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How to Write a Resume for School Nurse Job: Best Tips

A resume is a crucial piece of writing in the process of climbing the career ladder, so it must be well-structured and have a professional touch. The four basic sections presented below are a must if you want to impress a future employer:

This short section serves as an introduction to your most ...

Resume summary or career objective

This short section serves as an introduction to your most prominent professional skills and work experience. These few sentences are responsible for creating the first impression of you to the potential employer. So it would be a good idea to include only the most relevant information that explains why you are the right candidate for the job. A career objective is optional but can make a difference for entry-level specialists.

This section comprises skills relevant to the school nurse job ...


This section comprises skills relevant to the school nurse job description. For instance, the ability to provide first-aid medical treatment or give injections. You can also add qualities such as attention to detail, adaptability, or communication skills. Whenever possible, you should customize your skills to the profile requirements listed in the job posting, where you can find the required qualifications.

In this section, you must include your academic degree(s), names ...


In this section, you must include your academic degree(s), names of the college, and period of study. In many cases, employers require specific certificates and training, so make sure to point those out as well. If you have more than one institute of higher learning, list them in reverse order, starting with the most recent.

Previously held positions are placed in this section, listed in ...

Work history

Previously held positions are placed in this section, listed in reverse chronological order. Include employment periods, name of the company, and its location. Also, provide a detailed description of your previous responsibilities at each working place. When presenting your past duties try to keep a focus on the positive results you achieved and the skills used to accomplish them.

Now, check out three simple writing tips for your position particularly:

Put in some information about yourself.
One of the main features of the school nurse job is the ability to work with people, including school children, their parents, and the school staff. Communication and compassion are, therefore, critical and highly desired skills for the nurse school resume. Find out about other required qualities and also place them in the skills section.
Choose the design of your cover letter.
To work as a nurse and treat students and teaching staff, you need to have a thorough knowledge of not only medical procedures but also state laws and regulations. Reference this knowledge as a part of your duties in the work experience section.
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As a part of the nurse job at school, you will be responsible for developing health plans for students and conducting meetings with school staff on health issues and disease prevention. Demonstrate that you are creative and able to cope with such tasks by including similar work experience.

Professional school nurse resume example

To simplify your task, we decided to demonstrate how the above tips can be applied to one school nurse resume sample. Do you think it will be a challenge to create one for yourself? Not with our online builder! Complete a small questionnaire and you’ll get your perfectly structured unique copy.

Alice Schumer School Nurse 4388 Sunnyside Ave e: t: 8931-867-440 ...



School Nurse

4388 Sunnyside Ave


t: 8931-867-440


  • 2006/09 – 2010/06 BSN in Nursing

    Seattle University College of Nursing, Seattle, WA

  • 2010 – Certification in CPR

    Cascade Training Center, Seattle, WA


Professionally trained medical nurse with 5+ years of experience in treating students and private patients, and in-depth knowledge of nursing standards. Developed health care plans and illness prevention activities. Past positions include school nurse, hospice nurse, and registered nurse.

Current professional goal: Protect the students’ health and provide effective and timely treatment in compliance with state laws and health regulations.


  • IM/IC/IV injection performance
  • CPR and AED skills
  • Psychological support
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Perform well under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills

Work History

School Nurse

EBM Healthcare, Seattle, WA / 2018/05 - 2020/01

  • Instant treatment of acute conditions such as asthma, allergies, fainting, collapse, a diabetic coma, and any injury
  • Administered medications according to school policy and kept detailed records of students with chronic conditions
  • Collaborated with school administration and teachers on student medical care/li>
  • Performed required screenings such as hearing and vision, monitor immunization records
  • Communicated with school administration on health issues and initiated the promotion of health education
Hospice Nurse

CPV Care Hospice, Seattle, WA / 2012/05 - 2018/05

  • Provided nursing treatment according to regulations and rules of the facility
  • Maintained charts of the patients, compiled reports and filed documentation to keep accurate treatment recordings
  • Ordered medication and administer drugs as prescribed by the physician
  • Monitored and assessed the condition of the patient, implemented appropriate pain treatment when necessary
  • Provided therapy for assisted living residents
  • Registered Nurse

    Labelle Health, Seattle, WA / 2010/07 - 2012/04

    • Assessed the client’s condition and implemented appropriate nursing services
    • Followed the physician instructions for the provision of daily medication and treatment procedures
    • Performed IM and IC injections, applied dry and damp compresses, put clysters
    • Treated bed sores using massaging techniques and monitored for such conditions
    • Communicated with other residents and provided them with simple caring and first-aid instructions
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What is The Difference Between Resume and CV?

Can’t decide whether a CV or resume for a school nurse will help you get a job? Let's compare! Although both CV and resume have a generic goal to present the qualifications and experience of the candidate, these documents differ in structure and length:


A CV does not have length limitations.

A CV is a detailed review not only of your whole work experience, but also of academic history, including scholarships, research, and publications.

The CV text remains general to all job applications.


The standard for a resume is one page.

A resume implies a brief summary of work experience, duties from previous jobs, and skills.

The content of the resume should be changed for each vacancy, to meet its employment characteristics and requirements.

A resume is a shortcut presenting all your related experience on one page. Therefore, this document is more preferable by recruiters because it helps to identify the right person from the number of candidates faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I put on my resume if I’m a school nurse with no experience?
    Specify educational institutions and degrees you have received and mention certificates related to graphic design. Write about the student or volunteer projects you participated in as a graphic designer and describe your responsibilities. Beginners should put this information right after the resume summary. In our builder, we have templates for different resume structures, so you can choose the design that suits your particular case.
  2. What are 5 soft skills for the School Nurse resume?
    Soft skills are equally important, and your recruiter may take them into account when evaluating your CV or resume for a graphic designer position. We recommend you mention your communication, conflict resolution, time management, collaboration, and emotional Intelligence.
  3. What is the best resume format for a school nurse position?
    There are two main resume formats: functional and chronological. The first one focuses on skills and accomplishments, while the second describes your work history in chronological order. Which one to choose depends on your background.
  4. Should I include my email in my resume?
    Yes, you should add any relevant contact information. However, make sure your email address looks professional.

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