Groundskeeper Resume Sample & Writing Tips Groundskeeper Resume Sample Grounds Maintenance Resume: The Structure in Details A Groundskeeper Resume Template Resume Formatting Rules and Standards Extra Tips to Make a Solid Groundskeeper Resume Add a Cover Letter to Intensify Your Resume End Notes
Groundskeeper Resume Sample & Writing Tips Groundskeeper Resume Sample Grounds Maintenance Resume: The Structure in Details A Groundskeeper Resume Template Resume Formatting Rules and Standards Extra Tips to Make a Solid Groundskeeper Resume Add a Cover Letter to Intensify Your Resume End Notes
Updated 26/01/2021

Groundskeeper Resume Sample & Writing Tips

If you still think that building a resume is a complex and heavy process, we will help you dispel this myth. Our article is full of useful writing tips and hints to make the process of creating a solid groundskeeper resume easy.

If you still think that building a resume is a complex and heavy process, we will help you dispel this myth. Our article is full of useful writing tips and hints to make the process of creating a solid groundskeeper resume easy.

Creating a resume for a groundskeeper is essential to reveal your experience and skills. This document increases your chances of getting an interview. No matter how much experience you possess, it is always challenging to incorporate all the information about your skills, responsibilities, personal qualities, and knowledge into one great easy-to-comprehend job-application document. The following guide is a detailed manual with groundskeeper resume examples and useful tips on making your resume for groundskeeper job-winning.


Groundskeeper Resume Sample

Before we dive into the details of the resume sections, here is a demonstration of a successful resume created on our platform.


George Bishop

2099 Fruitville Pike, PA, 17601
t: 780-119-035

A responsible groundskeeper and gardener with excellent time-management skills and 3 years of experience dealing with local landscape maintenance: developed designs for landscapes, inspected the state of soil and ground, conducted fertilization and cutting processes. Excellent physical skills, expert knowledge of gardening equipment, and proficiency in using the PRO Landscape Home tool.

Seeking to fill the position of groundskeeper at Lampire Biological Laboratories to manage greenery, plants, and lawns and assist with hedge trimmers and leaf blowers.

Willow Valley Communities, PA
December 2017 - May 2018

  • provided regular landscape checkups to detect diseases and pests
  • identified suitable fertilizers and chemicals to ensure healthy soil
  • participated in the planning and design of new landscapes and investigated spots for such
  • actively utilized lawn & garden equipment (including the maintenance of such)
  • organized and distributed the tasks for 3 gardeners

Groundskeeper/Landscape Designer
Shearer Patio & Landscape Services, Inc., OH
May 2018 - June 2020

  • controlled the processes while weeding
  • initiated planting procedures and timely fertilization
  • reported on any disturbances in equipment performance
  • actively collaborated with landscape designers to brainstorm ideas for landscaping improvements
  • managed to build 3 new landscapes - from planning to maintaining
  • enhanced the system of reporting among other groundskeepers

The Sustainable Landscapes and Cities course, University of California, Berkeley
(10/2015 - 03/2016)

Bachelor’s in Agriculture, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
2010 - 2014


  • detail-orientation
  • time-management
  • excellent written and verbal communication
  • PRO Landscape Home proficiency
  • beginner level in Plan-a-Garden and Lands Design tools
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Grounds Maintenance Resume: The Structure in Details

Your resume’s proper structure will save the recruiter’s time to understand the information and make a decision regarding your candidacy quicker. Mainly, a resume contains 5 core elements that display your candidacy to a recruiter. If well-organized, a recruiter will catch key information about you and contact you promptly.

Contact Informationname, position (may use “/” if position names are similar), phone number, email address, home address (optional)
Summary (Introduction)briefly summarize the info, including skills, experience years, some motivating qualities that refer to the position
Work History in reverse-chronological order, list the companies you worked for and your responsibilities; add achievements, if any
Educationmention your academic degree as well as any profession-related courses, training, workshops, and conferences (indicate if a certificate is available)
Skills brainstorm 5-7 skills relevant to the position; do not neglect to indicate a level of expertise in hard skills (tools and software)

Resume Summary

Since this is the first information block in the resume, it is important to provide a short but accurate description of your qualifications, skills, and relevant personal qualities. Make sure you tell a recruiter about your skills in using landscaping equipment and design tools.


Dedicated groundskeeper with excellent time-management and self-organization skills and 4 years of experience in landscape maintenance and landscape design. Proficient user of the Plan-a-Garden tool able to develop new ideas and designs for landscapes. An Agriculture expert able to detect necessary fertilizers and conduct a thorough investigation of soil on acidity, humidity, and pest invasion.


A responsible and diligent expert currently looking for new opportunities. Possess excellent communication and time-management skills; a good team player able to work under supervision.

The second example represents a poor representation of the candidate’s skills: no hard skills are mentioning, and it is a wordy description of key qualifications. Moreover, the candidate didn’t mention the position name and information relevant to the position. After reading this summary, a recruiter will likely move on to other candidates, leaving this one behind.

Career Objective Statement

Numerous applicants make the same mistake while composing a groundskeeper resume objective - indicating how the company may be valuable for them. Sounds a bit selfish, doesn't it? Instead, to represent your candidacy in a professional way, tell them how you can contribute to their success.


To make a significant contribution to [company’s name] objectives by applying best skills in maintaining landscapes, rich experience in designing and planning landscapes, and a proficient level in Plan-a-Garden software.


I am firmly convinced that [company’s name] is a place where I can learn and boost my skills in groundskeeping. Due to communication and strong interpersonal skills, I can be an excellent team player.

Work History

If detailed and specific, your experience description shows a recruiter and employer which areas of specialization you can fulfill. To provide a comprehensive insight into this section for the recruiter, consider including the position name, company name and city/state, years, and a list of responsibilities and achievements (if any).


October 2016 - July 2019
RangleWater, GA

  • prepared tools, materials, chemical compounds, and machinery for work
  • participated with a team in planning the design using Plan-a-Garden and Lands Design
  • investigated pest threats and delivered a detailed report
  • ensured compliance with safety policies and regulations
  • ensured timely application of fertilizers and soil checkup
  • regularly tested the soil’s acidity and humidity

Groundskeeper 2016-2019
RangleWater, GA

  • performed daily checkups of the landscape
  • collaborated with other gardeners to discuss new implementations
  • was responsible for fertilizing the soil

The second example is a poor demonstration of job responsibilities. If recruiters see such a weak groundskeeper job description resume, they are likely to offer the position to another candidate.

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When it comes to the education section, indicate all the learning activities you had: university or college (degree), courses, training, workshops. This part of a resume may be especially crucial for a candidate applying for an entry-level position who doesn’t possess a rich career history. Moreover, for a non-experienced applicant, it would be useful to include term papers, course papers, and diploma topics to show your knowledge gained through research.

Experienced Candidate

Master’s in Agriculture
South Dakota State University
Graduation: 2014-2018

Additional Courses: Landscape Design (Emory Continuing Education, Certificate included; 2018), Landscape Architecture (Orange Coast College, 2019)

Non-Experienced Candidate

Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture
Temple University
Graduation: 2012-2016
Major Disciplines:

  • Agronomy
  • Agricultural Economics and Engineering
  • Agricultural Chemistry
  • Crop Production

Term Paper “Effects of charcoal production on tree density cover” (2014)

Course Paper “Sustainable landscaping: metrics, approaches, technologies in use” (2016)

Groundskeeper Resume Skills

This is another important block for showing off your expertise. To really hit the mark, try to brainstorm 5-7 skills relevant to your position. Choose soft (personal qualities) and hard skills (tools, software to create landscape designs) that will come in handy for the position.

How to know which skills are worth writing?

  • Accurately read the job description and include several of the required skills in your resume
  • Search job-search platforms to see what most recruiters expect from a candidate for this position
  • Dig into your past - think which personal qualities helped you to overcome challenges and achieve success in the past

See an example of the skills section in practice:

  • Attention to details
  • Responsibility
  • Managerial and time-management
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Plan-a-Garden tool proficiency
  • PRO Landscape Home proficiency

A Groundskeeper Resume Template


Resume Formatting Rules and Standards

Besides logically organized content, your resume should be easy-to-read. With this in mind, consider the following recommendations on how to format a ready document.

  1. apply one font for all text and highlight resume sections (Experience, Skills, Education) in bold or underlined style
  2. 11-12 font size for text and 12-14 for headings to stand out
  3. format the experience section in reverse-chronological order (from recent workplaces to the starting point)
  4. single-line spacing and 1-1.5 inch margins throughout the document

Extra Tips to Make a Solid Groundskeeper Resume

We tried to give you an understanding of how to describe a groundskeeper on a resume. Here are a few more tips that might help you build a job-winning document.

  1. Make sure to add keywords. Recruiters often use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to scan resumes on the principle of finding a perfect position match on keyword search. Therefore, consider including keywords like “highly-responsible”, “cleaning experience”, “groundskeeping”, “greenskeeper”, "facilities maintenance”, and others to ensure your resume appears on top of the recruiter’s search.
  2. If you are currently mastering new software, tools, or passing an educational program - mention this. It will show your willingness for personal and professional development.
  3. Quite often, candidates stuff their resumes with random skills and job descriptions that don't match the position’s requirements. But this is a bad tactic because such a resume has little chance of passing the ATS check. That’s why you should always customize your resume to the specific vacancy. For example, if a position requires a team player candidate, include “strong relationship building” in your resume.
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Add a Cover Letter to Intensify Your Resume

A cover letter is not always an obligatory document in a job-application process. Sometimes recruiters ask candidates to provide one, and sometimes you won’t hear a word about it. However, since this document allows you to refer specifically to the company, it can considerably increase your chances of getting an interview invitation.

Contrary to a resume, a cover letter is a “story-like” description of your background and qualifications. While a resume provides raw facts about your skills, experience, and education, the cover letter’s purpose is to open up your personality. A cover letter is the first best way to introduce yourself to a recruiter. Thus, the more professional and clear it is, the better the chances you will leave a memorable positive impression. We came up with some useful recommendations on how to create a winning cover letter.

  1. Customize it for every position you apply for. Unlike a resume or CV, in a cover letter, it is important to refer to the company (recruiter’s name) to show your interest in their position.
  2. Explain your motivation to work in a particular company to prove your value.
  3. Provide several hard and soft skills explaining how you can use them to contribute to the company’s operations.
  4. Demonstrate your achievements, if any. For instance, if you successfully passed a course, give some background showing what you learned and mention the certificate you earned if available.
  5. Choose an attractive design. At GetCoverLetter, we have a wide range of design templates that would satisfy your liking.
  6. End up with a ‘call to action’ sentence. The last 1-2 sentences should explain why your candidacy is a perfect match for the role in this company.
  7. Leave a “Thank you” note to show your appreciation for the recruiter reading your document.
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End Notes

We hope this guide helped clarify how to create a professional groundskeeper resume. GetCoverLetter is your personal assistant in creating customized, attractive, and professional job-application documents. We used hints and tips from our top experts to make this process easy and fast. Do not let your dream job get taken by someone else. Create a resume with GetCoverLetter.