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How to create a good cover letter for a preschool administrator: free tips and tricks

A typical cover letter has a particular structure that is, in fact, not that hard to follow. Nevertheless, some mistakes in formatting or in the content itself are so widespread that we decided to draw a shortlist of tips to help you successfully fulfill this writing task.

Before writing a cover letter for a preschool administrator job, get acquainted with the requirements posted in the vacancy description. Each company usually provides a set of skills and desired experience or education in the job profile. As a rule, this job includes full-time management of a preschool facility, for which you will need leadership and analytical skills, so make sure you mention them in your cover letter.

Don’t just copy a preschool administrator cover letter example from the Internet without any corrections. You should only use it as a base for what you are going to write. Remember that you are not the only person who might use a ready-made text. Recruiters at most companies check cover letters for the uniqueness of content. If they find out that your letter has been copied, your candidacy is very likely to be excluded from consideration.

A preschool administrator’s position typically requires experience in childcare because sometimes you would have to assist in supervising children. For this reason, an employer prefers candidates who have previously worked with children and have a basic understanding of child behavioral patterns. If you have such an experience, be sure to describe it briefly in your letter. You might also include a relevant example of a difficult situation in a previous job and explain how you dealt with it.

Don't include your weaknesses in the cover letter. It is customary for hiring managers and potential future supervisors to ask about such things during an interview. Those questions are tricky, and you need to prepare for them beforehand. As for the cover letter, leave it fault-free. You don’t want to scare off your employer by contradicting the professional qualities you present with doubts and fears about your possible unfitness for the job.

Find out the name and email address of a hiring manager and send your letter directly to them. When you refer to a person using their name, it makes a positive impression. There are several ways to find the information you need. Start with the company’s website and browse it for the hiring manager’s contact info. Another option is to use the LinkedIn network. Enter the name of the company in the search bar and view the list of its employees.

Do not use the same cover letter for similar jobs across different companies. It is not enough to simply change the organization's name and then send an email to the recruiter whose name you did not bother to find out. You need to show that you are familiar with the specifics of the company's work and understand what role you will be given if you are hired. Your letter should highlight precisely the skills that will help you succeed in this particular job.

Remember to format your cover letter correctly, following the commonly used structure. Following similar rules for resume writing, all information should be divided into blocks according to the content and purpose. Decide what you want to include and group the chosen data into paragraphs. Each paragraph must be unique and convey only one thought, for example, a description of your working style. Refrain, however, from long passages, as they are challenging to comprehend.

Don't make your cover letter too lengthy. A hiring manager needs to review perhaps a hundred applications and has a specific amount of time to spend on each candidate. An unreasonably long text will only tire the reader and prevent them from focusing on important points. Your cover letter should be half a page to one page long. This length is enough to present the information about your skills and experience without going into unnecessary details.

Advice from the GetCoverLetter Hiring Expert

“A key figure in an effectively run preschool center is a highly professional administrator responsible for the facility’s overall management. Strong administrative, organizational, and communicative qualities of this specialist influence the well-coordinated work of the staff and create a positive image of the institution. Therefore, the owners want to see a true expert in this position.

For the employer to consider you a suitable applicant for this vacancy, I recommend emphasizing your responsible approach to the organization of a team’s work and your own, a high level of emotional intelligence, and your ability to establish effective communication.A bonus for you as a potential employee will be your basic knowledge of child psychology, education laws, and ethical standards for dealing with clients.”

Sample cover letter for a preschool administrator position

As you already figured out, writing a good cover letter has some peculiarities, which should be considered. Below we prepared a preschool administrator cover letter sample that can give you a head start.

Debbie CarterPreschool Administrator251 Rosewood Street8770 058 964 / preschooladministrator@gmail.comTracey YatesRecruiter ...

Debbie Carter
Preschool Administrator
251 Rosewood Street
8770 058 964 / [email protected]
Tracey Yates
Recruiter “Kingswood Learning Center”

Dear Tracey,
The preschool administrator vacancy in “Kingswood Learning Center'' immediately attracted my attention as this job best suits my qualifications and skills. I believe that I will successfully cope with the required responsibilities since I have 3 years of experience in a similar position at a childcare center, where I perfected my managing and executive skills.

My professionalism and several valuable skills will help me successfully achieve my job responsibilities. Being a great communicator and an effective organizer, I maintain the child care center’s day-to-day running, monitor the staff’s performance, and establish trusting relationships with parents. My knowledge of child psychology allows me to find an individual approach to each student regardless of age and background. I often have to make decisions independently within the assigned authority, where my time-management and leadership skills come in handy. Every day, I use my computer literacy skills to prepare reports, letters, and presentations and send mail notifications to employees and clients.

I am sure that I can become an indispensable employee in your organization. My high level of critical thinking, responsibility, and multi-tasking skills will benefit the company.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss my candidacy further. Thank you for considering my application.


This example is not commercial and has a demonstrative function only. If you need unique Cover Letter please proceed to our editor.

The content of the above sample is provided purely for illustration. To construct your own cover letter adjusted to your needs, use our online builder.

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Document writing tips

GetCoverEditor is a universal editor for both highly experienced applicants ...
  • Choose the compositional structure, presentation style, and language means according to the type of document. A well-formed structure is a backbone around which your document will flow. Break your text into short paragraphs, start each section from a new line, and leave a blank line between the paragraphs. It will facilitate the perception of the information you are trying to convey.
  • There must be no grammatical errors in documents intended for business purposes. Mistakes are inexcusable in these types of documents. Their presence characterizes you as at least an inattentive person, if not completely illiterate. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or typos in the text of your document. Reread it several times or check it with specialized programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t panic if you still don’t feel confident enough with all the aspects of writing a cover letter. Perfection required as much practice and information as possible. Below are the most common questions with answers that will hopefully help you better understand the writing process.

  1. What information not to include in a preschool administrator cover letter?
    You should omit any information that is not relevant to the job, such as your hobbies or details about your private life. Also, refrain from complaining about previous work conditions and giving negative comments about your past or current employer.
  2. Why should I write a cover letter for my resume?
    While a resume provides concise information about work experience, a cover letter allows the employer to learn more about your motives for working in their company. A well-written letter increases the chances that an employer will read your resume to have a complete picture.
  3. What is the best writing style for a cover letter?
    A business style is most suitable for a cover letter. It should be neither too formal nor cheeky. Make your document short and precise, refrain from using general phrases, and stick to a simple structure.
  4. How to end your cover letter correctly?
    In the last part of the document, you should thank the person you are writing for their time and attention. Also, show that you are interested in getting a response to your letter.

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