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How to Write a Resume for Senior Executive Assistant Job: Best Tips

Your task is simple. You must convey the idea that you’re a great candidate and a perfect fit for the position to the recruiter who is skimming through your application. Before you sit down to write your copy, think of all your strengths and points of value in your career. Then read our short primer on how to write a job-snatching resume. Buckle up, we’re going full throttle!

You probably know that hiring managers are pressed for time ...

Resume summary or career objective

You probably know that hiring managers are pressed for time and have loads of applications to look through. That is why they skim through each document rather than reading them thoroughly. As the introduction, this section is the most important. It has to catch the recruiter’s attention and immediately set you apart from others as a perfect fit for the vacancy position. That is why, if you struggle with summarizing your career in a few sentences, leave this section till the end. Having put everything else in place, you’ll find it easier to complete this bit.

The number of skills for the senior executive assistant resume ...


The number of skills for the senior executive assistant resume is pretty extensive. There is no need for you to include all of them, even if you possess them all. Try to limit your list to what is expected of you. To find out which skills the employer covets the most, study the job posting and research the company’s goals and values. This will help you to know which skills to include in your copy in order to best impress the employer.

Although the position of a senior executive assistant does not ...


Although the position of a senior executive assistant does not require education other than high school, each company may have its own requirements, so check the job description carefully. A BS or BA may be required. In any case, if you feel uncertain, beef up this section with finance or business related coursework.

It is important not only where you worked and what ...

Work history

It is important not only where you worked and what you did, but also how you write about. Regardless of your extent of experience, you can still land a good job by representing this section in a correct way. ‘Correct’ means with examples, details and without cliches and boring descriptions. Try to ‘sell’ yourself. Cherry pick the facts, figures, and accomplishments from your work experience that best showcase your skills as a senior executive assistance. Even if you’re entry level, convey your understanding of the role by saying how great you are at scheduling events, coordinating calendars, and acting as a liaison between management and employees.

Now, check out three simple writing tips for your position particularly:

Put in some information about yourself.
Action words sound better. If you write in a strong language using action verbs, the employer will perceive you as a qualified professional. Action verbs assist you in asserting yourself. If you are having trouble remembering enough action verbs to avoid repeating yourself, google them and pick from the list.
Choose the design of your cover letter.
You need to use keywords. You can look them up in the senior executive assistant job description. It is crucial to talk about your work experience in the same words and phrases that the recruiter and the employer use in the job ad, on the official website, and elsewhere. There are several advantages to this approach. It will give the impression that you fit their company well and allow your document to pass through the resume-filtering software, propelling you to the next stage of the hiring process.
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Polish your document. When the initial draft is complete, go back to it after some time. With fresh eyes, you’ll see mistakes and omissions you failed to notice the first time around. Apart from proofreading, pay attention to things you can add. For example, remember that you can include your LinkedIn profile and your other professional social media profiles. You can also make sure that the formatting is good and the layout looks pleasant and skimmable. Finally, look through the job posting again to make sure that you did not miss anything. Some companies require a cover letter and a photo. Others don’t. Make sure you have included everything required.

Professional senior executive assistant resume example

To simplify your task, we decided to demonstrate how the above tips can be applied to one senior executive assistant resume sample. Do you think it will be a challenge to create one for yourself? Not with our online builder! Complete a small questionnaire and you’ll get your perfectly structured unique copy.

Ting-fu Chung Senior Executive Assistant 77 Global Street e: example@email.com ...



Senior Executive Assistant

77 Global Street

e: [email protected]

t: 8976-987-322


  • 2010/10 - 2014/08 High School

    St Clare’s High School, San Diego, CA


Efficient senior executive assistant with 2+ years of experience providing administrative support to executives and vice presidents in mid- and large-sized enterprises, able to work well in a fast-paced environment. Reduced travel cost expense by 25% by using a more efficient search system.

Current professional goal: Seeking to excel in a position of a senior executive assistant.


  • Superb computer skills: quick typing, Microsoft Word, Excel
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Coordinating Conference Calls
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Logistics
  • Teamwork / Collaboration Skills

Work History

Senior Executive Assistant

Sephora, San Francisco, CA / 2018/07 - currently

  • Coordinate performance review meetings regarding ongoing projects for several departments
  • Manage schedules and all activities of the Board of Directors
  • Revised organization policies and procedures, updated budget projections, and created reports in the expense tracking system.
Senior Executive Assistant

BC Cancer Foundation, Lakeport, CA / 2016/04 - 2018/07

  • Provided administrative support to three Senior Executives in their day-to-day operations
  • Developed contract management processing checklists which contributed to the increase in productivity and efficiency
  • Assisted in the formatting and editing of and then independently prepared powerpoint presentations.
Administrative Assistant

Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Lakeport, CA / 2014/08 - 2016/04

  • Provided administrative support to executives and maintained correspondence with partners and colleagues
  • Was responsible for the organization of executives’ calendars and schedules, scheduled department head meetings and events
  • Handled travel reservations and reduced travel expenses by 25%.

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What is The Difference Between Resume and CV?

Can’t decide whether a CV or resume for a senior executive assistant will help you get a job? Let's compare! Although both CV and resume have a generic goal to present the qualifications and experience of the candidate, these documents differ in structure and length:


A CV does not have length limitations.

A CV is a detailed review not only of your whole work experience, but also of academic history, including scholarships, research, and publications.

The CV text remains general to all job applications.


The standard for a resume is one page.

A resume implies a brief summary of work experience, duties from previous jobs, and skills.

The content of the resume should be changed for each vacancy, to meet its employment characteristics and requirements.

A resume is a shortcut presenting all your related experience on one page. Therefore, this document is more preferable by recruiters because it helps to identify the right person from the number of candidates faster.

Senior Executive Assistant Resume Template

By using a template, there is no need to think about formatting. It frees up your time and brain space to infuse your creative juices into creating a resume with outstanding content. A basic design creates a positive impression while allowing your unique voice to be heard through carefully crafted descriptions and examples.

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You can choose any of the proposed templates for your text. Each of them meets the format and design requirements for a resume.

You can easily edit the document for each new vacancy, adapting the work history, goal, and skills to the individual requirements of each employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I put on my resume if I’m a senior executive assistant with no experience?
    Specify educational institutions and degrees you have received and mention certificates related to graphic design. Write about the student or volunteer projects you participated in as a graphic designer and describe your responsibilities. Beginners should put this information right after the resume summary. In our builder, we have templates for different resume structures, so you can choose the design that suits your particular case.
  2. What are 5 soft skills for the Senior Executive Assistant resume?
    Soft skills are equally important, and your recruiter may take them into account when evaluating your CV or resume for a graphic designer position. We recommend you mention your communication, conflict resolution, time management, collaboration, and emotional Intelligence.
  3. What is the best resume format for a senior executive assistant position?
    There are two main resume formats: functional and chronological. The first one focuses on skills and accomplishments, while the second describes your work history in chronological order. Which one to choose depends on your background.
  4. Should I include my email in my resume?
    Yes, you should add any relevant contact information. However, make sure your email address looks professional.

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