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How to create a good cover letter for Architectural Historian: free tips and tricks

Informed means armed! Creating a mind-blowing cover letter has its rules. Knowing them is the key to crafting an application document that can help you fulfill your career goals and outshine other candidates. We are ready to share some inside information on preparing a perfect Architectural Historian cover letter that can be applied for both experienced candidates and beginners.

Research the company and job description carefully and adapt your cover letter accordingly. Highlight that you are familiar with the company’s activities by mentioning some of their recent projects and indicating that you share the same values.

Don’t copy-paste any information, even from the best Architectural Historian cover letter example you find on the Internet. Recruiters often check applications for uniqueness, and plagiarism can ruin their first impression of you.

Speak the job description language. Since recruiters use applicant tracking software, your cover letter should include words specific to the role.

Don’t use too much narrow-focused terminology because if the recruiters are not familiar with this vocabulary, they may not understand your message.

Think about the proper structure of your cover letter: personal greeting, an engaging introduction, impressive main body about your skills and qualities, and motivating closer.

Don’t forget about a powerful call to action. Let the hiring manager know that you want to continue communication and are ready to answer any questions.

Focus on your employer’s needs, not yours. Clearly describe your qualifications, abilities, expertise, and traits and emphasize how the company will benefit if it hires you.

Don’t send the same cover letter, only changing the company name to all the positions to which you apply. Each role has its specifics that should be addressed in your job application.

Advice from the GetCoverLetter Hiring Expert

“As a cross-disciplinary profession, architectural historians can work in two main directions: conservation and heritage preservation, which is more art-based, and research and examination of buildings, which is a more technical architectural component. The demand varies depending on the direction job seekers choose. Usually, the heritage-related architectural historian positions are more competitive. As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for such specialists will increase by 7% by 2024.

If you want to remain a sought-after candidate in the competitive labor market, my advice is to work on your professional development in the two directions mentioned above. This recommendation applies to both experienced and entry-level job seekers. Learn art history and urban studies, architecture, and archaeology, and combine this knowledge with computer-aided design and drafting skills.”

Sample cover letter for Architectural Historian

Wondering how to put our tips and advice into a real application document? This cover letter for the architectural historian job created in GetCoverLetter builder proves that it can be as easy as ABC.

Trinity RedfernArchitectural Historian131 Pickens Way9038-408-304 / architect.historian@example.comAmber LenardRecruiter "SCA Environmental ...

Trinity Redfern
Architectural Historian
131 Pickens Way
9038-408-304 / [email protected]
Amber Lenard
Recruiter "SCA Environmental Consultants"

Dear Amber,
Preserving architecture is my true mission. I think it’s crucial to save old buildings because sometimes they can convey history better than scholars, paintings, books, and other historical artifacts. I believe that my vision, skills, and professional expertise will be a great asset to SCA Environmental Consultants, and together we will bring architectural history to a new level.

With over 10 years of architectural history experience, I have in-depth knowledge of 17th to 20th-century residential architecture and can conduct historic resources surveys following requirements and deadlines. Moreover, my professional background is supported by exceptional analytical, writing, and computer skills. My analytical mindset helps me conduct archival research and classify buildings by age, style, and significance. Due to my outstanding writing skills, the preparation of clear descriptions of buildings, technical reports, and compliance documents is not a problem. Being a computer savvy professional, I can use 3D modeling software such as CAD and Sketchup.

As a dedicated Architectural Historian, I am also a member of the Society of Architectural Historians and always try to expand my network through participation in various professional seminars, conferences, and meet-ups. I’m committed to communication, collaboration, and teamwork, as I believe they can help me succeed in any endeavor.

My personal qualities always help me in performing my duties. Due to my initiativeness, logical thinking, and problem-solving, I ensure a high-performance level.

I would appreciate an opportunity to continue our communication in person. Should you have any further questions regarding my qualifications and skills, please contact me via phone.

Trinity Redfern.

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Document writing tips

GetCoverLetter is designed to help everyone build job-winning application documents. ...
  • Try to avoid long sentences. They can make your text difficult to understand. The reader can get confused and lose the thread of your message. The optimal sentence length is 10-12 words, while the paragraphs should be no more than 3-5 lines long.
  • The layout is your key to the structure. Whatever you write, layout techniques help lead your reader to the intended points of focus. If you want to list something, use bullets. If you want to draw the reader’s attention to something, use bold or italic.
  • Revise your draft after a while. Step away from your document for a little bit and read it later with a critical eye. Thus, you will take a fresh look and see the points that need to be сut or described more clearly.

Why the Get Cover Letter is the best solution

GetCoverLetter is designed to help everyone build job-winning application documents. An experienced specialist with extensive architectural expertise or an Architectural Historian with no experience can create unique and customized documents.

You can make a cover letter using your smartphone and send it directly to your hiring manager.

You’ll get simple, easy-to-follow instructions at each stage of your cover letter creation.

You can select a template you like, and the document will be automatically formatted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Figuring out how to write a perfect cover letter isn’t that easy. But you can start by asking questions. Here we’ve answered the most frequently posed ones to make your job search journey a little bit easier.

  1. Should I mention my membership in professional organizations for Architectural Historians in my cover letter?
    Yes, you can highlight this information. Noting that you are a member of the US Society of Architectural Historians, the American Institute of Architects or the American Society of Landscape Architects will serve as an advantage for your cover letter and resume.
  2. What are the most sought-after soft skills that should be highlighted in a cover letter?
    In general, recruiters search for communicative and proactive employees, so make sure to highlight your interpersonal skills, desire to take the initiative, and find creative solutions for complex problems. With GetCoverLetter builder, you’ll get a customized list of personal qualities tailored to a particular profession.
  3. Does your builder only create cover letters?
    Using GetCoverLetter, you can create a full application package. Moreover, you can build your cover letter and resume in the same design to make them look more harmonious.
  4. Should I include my LinkedIn profile link in my cover letter?
    Today, recruiting through social media is becoming more popular. Thus, adding a link can be a good idea. However, make sure your profile looks professional.

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