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How to create a good cover letter for a computer forensic examiner: free tips and tricks

Writing a good computer forensic examiner cover letter might have its underwater stones, especially if you don’t have strong writing skills. To make this process as easy for you as possible, we have prepared a few do’s and don’t for you to consider.

Keep fonts and formatting in your cover letter similar to that used in your resume for this role. Remember that these two documents should complement each other, so keeping them in one style is always a good idea.

Never duplicate the information from your resume on your cover letter. It is not about the long list of qualifications you have, but rather your motivation to become a part of the company and add your professional value.

Try to use specific numbers and years. It will allow you to highlight your achievements and attract the recruiter’s attention to your application.

Never miss a chance to say something about the company you’re applying to. Mentioning what you like about their corporate culture or any other specifics will indicate that you’ve done some previous research.

Find out the name of the specific person you can address your cover letter to. If it is not the recruiter, then find someone within the department. Adding personalized addressing will help you show your attention to detail and determination and impress the employer.

Keep the information about your education to a minimum while writing a cover letter. This kind of information is meant for your resume.

Use positive statements to describe yourself. Phrases such as ‘I never missed meetings’ will sound way better if you change them to something like ‘I attended every meeting at my department.’ This little move will help you make your image look a bit more favorable in the recruiter’s eyes.

Don’t write long paragraphs. A perfect length for the paragraph is 3-4 sentences. By making it longer than that, you’re decreasing the readability of your document.

Advice from the GetCoverLetter Hiring Expert

“It is a common misconception that a computer forensics examiner’s position is just one of the many jobs where most duties revolve around technical tasks. In reality, it requires just as many investigative abilities from an applicant as technical skills. Not being fully aware of that, many job seekers make the same mistake – they give their tech-savviness the brightest light, completely ignoring their soft skills and possible humanitarian background.

It’d be great for such a specialist to have general training in psychology or sociology, especially if you’re a computer forensic examiner with no experience. Strong interpersonal skills are also essential for anyone pursuing a career in this field. I would also recommend focusing on writing skills. Improving them will make it easier to create reports in the future – which most computer forensic examiners do daily.”

Sample cover letter for computer forensic examiner

There is no better way to learn all those tips than to see them applied to a real case. You can find all of them used together to create a sample computer forensic cover letter below.

Jacob WhiteSenior Computer Forensic Examiner321 Cornelia Street654-331-553 / jeremyashton@gmail.comAmanda JonesHead ...

Jacob White
Senior Computer Forensic Examiner
321 Cornelia Street
654-331-553 / [email protected]
Amanda Jones
Head Recruiter “Sinvestigate”

Dear Mrs. Jones,
With 10 years of professional experience and a strong aim to improve the society we’re living in, I believe I can be a great fit for the senior computer forensic examiner position.

I have over 5 years of professional background in software project management, allowing me to find excellent forensic examiners and train them in no time. Among my many professional qualifications, I usually value my coding skills the most, as they allow me to create a new solution to the problem when there isn’t any. For example, I participated in creating a tracking tool at my previous job that allowed us to find a specific file in a suspect’s laptop using only one keyword. Finally, my 2 years of training in Psychology enables me to better understand the criminal’s mind and ways to uncover and prove what they’ve done.

At times my work environment becomes very stressful. However, I always try to use complicated situations as another step on my road to professional improvement. Due to my analytical mind and organizational skills, I manage to resolve stressful situations in no time.

I do not aim just to become an employee. I want to bring value to your organization with my work. You can always count on my attentiveness, punctuality, and proactivity while I’m doing my job.

Thank you in advance for your reply. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me right away.

Jacob White.

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The above cover letter was created for demonstration purposes only. You can create an original one for yourself if you proceed to our builder.

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The GetCoverLetter builder can become a solution and bring equal opportunities to an entry-level specialist and an expert in the field. Just take a look at the list of our benefits and see for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With new information always come questions, and that’s ok! We have got you covered with a short list of the most commonly asked questions to clarify things for you a little.

  1. Can I use my smartphone to create a cover letter?
    Yes! Moreover, you will receive the same amount of functionality from the builder as if you were using it on your laptop. You can also send your cover letter to print from your smartphone if you need to.
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    The GetCoverLetter builder is regularly improved by our career experts who have many years of experience in HR and Recruiting. So you can be sure that the cover letter you create with our builder will comply with all professional standards of application documents.
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    Typically, our users spend no longer than 8 minutes working on their cover letters. You can also spend an extra 15 minutes to create a winning resume with our builder.
  4. Should I use templates for my cover letter?
    We would definitely advise doing so. You will not need to format your document manually, and a lovely GetCoverLetter template will give your cover letter a more professional overall impression.

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