Linguist Resume Samples & Writing Tips Linguist Resume Template The Structure of Resume for Linguist Sample Resume for Linguist Job Resume Formatting Rules Additional Tips on How to Build a Resume For a Linguist Attach a Cover Letter End Notes
Linguist Resume Samples & Writing Tips Linguist Resume Template The Structure of Resume for Linguist Sample Resume for Linguist Job Resume Formatting Rules Additional Tips on How to Build a Resume For a Linguist Attach a Cover Letter End Notes
Updated 27/01/2021

Linguist Resume Samples & Writing Tips

Let’s see what information to include in your linguist resume and make even entry-level documents competitive. Check our useful writing tips on resume content, structure, and formatting.

Let’s see what information to include in your linguist resume and make even entry-level documents competitive. Check our useful writing tips on resume content, structure, and formatting.

The linguist profession requires yoг to be attentive to details, patient, and stress-resistant, from incorporating the best translation tools and techniques to managing cultural adaptation of translation. One of the troublesome aspects of finding a job is composing a job-winning resume for a linguist translator. To create the following article, we engaged our top experts who are hiring professionals in different industries. You will obtain an in-depth understanding of how to structure the document and what skills and qualifications to include to generate a competitive and professional-looking resume for a linguist.


Linguist Resume Template

For your visual understanding, we will first demonstrate one resume example for the linguist position. After that, we will analyze all its parts, find out what makes a resume successful, and give you detailed writing tips.


Patricia White
Linguist/Bilingual Translator

13 Cornelia Street
T: 319-002-6339

A well-trained and detail-oriented linguist with 4 years of experience in the industry, a C2 level of English, C1 level of Spanish, and German as a native language. Conducted English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations within the medical industry. Prepared detailed and adapted interpretations of manuals from German to English. A proficient user of SDL Trados Studio, ProZ, and Memsource.

Currently looking for a dynamic and challenging job position to implement my best knowledge for the company’s needs.

7C Lingo, Lansing, MI
January 2017 - November 2020

  • Provided verbal translation (English-German) while visiting conferences with managers and supervisors
  • Conducted audio-to-document Spanish-English and vice versa translation
  • Provided customized translation to be understood by the common public
  • Identified specific terms and determined proper synonyms to make the translation easy to understand by the general public

Freelance Translator
Magnus, California
October 2014-January 2017

  • Identified suitable and cost-effective techniques for particular translations
  • Set up deadlines and managed delays
  • Provided detailed and customized translation of manuals, reports, business emails, and other documents from English to German, Spanish to English
  • Edited and proofread the ready translations and made corrections per request
  • Collaborated with particular specialists to get a consultation on crucial matters to enhance the translation
  • Used SDL Trados Studio to ensure quality and timely translation delivery
  • Was enlisted to Best Translators of Magnus for fast delivery and top-notch quality

Online Interpreter Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
(01/2018 - 06/2018)

Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware
(04/2014 - 08/2014)

Bachelor’s in Linguistics, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, Clarkson GA
2010 - 2014


  • time-management
  • result-orientation
  • effective verbal and written communication
  • CAT and TMS proficiency
  • an advanced level of using Babylon Translator
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The Structure of Resume for Linguist

The resume includes several mandatory parts. Each one presents your candidacy and carries essential information for the employer.

  1. Contact Information - include your name, position, phone number, email, address (not obligatory).
  2. Introduction (Summary) - give short but accurate information regarding your key skills, years of experience, and personal qualities relevant to the position.
  3. Experience - provide a list of companies where you worked (in reverse-chronological order), specifying achievements if any.
  4. Education - indicate years of study, your degree, and the university’s name.
  5. Skills - choose 5-7 skills relevant to the position (including soft and hard skills).
  6. Extra information - if you have been involved in volunteer programs, conferences, or training - make sure to point it out.

Resume Summary

A resume summary appears on top of the resume and briefly but accurately describes a candidate’s key qualifications, skills, and achievements. In your summary, it is important to indicate which languages you speak, which domains are easy for you to work in, and how many years of experience you possess.


A resourceful and well-trained expert with over 4 years of experience working for translation agencies, a Proficient Level of German and Spanish, and English as a native language. Conducted translation for military, legal, and humanitarian disciplines.


A detail-oriented and well-skilled expert with experience in a translation agency. Possess good skills in organizing the overall translation process and communicating with clients.

As you can see, the second example is too general and does not stimulate the recipient to continue reading the document. To avoid this, put more diligence and effort into writing your resume summary.

Career Objective

A linguist resume objective is usually 1-2 sentences explaining your goals for the position you are currently hunting. Check an example below.


To increase the number of translations and customer satisfaction in [company’s name] through my dedication to the top-notch quality of translations and time-management skills


To develop my interpreter skills and personal qualities in [company’s name].

In your career objective, it is important to focus on your contribution to the company rather than explain why you desire the company.

Work History

This section shows off your primary responsibilities and the most significant achievements you have gained in your career. Typically, each workplace description contains the following information: position, company name, years of occupying the position, and responsibilities. You can include full-time, part-time, or freelance jobs related to the post you are applying for.

For your clear understanding, we offer you work history section examples. See what typical mistakes might lead to a failed resume.

Linguist Resume Sample (of the experienced candidate)


Part-time linguist
January 2015-July 2017
ProTranlsators, Memphis, Tennessee

  • translated the manuals on the use of machinery from English to Spanish
  • prepared ready-to-use translations of “weaponry descriptions”
  • provided the translation of legal documents (English-German; German-Spanish)
  • ensure all deadlines were met and quality standards aligned
  • increased the accuracy of translations by 20%
  • modified and optimized old translations to make them more current

Part-time linguist
ProTranlsators, Memphis, Tennessee

  • provided translations for different disciplines, proofread and edited ready documents
  • collaborated with other linguists

The second example of the resume experience description gives a very poor overview. Merely stating that you have conducted translations for different topics will not identify your key areas of qualification. Obviously, the wrong example of the experience section doesn’t say anything that proves you to be an excellent expert to fulfill the role. Moreover, not indicating the languages of the translation will automatically lead recruiters to move on to another candidate.

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The education section can include all kinds of educational activities: schools, universities, and training. Moreover, mentioning awards and honors during your education experience will give more value to your candidacy.

As an experienced candidate, you can indicate courses, certifications, and awards related to linguistic science in addition to your degree. However, if you need an entry-level linguist resume but do not possess such a background, describe what you learned at university and the topics you researched for term papers. Take a look at the examples.

Experienced Candidate

Master’s in Applied Linguistics
University of Massachusetts
Graduation: 2012 - 2016

Additional Courses: Neuro-Linguistic Courses (2015), The Pronunciation of British English (University of Houston, Certificate included, 2016), Teaching practice of German in the University of California, Berkeley (2017).

Non-Experienced Candidate

Master’s in Applied Linguistics
University of Massachusetts
Graduation: 2016- 2020

Major disciplines:

  • applied linguistics
  • psycholinguistics
  • syntax and phonetics
  • historical-comparative linguistics
  • dialectology

Course Paper and Term Paper: “Second Language Acquisition” (2013), “Discourse Analysis: The Cultural Context” (2015)

Skills Section

Quite often, candidates try to stuff their resume for linguist with skills and knowledge irrelevant for the position. In this case, we recommend you to choose 5-7 accurate skills that will come in handy for the company’s position.

What can you do?

  • Google best skills required for linguist position
  • Take a look at what’s said in the vacancy description (if detail-oriented and an accurate candidate is required - add “attention to detail” to your skillset)
  • Rely on your previous experience (what skills helped you overcome challenges and which skills have been handy in the linguist position)

Let’s see which resume skills for linguist could be appropriate for your goals:

  • Attention to detail
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Analytical and critical-thinking
  • Cross-cultural skills
  • Goal-orientation
  • CAT and TMS proficiency
  • Babylon Translator proficiency
  • Language fluency

As you can see, your skills sections shouldn’t be limited to only indicating soft skills. You must mention hard skills for a linguist position, namely skills using translation software and tools to deliver an accurate and quality translation.


Sample Resume for Linguist Job


Resume Formatting Rules

Your resume should be not only informative but also visually attractive. The more clear everything looks, the more chance a recruiter will catch crucial information that matches their expectations and requirements. With this in mind, take the following aspects to format your resume:

  • 1-1.5 inch margins for the entire document
  • maintain the same font of the text and make resume sections (Education, Experience, Skills) bolded or underlined
  • stick to single-line spacing
  • choose 11-12 point font size for general text and 12-14 for headings
  • follow the principle of reverse-chronological layout: from the recent education/workplaces to the first one

Additional Tips on How to Build a Resume For a Linguist

Besides clear structure, logical text organization, and professional tone of voice in your resume, we offer you several more insights from our top hiring experts.

  1. Add keywords. These days, the automated candidate screening process is actively utilized by recruiters to find employees promptly and with a required set of qualifications. A resume for a linguist may contain the following keywords: “editing”, “open-source research”, “[language] speaking”, “interpreter”, “multilingual skills”.
  2. Align your skills to position requirements. Once you have found the desired position, select some of the skills mentioned in the job description, and restate them in your resume.
  3. Specify areas of translation. An employer needs to know in which areas you are professional. Add a bit of detail about what technical translations you have dealt with.
  4. Choose an attractive design template. A resume is not exclusively about the content but also about its look. At GetCoverLetter, we have a wide selection of great designs to satisfy your liking.
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Attach a Cover Letter

A cover letter is one of the job-application documents that describe your fit for the position by introducing experience and skills. Unlike resumes, where all information is given in a proper and listed form, a cover letter is a “story” of your career. This document may contain any job-related information and personal qualities that can convince a recruiter to give you a call. See how to make a cover letter that works for you.

  • Сustomize it for a particular position in the company. It is important to show why you want to work for a specific company and how you can contribute to its success.
  • Indicate skills and personal qualities and explain how they will be helpful for the particular position
  • Specify your achievements and provide quantitative data as proof (for example, performed 150 manuals from Spanish to English).
  • Make sure to choose an attention-grabbing template to stand out from other candidates.
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End Notes

Now, you know all the peculiarities of creating a professional resume for a linguist position. We’ve explored all sections in detail. You only need to apply this knowledge in practice. Keep in mind that GetCoverLetter is always happy to help you create your resume in just a few steps. You will be given numerous hints and guidance to save your time and get you to the desired position faster.