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How to create a good cover letter for a mental health counselor: free tips and tricks

Mental health is one of the most important issues of our generation. With that being said, the position of a counselor is as relevant as ever. Here we’ve compiled a number of useful tips for a mental health counselor cover letter example which are going to guarantee a perfect response from your future employer. Showcase the best of your abilities, and the interview is yours!

You’ll be dealing with clients from all walks of life. Thus, you need to show that and can find an approach for every individual case. You must be familiar with all sorts of mental issues, from substance abuse and bullying to anger management, depression and suicide.

Don’t be too concerned about the financial side of the job. Emphasize that you’re here for a good cause, and you value the client’s well-being over material benefits.

You must be able to work not only with individuals, but also with groups, families and communities. Emphasize your strength as a team player and your knowledge of different techniques for a group format.

Don’t forget that you’re dealing with a very delicate subject. Even qualified specialists often neglect the ethical side of mental treatment which leads to unprofessional treatment.

Mental therapy is a long and thorough process which requires a well-developed strategy. Your employers will be interested in your planning skills as well as the ability to do a deep emotional research and define valid priorities for each person.

Describing yourself an introvert is not a good idea. You need to show that you’re a people’s person to earn the trust of your clients and encourage them to make their own healthy decisions.

Sample cover letter for a mental health counselor position

The most effective way to digest the tips is to see their practical application. We have used all the important tips of the above units into a single a mental health counselor cover letter sample to demonstrate a winning document that can be created in GetCoverLetter editor.

DeShawn MyersMental Health Counselor15 Liberty Street7475-336-982 / mentalhealthcounselor@gmail.comKaren JacobsRecruiter Medical ...

DeShawn Myers
Mental Health Counselor
15 Liberty Street
7475-336-982 / [email protected]
Karen Jacobs
Recruiter Medical Center “Hope”

Dear Karen,
Helping people has always been my passion, so when my friend told me about the vacant position of a mental health counselor at your center, I decided to give it a shot.

Having a psychology degree has allowed me to understand people around me better and provide quality assistance to those in need. For example, I’ve spent two years working with war veterans in our local community who have to deal with PTSD and other mental disorders. I’m a strong believer in the power of the mind, and I’ve achieved a lot of positive results during our sessions.

I consider my emotional stability to be one of my biggest strengths. My parents divorced when I was 5, and I was growing up in one of the poorest areas of my hometown. Being around substance abusers, troubled children and victims of domestic violence gave me an inside perspective of mental problems as well as valuable experience which I can share with my clients as a part of their treatment.

I’m willing to give my all in order to turn as many lives for the better as possible, and I’m very excited about the opportunity to join your medical center.


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  1. What should my a mental health counselor cover letter contain?
    The main purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself, mention the job you’re applying for, show that your skills and experience match the needed skills and experience for the job.
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    Here are a few common mistakes to avoid:
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