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How to Write a Resume for Logistics Coordinator Job: Best Tips

Crafting a job-snatching resume has several levels of importance. First, you see if you have the competencies and qualifications necessary for the role. If you don’t, you should compensate for what you’re lacking by demonstrating something equally valuable for the employer. Second, you make sure that your strengths are easy to spot on the document by picking a suitable layout or template. Next, you polish your language and change weak verbs into action words. Finally, you fine tune it by proofreading many times. There you are! Your top-class resume is ready! Now, let’s delve into details about the process.

Writing this section first thing can be a challenge, as ...

Resume summary or career objective

Writing this section first thing can be a challenge, as it is a summary of your professional career in the best light. If you are having trouble thinking of what to put here, leave it for last. You’ll have a better understanding of which of your accomplishments and skills to include after you finish the rest of your draft. See the sample below for details.

This position requires you to communicate with people just as ...


This position requires you to communicate with people just as much as handle goods and do non-people-related activities. That is why hard skills and soft skills should both be included into your application. Align the skills for the logistics coordinator resume to your actual skills, mixing Employee Management skills with Knowledge of Warehouse and Transportation Operations.

A bachelor’s degree in business, logistics, or transportation is a ...


A bachelor’s degree in business, logistics, or transportation is a requirement for this kind of job. It is sufficient to just mention basic information like the name and location of the school, dates of graduation, and your area of study.

In this section, start with your most recent job, then ...

Work history

In this section, start with your most recent job, then work backwards. List only positions relevant to the role you’re currently seeking. If you are entry level, include transferable duties and required skills for this position. If you were a salesperson, describe your job duties that align with the position of a logistics coordinator. For example, “familiarized with supply chain management and developed communication skills.” Zoom in on your professional impact by quantifying your result: “Coordinated shipments, ensuring on-time delivery of $10-11m per month of products.”

Now, check out three simple writing tips for your position particularly:

Put in some information about yourself.
Content-wise, you should keep in mind that you need to demonstrate your usefulness to the employer. By being specific about your accomplishments, you paint a picture for the employer, showing what you can do for the company. Avoid drawing attention to yourself and saying in the resume profile something like “I want to improve my skills and grow as a professional.” At this stage, a wiser strategy is to talk about what you can bring rather than what you can take.
Choose the design of your cover letter.
Two types of words are important for resume writing - keywords and action words. Keywords can be glimpsed from the logistics coordinator job description. When preparing job descriptions, hirings managers usually use the words they are looking for in candidates’ applications. They are easy to spot as they refer to skills, duties, and education. Action words make your writing more energetic. Avoid using go, get, and have as these are weak verbs that lack action. Instead, use obtain, possess, spearhead, manage, assist, produce, etc.
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The tone of the resume should be formal and professional. You may think it is a mere formality and you’ll shine at an interview, but resume submission is the path to the interview, so it needs to be done right. Do your best to adhere to the norms and rules of the job-hunting process. Treat your application as a formal document that requires polished grammar and vocabulary. Weed contractions and slang out of your copy. No jargon either. Don’t think that you can flash your knowledge of professional lingo and you’ll land a job right away. Hiring managers are rarely specialized enough to be able to recognize industry-specific vocab.

Professional logistics coordinator resume example

To simplify your task, we decided to demonstrate how the above tips can be applied to one logistics coordinator resume sample. Do you think it will be a challenge to create one for yourself? Not with our online builder! Complete a small questionnaire and you’ll get your perfectly structured unique copy.

Oumi Ndoye Logistics Coordinator 77 Global Street e: example@email.com t: ...



Logistics Coordinator

77 Global Street

e: [email protected]

t: 8976-987-322


  • 2010/10 - 2014/08 BS in Business Administration

    Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA


Trustworthy logistics coordinator with 5+ years of experience in overseeing logistical matters in multidollar projects. Skilled in supervising warehouse operations and managing staff. Streamlined complex logistics functions, saving $100,000 through improved shipping procedures.

Current professional goal: Seeking to leverage proven leadership and management skills in the position of a logistics coordinator.


  • Superb computer skills: quick typing, Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Staff Management
  • Transportation / Materials Handling
  • Teamwork / Collaboration Skills
  • Leadership

Work History

Logistics Coordinator

KORA Organics, Los Angeles, CA / 2018/07 - currently

  • Was responsible for shipping unique, high value food products using various means of transport throughout the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, processing on average 60 shipping requests monthly
  • Managed stock transfers to Canada, Mexico, the UK, Singapore, China, and Australia. Moved around $1M in freight per week, using air, ocean and land freight
Logistics Coordinator

Dang Foods, Berkeley, CA / 2016/04 - 2018/07

  • Expedited documentation and ensured timely delivery of international shipments by coordinating with freight forwarders
  • Maximized profits by effectively negotiating carrier pricing
  • Offered the company’s discounts for special services (i.e. expedient delivery) to patrons to gain account profits
Logistics Coordinator

Swagg Seats, La Jolla, CA / 2014/08 - 2016/04

  • Ensured 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining accurate logs of all transportation and goods and monitoring deliveries
  • Shipped complimentary orders directly to customers via DHL, FEDEX, UPS, LTL and FTL
  • Determined the most cost efficient and least costly carrier to deliver non-hazardous chemicals

This example is not commercial and has a demonstrative function only. If you need unique Resume please proceed to our editor.

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What is The Difference Between Resume and CV?

Can’t decide whether a CV or resume for a logistics coordinator will help you get a job? Let's compare! Although both CV and resume have a generic goal to present the qualifications and experience of the candidate, these documents differ in structure and length:


A CV does not have length limitations.

A CV is a detailed review not only of your whole work experience, but also of academic history, including scholarships, research, and publications.

The CV text remains general to all job applications.


The standard for a resume is one page.

A resume implies a brief summary of work experience, duties from previous jobs, and skills.

The content of the resume should be changed for each vacancy, to meet its employment characteristics and requirements.

A resume is a shortcut presenting all your related experience on one page. Therefore, this document is more preferable by recruiters because it helps to identify the right person from the number of candidates faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I put on my resume if I’m a logistics coordinator with no experience?
    Specify educational institutions and degrees you have received and mention certificates related to graphic design. Write about the student or volunteer projects you participated in as a graphic designer and describe your responsibilities. Beginners should put this information right after the resume summary. In our builder, we have templates for different resume structures, so you can choose the design that suits your particular case.
  2. What are 5 soft skills for the Logistics Coordinator resume?
    Soft skills are equally important, and your recruiter may take them into account when evaluating your CV or resume for a graphic designer position. We recommend you mention your communication, conflict resolution, time management, collaboration, and emotional Intelligence.
  3. What is the best resume format for a logistics coordinator position?
    There are two main resume formats: functional and chronological. The first one focuses on skills and accomplishments, while the second describes your work history in chronological order. Which one to choose depends on your background.
  4. Should I include my email in my resume?
    Yes, you should add any relevant contact information. However, make sure your email address looks professional.

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