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How to Write a Resume for Editor Job: Best Tips

If you have loads of writing experience, that will definitely help you in crafting a decent resume. But first, you need to refresh your memory about resume writing rules, carefully study the job posting and understand how you can deliver what is expected of you. We have gathered the most necessary tips to help you write the most job-landing copy of your life.

All modern resumes start with a short yet strong summary ...

Resume summary or career objective

All modern resumes start with a short yet strong summary where you introduce yourself using positive adjectives and highlight your experience in the field. If you are entry level, outline your resume objectives. However, if you have experience, summarize your accomplishments in a few sentences.

In addition to advanced writing abilities, the skills for the ...


In addition to advanced writing abilities, the skills for the editor resume can vary from company to company. Check out the requirements listed in the job ad and match your qualifications to their requirements. From the job ad you can determine whether they want you to manage, or be creative, or generate new ideas, and then include those skills in your document.

You are expected to have a Bachelor’s in humanities. However, ...


You are expected to have a Bachelor’s in humanities. However, if you haven’t graduated yet, you can still make this section work for you. Mention the year of expected graduation and include coursework relevant to the prospective position. For example, Communication and Media, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, etc.

When describing your experience, cherry pick things that are most ...

Work history

When describing your experience, cherry pick things that are most relevant to the job you are trying to win. Keep in mind that the editor position involves a managerial element. So you need to reflect this in your bullet points. Refer to the job posting to see what other duties will be expected from you, then focus on those in your previous job descriptions. For example, if you see from the job posting that creativity and brainstorming activities are expected from you, make an emphasis on these qualities in your past jobs. Avoid sounding vague. If you add only basic duties, you won’t land you a job interview. Describe your job duties with specific examples that prove you are a great candidate.

Now, check out three simple writing tips for your position particularly:

Put in some information about yourself.
Research the company to see what writing style is typical for the company’s product then use that writing style in your draft. If it is an upbeat and optimistic tone, write your application in such a way to match it. As an editor for an e-magazine or a casual blog, you can drop an Oxford comma from your writing and use a more casual and quirky tone. If their voice is more serious and somber, emulate it in your writing style and grammar.
Choose the design of your cover letter.
The editor job description is your little helper. It contains all the information necessary to craft a strong application. Pay attention to the company’s requirements and language and write accordingly. Read the job posting carefully and look for keywords. Using those keywords in your application will demonstrate to the recruiter that you speak the same language. It will also help you to bypass the scanning systems installed on each recruiter’s computer and move onto the next stage of the hiring process. And finally, make sure that you have all the documents that you need, such as a cover letter, letters of recommendation, a portfolio, etc.
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Proofread at all times. As a person who writes, you are aware that even the best writers can’t avoid editing and proofreading. It will allow you to weed out all your little typos and misspellings and to correct and improve the use of effective word choices. Remember that active verbs are better than neutral ones.

Professional editor resume example

To simplify your task, we decided to demonstrate how the above tips can be applied to one editor resume sample. Do you think it will be a challenge to create one for yourself? Not with our online builder! Complete a small questionnaire and you’ll get your perfectly structured unique copy.

Bao Duy Nguyen Editor 397th Ave. e: example@email.com t: 8504-493-207 ...

Bao Duy Nguyen


397th Ave.

e: [email protected]

t: 8504-493-207

  • 2010/10 - 2014/08 Bachelor of Arts in English

    Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA


Organized editor with 2+ years of experience in copywriting, article writing, and content curation for social media. Able to manage a group of freelance authors and copywriters. Skilled in editing and planning. Have a creative streak and an eye for detail and factual inconsistencies.

Current professional goal: Seeking to excel in a position of an editor.

  • Superb computer skills: quick typing, Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Fluent in English and French
  • Expertise and creativity in creating headings and captions
  • Deadline-oriented organization skills
  • Teamwork / Collaboration Skills
Work History

Vox Media, San Francisco, CA / 2018/07 - currently

  • Oversee freelance and in-house writing for a number of specialized niche communities
  • Manage a small group of copywriters, assisting editors and proofreaders
  • Spearhead the production process liaising with photographers, writers, etc.

Online Gazette, San Francisco, CA / 2016/04 - 2018/07

  • Improved the newspaper’s reputation among readership by introducing new features and more engaging content
  • Generated ideas for articles and social media posts based on hashtags and search terms to come among the first in search results
  • Occasionally act as publishing editor and oversee the content and layout of the publication
Assistant Editor

ALM Media Properties, LLC, San Francisco, CA / 2014/08 - 2016/04

  • Created and rewrote content for company’s website, magazines, catalogues, brochures, etc.
  • Assisted in working out content for different clients in a variety of industries regardless of their personality or background
  • Provided editorial assistance for staff and top management on legal issues and other

This example is not commercial and has a demonstrative function only. If you need unique Resume please proceed to our editor.

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What is The Difference Between Resume and CV?

Can’t decide whether a CV or resume for an editor will help you get a job? Let's compare! Although both CV and resume have a generic goal to present the qualifications and experience of the candidate, these documents differ in structure and length:


A CV does not have length limitations.

A CV is a detailed review not only of your whole work experience, but also of academic history, including scholarships, research, and publications.

The CV text remains general to all job applications.


The standard for a resume is one page.

A resume implies a brief summary of work experience, duties from previous jobs, and skills.

The content of the resume should be changed for each vacancy, to meet its employment characteristics and requirements.

A resume is a shortcut presenting all your related experience on one page. Therefore, this document is more preferable by recruiters because it helps to identify the right person from the number of candidates faster.

Editor Resume Template

Our website offers a variety of templates to choose from according to your experience and industry. All templates come with the correct layout and formatting. Just choose a design and font that meets your taste and cater the information to your specific needs. You can even use the template as an example to help you come up with your own ideas for your application package.

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You can choose any of the proposed templates for your text. Each of them meets the format and design requirements for a resume.

You can easily edit the document for each new vacancy, adapting the work history, goal, and skills to the individual requirements of each employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I put on my resume if I’m an editor with no experience?
    Specify educational institutions and degrees you have received and mention certificates related to graphic design. Write about the student or volunteer projects you participated in as a graphic designer and describe your responsibilities. Beginners should put this information right after the resume summary. In our builder, we have templates for different resume structures, so you can choose the design that suits your particular case.
  2. What are 5 soft skills for the Editor resume?
    Soft skills are equally important, and your recruiter may take them into account when evaluating your CV or resume for a graphic designer position. We recommend you mention your communication, conflict resolution, time management, collaboration, and emotional Intelligence.
  3. What is the best resume format for an editor position?
    There are two main resume formats: functional and chronological. The first one focuses on skills and accomplishments, while the second describes your work history in chronological order. Which one to choose depends on your background.
  4. Should I include my email in my resume?
    Yes, you should add any relevant contact information. However, make sure your email address looks professional.

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