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How to create a good cover letter for a dog walker: free tips and tricks

Based on the short cover letter, the recruiter gets the first impression of you as a person and a specialist. Simple and effective tips can help you make your CL interesting and eye-catching. Avoid common mistakes and provide the recruiter with beneficial info.

A cover letter is a supplement for a resume. Use it to tell more about your soft skills, personal traits, and motivation. Use examples that will show you as a perfect dog walker.

Do not duplicate information from your resume. If your resume simply lists your skills, then a cover letter may explain how each of them will help you succeed in your chosen position.

Read the job description, highlight the key requirements for the position. To encourage an employer to invite you for an interview, you should prove that you have precisely the set of skills and personality traits that they are looking for.

Don't lie about your qualifications. After all, during the interview, the employer will quickly understand that they have been deceived. If you do not have work experience, focus on your soft skills—for example, a big animal lover with strong time management.

Use numbers to confirm your words. This will serve as a great illustration of your professional qualifications. For example, you can write down how many dogs you can walk at a time or how daily walks have affected your pets' stamina.

Avoid generalizations, clichéd, and formal phrases such as "according to work statistics, I exceed my plan every month,” "I am a fast learner and stress-resistant." Such words, without specific confirmation, are an empty phrase.

Before you start writing your CL, take inspiration from other dog walker cover letter examples. Our visual sample will help you focus on and understand the clear structure of a cover letter.

Don't copy someone else's cover letters. It will be very inconvenient if the same text of the CL comes from different applicants. In this case, you will not get a job and will show yourself as an irresponsible person.

Advice from the GetCoverLetter Hiring Expert

“A cover letter is one page long, so think about what you want to write carefully. The best option is to include soft and hard skills in your cover letter for a dog walker job. First, attention to detail, because it is important to make sure that the dog does not eat anything dangerous while walking. Next, your reaction speed. If the dog suddenly removes the collar or breaks the leash, you must react quickly and prevent the dog from running away.

First aid skills indicate that in any situation, you can always help the dog. In accordance with your duties as a dog walker, you should be able to create the best walking route for the pet, as well as indicate the duration of the walk. And also important is endurance. Walking and playing with dogs takes a lot of energy. And given that the walk usually lasts 45-60 minutes, depending on the employer’s wishes, you should keep yourself in good shape. Feel free to reflect some of the above skills in your cover letter."

Sample cover letter for a dog walker

To better understand how to apply our cover letter writing tips in practice, we suggest looking through the example below. This cover letter outlines the structure of the document and the key points to include.

Samuel WinchesterDog walker12 Green Street+1-496-548-3655 / sam.winchester@gmail.comAnn JuddManager HR "Ears, ...

Samuel Winchester
Dog walker
12 Green Street
+1-496-548-3655 / [email protected]
Ann Judd
Manager HR "Ears, Paws & Tails"

Dear Ann,
Since childhood, I have enjoyed taking care of and walking dogs, which is why I decided to devote myself to working with animals. I am applying for a dog walker position, hoping to successfully apply the experience and skills I have gained to provide quality service.

Constant work as a volunteer in local shelters in the city allowed me to learn more about the processes of caring for dogs of different breeds and how to make a diet for animals properly. The acquired practical skills in first aid and speed reaction let me instantly assess the animal’s condition and provide the necessary assistance before the arrival of the vet specialists. And my keen attention to detail helps me keep a closer eye on pets during the walk.

As an experienced dog walker, I understand the importance of the responsibility that I hold. Therefore, I regularly attend courses on caring for dogs, go to the gym five times a week to keep myself in good physical shape and develop my endurance. I also strictly follow the schedule of walks and am never late for appointments.

I strive to become part of your big team and contribute to the development and improvement of customer service quality. For this purpose, I am ready to apply my teamwork skills, leadership qualities, and willingness to help.

Thanks for your time! I would be glad to meet to discuss and clarify some points from the resume and cover letter.

Thank you for your time, and I would be thrilled to meet you personally.


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How to save time on creating your cover letter
for a dog walker

Our Get Cover Letter editor will help you make the process easy and fast. How it works:

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Choose the design of your cover letter.

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Document writing tips

The GetCoverLetter editor is like a magic wand that can ...
  • Write the document for yourself. Even if you have taken "the best example" as a basis, you should edit it for yourself so that it is unique, personalized, and tailored to your reader.
  • Be precise and concise. A reader doesn't always have time to study a large amount of text to find the information they need. Keep it to the point, organized in paragraphs of two to three sentences, instead of pages about nothing.
  • Pick one font style. It is best to use standard ones such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Verdana, and Calibri. Font size 10 - 14. This makes the document look readable and presentable.

Why the Get Cover Letter is the best solution

The GetCoverLetter editor is like a magic wand that can create attention-grabbing job application documents for every profession. It doesn't matter if you are a dedicated administrator or a dog walker with no experience. The builder will create a high quality and professional cover letter.

You don’t need to think about formatting the text correctly because this is what the builder does.

It will take just about 8 minutes to create a cover letter in the GetCoverLetter editor. All you have to do is choose your strengths, after which your self-presentation will be generated automatically.

We offer 50 different cover letter layouts. Plus, you can change the main color of the design, depending on your preferences.

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The GetCoverLetter templates follow the general rules for the design and format of application documentation. With this, your cover letter will sparkle with new colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you still have questions about the creation of job application documents or the work of the builder. You are not the only one. We invite you to look through the FAQs.

  1. Do I need to indicate my social networks in the contact information?
    You should attach a link to your social networks only if you have a professional profile, and it is demanded in the vacancy description. Most often, in the contact information block, job seekers indicate their profile on LinkedIn.
  2. What skills and abilities have to be indicated to the dog walker in the cover letter?
    Every employer has a different list of key dog walker skills. To find them out, you need to study the vacancy carefully. The most common are communication, love of animals, decision-making in stressful situations, endurance, and good physical fitness.
  3. What if I don't know the name of the recruiter?
    If you do not know the recruiter’s name, you can use their job title to address your cover letter.
  4. Can I print a cover letter directly from your builder?
    Yes, of course. You can print the document from the builder immediately after the completion of the creation process. You can also download a cover letter in PDF format or send it to the employer via email.
  5. Can I add something to the cover letter after the builder creates the document?
    Yes, you can manually edit the finished document by adding or removing information. All your drafts are saved in the GetCoverLetter editor, and you will have constant access to them.

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