (which is rarely the case) - write no more than 75 characters. If you use complex and wordy sentences that are difficult to understand, your audience will probably not read your cover letter to the end.

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There are different cover letter templates available in our builder. Choose the one that suits the industry standards or job requirements, and your document will get a professional look and be formatted automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about writing a cover letter, we will help you! For your convenience, we have answered the most popular questions below to provide you with comprehensive information.

  1. What should I write in my cover letter if I’m an entry-level historian with no experience?
    Schools typically include practical studies in their curriculum. You can write what you did during your practical classes, how well you performed, etc. Do not forget to also talk about your personal qualities that will help you succeed in your chosen profession, as well as your motivation to join a particular organization.
  2. Should I indicate my social media links in the cover letter?
    We live in a time when your social media profile can tell a lot about you. However, it is better to leave links to your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles for your resume. In the cover letter, include your address, phone, and email.
  3. How long should my cover letter be?
    Recruiters receive many cover letters, so make yours scannable and well-structured. Limiting the length to three-four paragraphs or a maximum of one page is the best. Our builder will structure the cover letter for you.
  4. Why is sending the resume not enough?
    A professional cover letter distinguishes you from other candidates as it shows that you have put more effort into the job application. Besides, it adds a human touch to the resume. In this document, you can tell your professional story and highlight your personality and motivation. Thus, a good cover letter increases your chances of getting to the interview.

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