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How to Write a Resume for Leasing Agent Job:
Best Tips

A successful resume is a set of different components that emphasize the benefits of a candidate. We have compiled a list of basic rules that will help you defeat your competitors and get the job you want. Besides, the functions of this editor can greatly simplify your work. Use it and you will definitely prepare a winning profile.

Your task is to attract the attention of the recruiter ...

Resume summary or career objective

Your task is to attract the attention of the recruiter and make her read your presentation further. Hold her by a description of your strengths and benefits. This section should have a few sentences that will make an advertisement for you—namely, professional qualities, outstanding achievements, and impressive skills. This is where your resume should begin.

And finally, your talents. The employer expects you to demonstrate ...


And finally, your talents. The employer expects you to demonstrate hard and soft skills to achieve business goals. At the same time, the employer himself determines what abilities a suitable employee should cover. Follow the leasing agent job description to understand what skills should be included in your presentation.

Education can be described in two different ways. The first ...


Education can be described in two different ways. The first one. If your experience is more than 4 years, indicate the degree, year of graduation and educational institution. The second one. If your experience is less than 4 years old and you are an entry-level candidate, this section should contain more information. You must use coursework, academic achievement and student projects to demonstrate strong qualifications.

Being interested in your profile, the hiring manager wants to ...

Work history

Being interested in your profile, the hiring manager wants to study your professional experience. This section should be more detailed. Provide a description of your core responsibilities at previous posts. A strong resume is one that contains a list of candidate achievements. Use this technique to show the employer how you can benefit the company.

Now, check out three simple writing tips for your position particularly:

Put in some information about yourself.
When describing your accomplishments, it’s important to use numbers. This will immediately demonstrate to the recruiter what you deserve. For example, indicate how many objects you leased annually or what revenue you received.
Choose the design of your cover letter.
The correct structure of your document is the reverse chronological order. At the same time, provide more information about the recent job than about the rest. Your presentation should not have periods of prolonged unemployment.
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Be guided by those skills which the employer puts in vacancies. But accounting, valid driver’s license, sales techniques, property management software, collaboration and teamwork, analytical thinking, communication, problem solving can be added to the core list of skills for the leasing agent resume.

Professional Leasing Agent Resume Example

Once you check our free a leasing agent resume sample, you can create your customized document in just about 15 minutes using our builder, and then print, email, or download it in PDF format.

Jose Gagne Leasing Agent 77 Global Street e: example@email.com t: ...



Leasing Agent

77 Global Street

e: example@email.com

t: 8976-987-322


  • 2014 - BS in Marketing

    University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon


Dynamic and well-organized leasing agent with 5 years of experience in leasing luxury apartments. Increased sales by 27%. Perfect negotiation skills and market knowledge.

Current professional goal: Seeking to share my skills for developing your business and provide quality service for clients.


  • Accounting
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Sales techniques
  • Property management software
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving

Work History

Leasing Agent

Hermiston, Portland, Oregon / 2016/11 - 2019/07

  • Leased 300 apartments annual with total revenue of $15M
  • Monthly exceeded sales quota by 10%
  • Effectively managed clients relationships by negotiating and signing contracts
  • Developed locations listings with affordable rent
  • Increased customer flow by 32%
Leasing Agent

Legros, Portland, Oregon / 2014/02 - 2016/11

  • Processed applications for approvals (credit check, rental history, etc.)
  • Managed and supervised the signing of all leasing contracts
  • Assisted with keeping a calendar of deals and events
  • Performed a market analysis to search for the best deals

This example is not commercial and has a demonstrative function only. If you need unique Resume please proceed to our editor.

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What is The Difference Between Resume and CV?

Can’t decide whether a CV or resume for a leasing agent will help you get a job? Let's compare! Although CV and resume have a generic goal to present the qualifications and experience of the candidate, these documents differ in structure and length:


A CV does not have length limitations.

A CV is a detailed review not only of your whole work experience, but also of academic history, including scholarships, research, and publications.

The CV text remains general to all job applications.


A standard for a resume is one page.

Resume implies a brief summary of work experience, duties from previous posts, and skills.

The content of the resume should be changed for each vacancy, to meet its employment characteristics and requirements.

A resume is a shortcut presenting all your related experience on one page. Therefore, this document is more preferable by recruiters because it helps to identify the right person from the number of candidates faster.

Leasing Agent Resume Template

Having a ready-made resume, the last thing you have to do is apply a beautiful design. This step will help you stand out among the other candidates. In our database, we collected lots of unique and modern layouts that will give you an advantage over other applicants.

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image of a cover letter for a leasing agent

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Main benefits of creating your resume for
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You do not have to wrestle with the structure of the resume. Just complete the questionnaire, and all the information will be arranged in the necessary sequence.

You can choose any of the proposed templates for your text. Each of them meets the format and design requirements for a resume.

You can easily edit the document for each new vacancy, adapting the work history, goal, and skills to the individual requirements of each employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should a resume for leasing agent be? How many pages should a resume be?

    The standard length for a resume is one page. It is enough to fit the most necessary information about you as a specialist and not too much to bore the recruiter.

  • Which resume format for an leasing agent position should I choose?

    Your document will be sent to your email and you can also download it in PDF format. This format, unlike the Microsoft Word Document, is friendly to all devices. Thus, the recruiter will not have any inconvenience with reading your resume.

  • What font to use for resume?

    It is recommended to use standard fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial since they do not distract from the text and are easy to read. But you do not have to think about that when choosing one of our templates.

  • Feel free to ask any additional questions that may interest you in the process of working on your resume.

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