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How to create a good cover letter for a marketing director: free tips and tricks

Going all the way up to a top management position, you must know tips and tricks of crafting an effective cover letter for a resume. Just to freshen up your memory and point out the best ways to match your qualifications to the job requirements, please check out a short collection of the dos and don’ts. For writing tips, refer to our marketing director cover letter example below.

Highlight your professional skills. As a marketing director, you’re to lead the marketing department with a plan and strategy, so expand on your organizational, decision-making, analytical and soft skills.

Don’t underestimate the job posting. It has clues and key information for you. To get a better understanding and convey your fitness for the job, borrow keywords from the job posting.

Rely on action verbs—language matters. Convey your professionalism and fitness to the position through action verb usage. Instead of using the clichéd “goal-oriented,” write that you “negotiated, encouraged, asserted, evaluated,” etc.

Don’t use jargon. Whereas some industry-specific expressions can enhance your competency when talking to same-industry colleagues, your cover letter is read by the recruiter who will be unimpressed by them.

Be specific about what you can do for the company. Generic claims don’t impress hiring specialists. As part of top management, add numbers and data and refer to results.

Don’t use adjectives. In your case, “significant” or “huge” mean nothing unless they are supported by numbers. Better write, “cut marketing budget by 10 percent without compromising quality.”

Sample cover letter for a marketing director position

Learning theory is good, but it's better to see in practice. The marketing director cover letter sample contains all the best tips from our recruiting experts listed above. Use the GetCoverLetter builder to create such professional and effective job application documents, telling about your professional skills, abilities, and knowledge.

Baldwin WelshMarketing Director 321 Project Street8765-876-987 / recruit@gmail.comGabby AldridgeHiring Specialist ...

Baldwin Welsh
Marketing Director
321 Project Street
8765-876-987 / [email protected]
Gabby Aldridge
Hiring Specialist “World-Wide Corporation”

Dear Gabby,
Please see attached my application for the position of Marketing Director at “World-Wide Corporation.” My many years of experience with a number of high-level projects will allow me to increase your company’s market share and social media presence.

While at Grey Goose as a marketing director, I oversaw the marketing department, worked out marketing strategy, and engage various marketing channels. A typical marketing campaign includes promotions through both digital and traditional media carried out in accordance with brand consistency and maximum effectiveness. Following my strategic initiatives and launching new products by schedule, the employer increased market penetration while cutting down marketing costs due to more important involvement of social media tools.

My proven expertise in developing and managing the full cycle of promotional campaigns is enhanced by my intrapersonal skills. I am excellent at holding presentations and convincing clients of the chosen strategy. Due to my competitive nature, I am not shy of competition, and I hope to outperform other candidates.

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my potential in this role and meet with you at an interview. I am best contacted by email at [email protected] or telephone at 7569847694. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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The GetCoverLetter editor is an amazing choice for job seekers. It doesn't matter if you are a marketing director without experience or with an extensive track record. The builder will create an excellent cover letter for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have any questions regarding your cover letter? We will try to break them down for you. Check out our list of general and most frequently asked questions from users along with our comprehensive answers.

  1. Should I mention the company I am applying to in the marketing director cover letter?
    Undoubtedly, it will make your message more personalized. Mention the company in the opening paragraph when explaining who you are and what position you are applying for and in the main body describing your reasons for choosing the company. Both options will work for you.
  2. Can I repeat skills from my resume in my cover letter?
    Yes, but not all. If your resume contains up to 10-12 skills, limit yourself to the five most significant ones when writing a cover letter. Do not forget that you need to explain why they are valuable to the employer and how they will help you succeed in your new position.
  3. Should I talk about my soft skills in a marketing director cover letter?
    Yes, more than 77% of employers give preference to candidates with soft skills. But remember that you should only focus on those soft skills that are relevant to your position. These can be communication, leadership, organizational, or creative skills, but it is better to re-read the job description and specify the required ones.
  4. Why are keywords important in a cover letter?
    Many recruiters conduct their search and initial screening of candidates using an applicant tracking system that scans your resume and cover letter. If your documents contain keywords, ATS identifies you as a suitable candidate and sends your documents for further consideration. If not, then your candidacy may be excluded.
  5. How should I identify keywords for my profession?
    Re-read the job description and carefully study all the requirements for candidates. They contain the keywords that you need. For example, if a company relies on your expertise in managing an email campaign, then "email campaign" would be the appropriate keyword for your document.

You have finished your acquaintance with valuable tips and tricks. Now is the time to create your own perfect cover letter.

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