Assistant Principal Resume Examples & Writing Guide Assistant Principal Resume Sample 6 Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Assistant Principal Resume Assistant Principal Resume Sample for Beginners Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid How to Make Your Resume for Assistant Principal Position Stand Out Wrap Up
Assistant Principal Resume Examples & Writing Guide Assistant Principal Resume Sample 6 Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Assistant Principal Resume Assistant Principal Resume Sample for Beginners Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid How to Make Your Resume for Assistant Principal Position Stand Out Wrap Up
Updated 26/01/2021

Assistant Principal Resume Examples & Writing Guide

Want to combine your love for children, teaching, and management in one position? Choosing the assistant principal role can be an excellent option for your professional development. Learn how to present yourself by creating a powerful resume and get ready for new career opportunities.

Want to combine your love for children, teaching, and management in one position? Choosing the assistant principal role can be an excellent option for your professional development. Learn how to present yourself by creating a powerful resume and get ready for new career opportunities.

Assistant Principal is a school administrator who manages the educational process’s organization, ensures the full and high-quality implementation of curricula and programs, and monitors the teaching staff’s results and students’ performance. This specialist performs two main functions: administrative and educational, both of which are quite complex. Thanks to outstanding organizational skills, specialists working in such positions can ensure the educational institution’s smooth operation.

When it comes to resume writing, organization plays an equally important role. After all, only a well-structured and well-written document can attract the potential employer’s attention. In this article, we’ll show you how to write a resume for an Assistant Principal role that may get you a job and provide you with 2 impressive resume examples for your inspiration.

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Assistant Principal Resume Sample

A resume is your first contact with a potential employer. In the case of the Assistant Principal role, it’s your acquaintance with the school. Thus, it’s crucial to make an excellent first impression. We’ve prepared this sample Assistant Principal resume to illustrate the structure, content, and format you can use to create your job-winning application document.


Angela Yeager
Assistant Principal

cell: 4042-261-438
3921 Despard Street
Atlanta, 30303

Passionate and extremely well-organized Assistant Principal with 4+ years in school administration and 7+ years of teaching experience, skilled in developing and implementing educational programs and planning daily school activities; able to manage budgets and communicate the school’s mission to get support and funds; awarded Assistant Principal of the Year in 2019; strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Work history:
Assistant Principal
Saint Markus High School, Atlanta
2016/04 - 2020/10

  • Supervised teaching and administrative school staff
  • Participated in the development and implementation of school performance goals making the school #1 in the city
  • Created the school calendar and monitored all the activities
  • Managed 15 after-school programs, including those for children with special educational needs
  • Evaluated teaching plans and suggested ideas to improve the school curricula

History Teacher
Home Interiors, Atlanta
2009/09 - 2016/03

  • Developed local and global history curriculum considering students’ age and interests, as well as new teaching technologies
  • Prepared interactive lesson plans and teaching materials that helped present the subject
  • Coordinated extracurricular activities and organized 5 exploratory tours per academic year
  • Managed to increase students’ performance in the subject by 2 points


  • Atlanta Public Schools Performance-Based Leadership Certification
    The Georgia Professional Standards Commission
  • 2016/03

  • Master of Education
    University of Florida

2007/09 - 2009/08


  • Understanding of school operations
  • Ability to assess teaching effectiveness
  • Flexible to work in different environments
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in using computer software
  • Excellent administrative and organizational skills
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6 Steps to Writing a Job-Winning Assistant Principal Resume

A resume is essential in your job search. It’s a kind of business card that characterizes you as a specialist and describes your professional knowledge, previous work experience, functional responsibilities, achievements, skills, and personal qualities.

Your employment as an Assistant Principal depends on how competently and attractively your resume is compiled. With these 6 steps and examples, you’ll get an idea of how to present yourself as the most suitable candidate for the position.

1.Contact Information

Start with your name, and then indicate the position you are applying for. Add your contact details, including email, phone number, address. Remember that your email and phone number are the main ways the recruiters can contact you. Thus, check whether they operate correctly. Additionally, make your email look professional.

Charlotte Hughes
Assistant Principal
cell: 7193-328-797
765 River Road
Colorado Springs, 80904
Rebeca Marty
cell: 9512-329-7

2. Resume summary or career objective

A resume summary is an introduction to your professional portrait. It summarises your strongest sides and serves as the primary answer to the why-we-should-hire-you question.

This 4-6 line long paragraph should include a short description of your experience and your strongest and most relevant skills and qualities. You can boost your resume summary by mentioning awards and additional certifications. Your summary shouldn’t focus solely on duties but explain your achievements and abilities, providing details and numbers where possible. Try to avoid “I” statements and mentioning information that isn’t relevant to your professional qualifications.


Resume Summary:
Dedicated Assistant Principal with 5 years of proven experience as a school administrator and in-depth knowledge of educational procedures; able to maintain students discipline and build positive learning and working environments; a reliable go-to person for both students and teachers; certified by the State of Texas and awarded with the Outstanding Assistant Principal Achievement Award in 2020.


Resume Summary:
Nice person with good communication skills and some administrative experience; worked as a school teacher for several years, so I know how the school system works.

If you are writing a first-time Assistant Principal resume, you can add several lines about your career goals and plans. This section is called the Assistant Principal resume objective. However, instead of talking only about what’s important to you, try to demonstrate some benefits to the school where you want to work.


Career objective:
To effectively support administrators, teachers, and students and bring creative problem solving and strong organizational skills to organize the educational process.


Career objective:
To learn more about school operations and develop my problem-solving skills.

Although this section is one of the first, we recommend writing it after you’ve created the rest of your resume. That way, you can better summarize the information provided and select your background’s most outstanding facts.

3. Experience

If you want to interest your future employer or recruiter, you need to describe your relevant experience. Start with your last or current place of work, and end with the first one. Each block should include your position, company name, work period (years and months), responsibilities, and achievements.

When it comes to duties and achievements, try to add some numbers where possible. It will make your resume look more convincing. We also recommend using bullet points to list your responsibilities to give your document some structure.


Assistant Principal
San Diego Elementary School, San Diego

2017/06 - 2020/11

  • Worked with elementary school students in the ages 5-12
  • Participated in the development of elementary school curricula and policies
  • Monitored students attendance and performance and articulated results to parents
  • Created 3 extracurricular educational programs for children with special needs
  • Maintained teaching materials supplies and ordered textbooks in needed

Assistant Principal
2016 - 2019

Developed and evaluated lesson plans, helped principal perform everyday duties, organized several extracurricular activities, etc.

Suppose you are writing an Assistant Principal resume with no experience in similar leadership positions. In that case, we recommend you focus more on your teaching experience, internships, summer camps, temporary work, etc. Describe any background that can be related to your future position, and never leave this section empty.

Lack of experience doesn’t always mean a lack of knowledge and skills. Make an impressive resume even for an entry-level position and get ready to receive interview invitations!

4. Education

In addition to some teaching experience, professional education is another essential requirement for assistant principals. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the majority of these specialists should have at least a bachelor’s degree in education.

If you plan to work as an Assistant Principal, your resume education section should look credible. When describing your qualifications, we advise you to start with the degree you’ve earned, then indicate the educational institution and study period. You can also use this section to mention additional certificates related to your job. Do it in reverse-chronological order to show your development path.

  • Certified Assistant Principal
    New York State Education Department
  • Master of Arts in Education
    New York University
    2011/09 - 2013/08
  • Bachelor’s degree in education
  • California State Licensure

When writing an entry-level Assistant Principal resume, you should pay even more attention to how your qualifications are presented. Strengthen your education section by describing your major, relevant coursework, academic achievements, and any other information to help the recruiter get a broader picture.

You can also choose the Assistant Principal resume template with the education section placed right after your resume profile to attract even more attention to this section.

5. Skills

The skills section is one of the best ways to present your abilities briefly and to the point. Using bullet points, you should highlight your most outstanding hard and soft skills as an Assistant Principal. Try to combine them to show what you are capable of as a professional and as a person.

Assistant Principal hard skills:

  • Educational administration
  • Individualized education plan development
  • Classroom management
  • Interactive lesson plan creation
  • Administrative skills
  • Coaching
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Priority management
  • Risk management
  • Computer skills

Assistant Principal soft skills:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Empathy

6. Format

We’ve discussed your Assistant Principal resume’s content, but you shouldn’t forget how it looks visually. Proper formatting will help you present your background in a simple but attractive way. Below you can find tips that will help you make your resume easy to read.

  • Make your resume to 1 page.
  • Save it in a PDF format.
  • Use bullet points to list duties, achievements, skills.
  • Choose only readable fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri.
  • Keep font size to 10-12 points.
  • Set margins to 1 inch.
  • Use bold or italics to highlight keywords.

Assistant Principal Resume Sample for Beginners

Writing a resume can be challenging. Writing an entry-level resume is even harder. This functional Assistant Principal resume sample for a candidate with no previous experience in a similar position shows that it is still possible. Switch the focus to your education and skills and tailor any prior experience to the new role.

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Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

It’s not easy to make the perfect resume because employers and recruiters have different ideas about well-written applications and ideal candidates. However, they agree on one crucial thing: job seekers should avoid making ugly mistakes.

The cost of making a mistake when writing a resume is very high. Even being a competent specialist who meets all the requirements, you may not get an interview invitation. What’s worse, mistakes in your resume can ruin your reputation and make your job search more difficult.

We’ve analyzed the most common mistakes that job seekers make when writing a resume. By carefully reading your Assistant Principal application and correcting them, you will get a document portraying you as a professional.

  1. There should not be a single line in your resume that does not convey useful information. List only relevant experience and skills and avoid writing about your political or religious views, marital status, medical data, etc.
  2. Proofread your document carefully so that there are no mistakes. While some recruiters may forgive and forget one typo in a resume, mistakes in professional terms, job descriptions, and employer names significantly reduce your chances of getting a job.
  3. Don’t lie in your resume. Recruiters can check the information you provide by calling your previous employer, checking your social media, or asking specific questions during an interview. Sooner or later, the truth will come up.
  4. Always send customized resumes. Generic ones demonstrate the candidate’s laziness and disrespect for the recipient. Adapt the resume to the employer’s requirements and the specifics of the future position.
  5. Use keywords in your resume to pass Applicant Tracking System software checks successfully. Try to integrate them into your text logically and organically.

How to Make Your Resume for Assistant Principal Position Stand Out

Following basic resume requirements are great, but what about doing something extra to impress the recruiters? If you really want to make your Assistant Principal’s resume stand out, we recommend writing a cover letter. This document will help you express your motivation and convince the employer to invite you for an interview. It can even increase your chances of landing a job.

The basic cover letter structure:

  1. Greeting
  2. Introduction where you mention the position and explain why you are interested in this job
  3. Body where you describe your relevant experience, skills, and personality traits that will help you succeed in the position
  4. Closure with thank-you-for-consideration part, call to action, and signature

Don’t make your cover letter too long. 250-300 words should be more than enough to share specific information matching the job requirements. When writing your letter, we recommend using the same style and formatting as in your resume so that your application package looks complete and integral.


Wrap Up

The school should run like clockwork, and the Assistant Principal’s main task is to make it possible. If the Principal is a strategist, then the Assistant Principal is a tactician. The first determines the overall goal, but the second identifies how to achieve it. It’s a tremendous challenge. Only a real pro can create an atmosphere in which students will be interested in absorbing new knowledge, teachers will work on their professional development, and the school will flourish.

We hope that our Assistant Principal resume writing tips will help you create a winning document that will land you a dream job. It can be difficult to prepare the first draft, but your resumes will look more and more professional with practice.

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