Yana Trihub

Founder, CEO, and Mastermind
The idea of ​​creating the Get Cover Letter company was hatched in 2018. At that time, Yana had more than eight years of experience working in different teams and more than three years in sales and project management. She understood the importance of adding valuable talent to the company like nobody else.

After conducting some in-depth research, she realized that many companies were failing to notice the real potential of candidates, as applicants did not know how to properly present themselves to the employer in the hiring documents. To solve both of these problems and unite stakeholders, Yana decided to put her idea into practice. She began by building the strongest team to assist her with her project.

The search for like-minded professionals took about a year, but Yana eventually succeeded. She now has qualified specialists who share her inspiration to simplify the hiring process for the company and the job search for candidates.

Yana’s experience and talent in sales have helped to develop an effective self-presentation strategy for different specialists. So far, as a result of her efforts, over 11,000 applicants have received the desired job offers and over 11,000 companies have received promising new hires.

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