Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria Requirements for Work from Home Where to Find a Remote Job How to Win a Competition in the Labor Market The Most Demanded Professions from Home in Nigeria How to Promote Your Work From Home Career The Bottom Line
Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria Requirements for Work from Home Where to Find a Remote Job How to Win a Competition in the Labor Market The Most Demanded Professions from Home in Nigeria How to Promote Your Work From Home Career The Bottom Line
Updated 27/07/2020

Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria

Want to find a job that will allow you to work from home? Read this article to find out the best remote jobs for beginners and how to be hired.

Want to find a job that will allow you to work from home? Read this article to find out the best remote jobs for beginners and how to be hired.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria, more than 20 million citizens are unemployed. This difficult economic situation tells us that the labor market is overcrowded and therefore requires significant changes in how you conduct your job search. One such change is considering remote work. Though this area has not fully developed yet, you can find jobs that allow you to earn money directly from home. In this article, we will talk about the most affordable online jobs in Nigeria for moms, students, and freelancers, as well as the ways to get it.


Requirements for Work from Home

Effective work implies that the employee and their working place meet certain requirements. The following are things that need to be settled in order to succeed at working from home:

  • Equipment. In order to work from home, you’ll need certain tools, namely a laptop, a Wi-Fi router, good Internet connection, a phone, and headphones. If you don’t have enough money to buy the necessary equipment, you can contact religious bodies and ask for help. For less expensive equipment, Shop Inverse is also a good solution. It sells used but functioning computers for an affordable price.
  • Software. While working from home, you will still be in contact with the manager and/or colleagues. You will need software that promotes quality communication, like Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. If you have never used them, finding a good video-tutorial is not an issue.
  • Workspace. In order to carry out your duties efficiently, you will need a quiet and comfortable workspace. To avoid awkward situations during video calls, equip your space so that it is secluded and nothing will bother you. It is good if you can separate your work area from the personal area.
  • Time management. In truth, working from home can be very relaxing. Therefore, you must ensure that during business hours you are not distracted by anything. A good remote employee must demonstrate self-discipline and time management skills.
  • Appropriate social interactions. When working at home, there will be some clear advantages, like not having to travel to the office in crowded transport. However, it has some disadvantages too, like a reduction in your social contacts. Plan a few hours for communication with the outside world, for example, friends, relatives, or colleagues. This will help you feel comfortable even in partial isolation.

Where to Find a Remote Job

In many countries, more and more businesses are looking for remote employees. The increasing demand creates lots of interesting and affordable offers. Though the job market in Nigeria is not so advanced, the main way to look for work at home is still the Internet. The following is a list of most reliable job listing sites:

  1. Jobberman. This website is believed to be the most popular job search platform. You need to register to contact the potential employer. But the interface is intuitive and user friendly, so you should not face any difficulties.
  2. HotNigerianJobs. This site offers openings in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, and other states. In order to contact the employer, you do not need to register, as credentials are available in all posts. Just run a quick search with the keyword “remote” over the website, and you will see lots of active vacancies.
  3. This is an easy to navigate platform that also provides good career advice. It's pretty helpful as you can search by company or open vacancy. Careers24 also offers free courses to develop professional skills.
  4. This is another popular platform that offers many jobs across all states. They also focus on students, helping them find good internship options.
  5. Naija Hot Jobs. This is the oldest website helping folks with employment. For over 10 years it has provided reliable job postings, unique tips, and even support from the community.

You can also get jobs in foreign companies while staying home. Use Indeed, Rapido, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn to find employers worldwide.


How to Win a Competition in the Labor Market

To get genuine work from home jobs in Nigeria take care to create a strong resume and cover letter. Let's look at the difference and goals of these two documents. A resume is a presentation of your professional skills and career. This document must contain a list of your past employment, responsibilities, and significant accomplishments. If you have no experience, focus on your educational achievements and personal qualities. A resume is a short and strict paper. The employer evaluates your resume to assess whether you are suitable for the offered job.

A cover letter has additional purposes. It talks in more detail about your professional growth, hard and soft skills, and your motivation as a candidate to take the position. If you want to defeat competitors, be sure to prepare a cover letter. It is a great opportunity to tell why YOU should be hired. Lots of recruiters admit that they are more likely to accept candidates who attached a cover letter. If you want an easy way to prepare a solid application document, check this blog for more information.

Once you have completed your resume and cover letter, you need to send them to a hiring manager and get prepared for an interview. Remote work implies that most likely your first meeting with a potential employer will take place by Skype or Zoom. Approach this stage responsibly. Think in advance of the answers that you will give and rehearse in front of the mirror. Find a bright and pleasant place in your home for the negotiations.


The Most Demanded Professions from Home in Nigeria

Remote work implies that you can be an employee of a particular company or a freelancer. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to set an effective work schedule for yourself. Below we have compiled a list of well-paid professionals that suit both entry-level and qualified professionals.


Due to the enormous amount of content on the Internet, proofreaders are extremely in demand. Their task is to make sure that a text does not contain grammatical or syntactic errors, typos, incorrect punctuation, and so on. If you have a linguistic education - this profession is definitely for you! A good specialist in this role must demonstrate attention to detail, patience, and the ability to work with large volumes of information. It is also a good idea to consider formal training to become a proofreader. Udemy offers a course for $13.99. On average, Nigerian proofreaders earn from 66,000 NGN to 159,000 NGN per month.

Content Writer & Copywriter

At first glance, it may seem that these are two identical professions, but they are not. Copywriting is directly related to the creation of brand ideology and its development. The purpose of copywriting is to use advertising to motivate customers to use certain goods or services. The content writer prepares educational or entertaining texts for the audience. In the modern world, copywriting and content creation are inextricably linked, and the Internet is only expanding the scope of both professions. Copywriting can be used in advertising, creating slogans, SEO content, press releases, writing scripts for television or radio, postcards, social networks, etc. Content creation is aimed at making articles in newspapers, magazines, e-books, television, mailing, and so on.

Getting an education in these two professions is pretty simple. You can take online courses at various prices. For example, The Knowledge Academy offers an online pack for copywriters for just $70. Along with this, HubSpot has developed a free online course to teach how to create awesome content.

And finally, let’s get to salaries. Entry-level copywriters in Nigeria can expect 77,300 NGN per month while the highest benefit is 246,000 NGN. Beginner content writers earn about 62,000 NGN monthly.

SEO Consultant

Another one good online job in Nigeria is SEO Consultant. The task of the consultant is to give advice and develop strategies for optimizing search engines. Job responsibilities include evaluating page content, online marketing, link building, and developing recommendations for improving existing tools. A good specialist should have critical and analytical thinking and even a sense of humor. If you want to connect your profession with SEO, think of SEMrush Academy, as it offers lots of SEO courses for free. An entry-level SEO Consultant can get about 150,000 NGN per month, while an experienced specialist earns double that.


If you possess good knowledge of at least one foreign language, this remote job will suit you well. A translator in Nigerian can expect from 154,000 NGN to 232,000 NGN monthly. The detailed study of industry terminology, the conversion of audio, text, and video content, and maintaining an original tone in the translation are the main duties of the interpreter. Time management skills come in handy for this job. The American online learning platform, Coursera, founded by Stanford professors, offers lots of education courses to become a translator. Most of them are totally free.

Software Developer

If you are looking for a well-paid job, the IT industry can offer you lots of good vacancies. This can also be a great career start for students and graduates. A software developer is someone who creates websites, mobile & desktop apps, games, etc. The range of tasks varies depending on technical knowledge and skills. For this work, you need to know at least one modern programming language. Top paid developers operate with Go, Ruby, Objective-C, Python, or Java. You need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a relevant field to occupy this position. But lots of companies hire entry-level employees who have just finished developers’ courses. Udemy, Alison, Coursera, etc offer free online classes. As a beginner, you can expect to earn about 120,000 NGN monthly. As you advance your career, be ready to receive up to 2M NGN.

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Quality Assurance Specialist

The task of a QA Engineer is to ensure that software works according to specification. QAs test programs, websites, apps, and report any bugs, so developers can fix it. A beginner in this area can make 100,000 NGN monthly and up to 2M NGN in the future. You must demonstrate superb attention to detail, analytical thinking, and time management skills. If you want to develop your career and achieve impressive results as a QA Engineer, you should consider getting an ISTQB Certification. This is a benchmark in the world of testing and confirms the in-depth knowledge and skills of the owner. You can get it online. ISTQB Foundation Level exams cost $229. But as a beginner, you can complete the Black Box Software Testing course for free.

Graphic or Web Designer

Both graphic and web designers create visual content. A graphic designer works on pictures for magazines, postcards, illustrations for books, advertising, logos, games, photo processing, and so on. The web designer creates layouts for web pages, buttons, letters, banners, and graphic content for the site. A good specialist must be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. You also need to understand the concept of color and creating quality lighting patterns. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers many free courses to become a good graphic or web designer. A graphic designer in Nigeria makes 135,000 NGN monthly, while web designers get about 165,000 NGN.

Sales Representative

If you have excellent communication skills, think about this job. The ability to sell a product or service is a real talent! And if you can easily find a common language with people, you can build an excellent career remotely. The main task of a sales representative is to increase sales and do market research. Besides, you can work in various industries. For example, sell medical or household goods, cosmetics, software development services, and so on. An average sales representative can count on 130,000 NGN monthly. Skillshare, Lessonly, and Alison offer useful free courses to start your sales career.

Virtual Assistant

Another good remote job in Nigeria is a virtual assistant. Your duties will include responding to emails and calls, schedule meetings, booking tickets, managing contact lists, handling calendars, creating presentations, etc. On average a virtual assistant in Nigeria makes 100,000 NGN per month. The good news is that you don't need special education to become a VA. But relevant courses can significantly advance you among other candidates. The VA Handbook has a nice free online program for those who want to get solid knowledge.

Social Media Consultant

If social networks are your passion, you may be interested in this profession. For many companies, social media has become an excellent platform for advertising and communication. Therefore, employers are looking for specialists who are ready to manage and maintain accounts, content, the concept of the brand as a whole, and communicate with clients. Being a social media consultant you can earn from 75,000 NGN to 200,000 NGN each month just sitting at home. Dive into the world of social media with free online courses proposed by Acadium, Google Analytics Academy, Hubspot Academy, and SocialCreators.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very affordable way to make money online in Nigeria, and you can receive substantial compensation. The essence of the program is that you bring new customers to the owner. The more people you engage in the program, the higher your profit will be. This works well if you have a notable presence on the Internet, like your own website, blog, or accounts on social networks that people are interested in.

Top affiliate marketing programs for Nigerians:

  1. Jumia Affiliate Program
    Jumia is a reliable online store offering many products. In order to become a partner you just need to sign up. In your profile, you will find all the products that you can sell and promotional materials. Just paste the materials into your blog or website and start making money! You get 13% of each transaction you create on Jumia.
  2. Konga Affiliate Program
    This is another reliable online store and a useful affiliate program. You can expect to get a commission of 9%. The setup process is pretty simple. All you need to do is register and use the affiliate materials.
  3. Web4Africa Affiliate Program
    Web4Africa provides web hosting with data centers in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, or Europe. The website offers 10% commission per each affiliate user. Expect to receive money in 90 days after the transaction is made.
  4. PayPorte Affiliate Program
    This is another reliable e-commerce business that pays a 5-10% commission per each sale. They also provide free courses to help you understand the basics of affiliate marketing.
  5. Bet9ja Affiliate Program
    BET9JA is a trusted betting platform. It takes less than 5 minutes to join their program. The site offers you a 20% commission from the monthly net profits received from your referrals.

Online Tutor

If you have a deep understanding of any particular subject and love the education process, you can teach school children or students. This is a very popular type of business, as hundreds of thousands of parents across Nigeria are looking for professionals who can improve their children's knowledge. Register on platforms like,, City tutor, Proteach, Compass tutor, and Prep class to get new clients daily. Your income will vary greatly depending on the subject and your experience, but an online tutor can get from $2 to $100 per hour.

YouTuber or Blogger

By shooting entertaining content you can earn money from advertising. YouTube pays about $4.18 for every 1,000 views on ads shown during your video. You just need to find a niche that will interest a large audience. For example, one of the most popular channels is called Vlad and Nikita and has over 37 million subscribers. The channel is managed by a mom who makes a video about the daily life of her 2 little boys.

Blogging can also bring you good money. At first, you will have to spend time and energy on developing your brand, but in the future, you can make good money by advertising products, services, or other bloggers. Instagram and Facebook are now the most reliable platforms for creating your personal blog.


Considering work at home jobs in Nigeria, think about accounting for a small business. Its advantage is that you can serve several clients at the same time, preparing all the necessary reports and handling bookkeeping. In addition, software for accountants simplifies tasks, allowing you to perform most duties outside the office. Salaries in this industry start from 175,000 NGN. To begin your career, just complete Oxford Home Study Courses online for accounting. They are totally free.


How to Promote Your Work From Home Career

One of the hardest challenges you may face working remotely is the need for a high level of self-motivation. Without it, you will not be able to advance your career. In order to maintain your interest, follow simple rules.

  1. Create a comfortable workplace where nothing will distract you.
  2. Set a clear schedule. Define your working hours and set time for rest.
  3. Make task lists for the day or week. Organization will help you work more efficiently and not waste time and energy on unnecessary things.
  4. Go out. Plan meetings with friends to have fun.
  5. Ask for feedback about your work. Good reviews will inspire you even more.
And one more important detail - constantly develop your skills. The more you can offer to an employer, the more benefits you will get. Develop your professional talents and soft skills in order to have more competitive advantages.

Lots of free courses can be found online, but also think about paid training, since they provide more useful information.


The Bottom Line

Many remote vacancies offer you good cash compensation, which is higher than the average salary in Nigeria. Even if you have no experience, this is a great way to start a career. And various industries are ready to hire employees working from home. Your first step towards employment should be taking free courses that will help you gain basic skills. The next step is to make a solid resume and cover letter. And finally, get prepared for an interview. You can use professional services to create documents that will significantly increase your chances of getting a good job.

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