Best Jobs for Introverts With Anxiety Why Is It Difficult to Find Work for an Introvert What Makes the Ideal Job for Introverts What Kind of Work Does Not Fit an Introvert Best Jobs for Introverts and People With Social Anxiety How to Increase the Chances of Getting a Job Closing Thoughts
Best Jobs for Introverts With Anxiety Why Is It Difficult to Find Work for an Introvert What Makes the Ideal Job for Introverts What Kind of Work Does Not Fit an Introvert Best Jobs for Introverts and People With Social Anxiety How to Increase the Chances of Getting a Job Closing Thoughts
Updated 03/01/2021

33+ Best Jobs for Introverts With Anxiety

Still think that all jobs involve social interaction? Our guide will challenge this stereotype! Here you will find the best career options for introverts.

Still think that all jobs involve social interaction? Our guide will challenge this stereotype! Here you will find the best career options for introverts.

Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” proved that introverts make up one third to half of the total population and 30 to 50% of the workforce. Although this type of personality is widespread, the business environment is still banking on extroverts. As a result, most people with social anxiety have to adapt to an extroverts' behavior, habits, and work style to fit into the corporate culture and earn management approval. This tactic requires great mental and physical stamina. Thus, you focus not only on work but also on the fight against external stimuli. To remedy this situation, we have prepared a list of best jobs for introverts. It will help you to both unlock your potential and maintain your natural behavior in a comfortable working environment.


Why Is It Difficult to Find Work for an Introvert

As we mentioned earlier, according to Susan Cain, the Western social model praises extroverts. Their personal qualities and characteristics are often equated with the necessary attributes of professional success. This tendency set a stamp upon the labor market and HR practices in Europe and the USA. And now, introverts have four principal obstacles to employment and career development.

  1. Lack of flexibility. Introverts are focused on their feelings and thoughts and not on external sources of motivation. Their main criteria in a job search are their interests and ideals and not the offered benefits, prospects, and prestige. On the one hand, this tactic allows them to make an informed and balanced career choice. On the other hand, it robs the introverts of many job opportunities. Their passion for introspection and a thorough assessment of each position does not allow them to try their luck and simply use the offered chance. They are not ready for the compromises required in a business environment. Thus, they often become hostages of their self-awareness.
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  3. The problem of self-representation. What are your strengths? Why should we hire you? These and other frequently asked questions in interviews are stressful for introverts. They know what they are good at. But it is still difficult for them to prove their value and even more so to evaluate their work. It prevents them from “selling themselves,” since any numbers and characteristics seem unreliable and unfounded. Usually, they invite others to assess their candidacy. Modern recruiters, in turn, prefer self-starters who can present their professional aptitude and uniqueness even without elaborative questions. Therefore, even highly skilled introverts often lose to smooth-spoken extroverts in the selection process.
  4. Lack of networking. Fruitful contacts help specialists find a job, get career advancement, or promote their ideas and initiatives within a project or company. The value of networking is evident to everyone except introverts. First, they are not fans of small talk. They can listen to the interlocutor, but they are not ready to share their thoughts. Often, others do not even know about their experiences and, therefore, can not help them. Second, introverts rely on internal quality assessment criteria and are less dependent upon the opinions and ratings of a broad audience. They are sure that their work and performance speak volumes, and they do not need networking as an additional promotion tool.
  5. The challenge of teamwork. Contrary to popular opinion, introverts can collaborate with others without experiencing panic attacks. However, their true value is revealed in solitary work and not group projects. Let's suppose that their brain is a battery. Each social interaction, whether it be a meeting or an informal lunch with colleagues, consumes a lot of energy and leaves little charge for fulfilling duties. The introvert perceives any interaction as the next task and not leisure and bends every effort to its completion. Such stresses reduce their productivity and can make them depressed.
    In contrast, independent activity helps them focus on direct responsibilities and exceed employers' expectations. Unfortunately, this feature is often ignored by companies pursuing the notorious team player.

What Makes the Ideal Job for Introverts

Introverts are not inferior to extroverts in terms of performance and productivity. They have more advanced active listening and risk management skills and establish only meaningful connections. Moreover, Jennifer Kahnweiler, the author of “The Introverted Leader,” found that about 40% of modern executives are introverts. Nevertheless, it is difficult to unlock your potential in the wrong work environment. Therefore, we have prepared universal signs of perfect jobs for people with a social anxiety disorder.

  • Access to a quiet place to work alone. According to The Steelcase Workplace Survey, 95% of workers prefer secluded areas to noisy open spaces, while 41% do not have access to them. This problem is especially acute for introverts as they take external stimuli hard. Therefore, choose offices with quiet areas for full-time employees or consider work from home job options.
  • The ability to work independently. Choose jobs where your day-to-day responsibilities do not imply the constant intervention and approval of other team members and stakeholders. In a perfect scenario, you complete the task or project yourself and then receive feedback and edits from customers in writing.
  • One-on-one interaction. Even if the project involves many participants, you can directly discuss your actions with your supervisor or project manager. A private conversation will help you shed inhibitions and speak out, and active listening skills will allow you to perceive and process critical information for further work.
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What Kind of Work Does Not Fit an Introvert

Introverts prefer to build their careers around their interests and preferences and not vice versa. They weigh all decisions in advance to make sure that the chosen professional path is the right one. To simplify your task, we have collected signs of the worst jobs for people with anxiety. Keep them in mind to avoid hateful compromises and unnecessary stress in the future.

  • People business. Retail, sales, and customer service all require constant social interaction. Some customers or buyers are rude and persistent. They form long lines, need quick service, and are indignant when something goes wrong. Every working day will exhaust you mentally and physically, and constant pressure can lead to panic attacks.
  • Permanent meetings and brainstorming sessions. This type of corporate interaction allows employees to speak out, propose solutions, and make the necessary changes to the project. Despite the good intentions, it turns introverts not into self-starters, but rather into sufferers. Public speaking, controversy, and interruptions make them retire into their shell and suppress good ideas that are worth considering.
  • Loud and noisy work environment. Open office spaces are always crowded places. Even if you carry out your tasks independently, you still need a comfortable area to reboot and rest. Therefore, before accepting a job offer, make sure that the company provides you with a separate office or at least an employee lounge.
  • Demanding and unpredictable leadership. Mutual understanding with the management is half the battle for you. They play a critical role in your productive work and comfortable stay in the company. Avoid bosses who burst into your private space, violate your personal boundaries, and consider pressure as the best incentive for employee efficiency. This does not mean that you should call the shots from the first days of cooperation. However, mention your problem of social anxiety.
  • Remember, an adequate potential employer appreciates honesty and is ready to come to terms with valuable staff. You just need to take the first step towards a comfortable and fruitful cooperation.

Best Jobs for Introverts and People With Social Anxiety

Introverts as employees have undeniable advantages. Their assiduity helps to cope with complex and painstaking work. Their ability to block out prevents outside conversations from distracting them from tasks. Thanks to anxiety, they have a plan B for any situation. This skill set makes them a real godsend for many employers. In this list, we have put together all the best career opportunities.

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  1. Online Reviewer
  2. Online reviewers provide valuable information about products or services to an audience, sharing their experiences, emotions, and impressions. But you do not make direct contact. Instead, you deliver information through articles and posts and place them on specialized platforms. Often, each reviewer specializes in a particular industry or product category. This work is available even to introverts with no experience. The main conditions are product knowledge, writing skills, and the ability to explain complex terms in an accessible language.

  3. Writer
  4. A writer is one of the best remote jobs for introverts. You communicate with the customer, mainly through instant messengers or email, and have a flexible work schedule. Besides this, the writing gigs offer a wide selection of tasks from social network posts to complicated technical instructions. Requirements for this job vary depending on the chosen task but always rely on fluency in the language, creative thinking for the successful message delivery, and impeccable grammar.

  5. Translator
  6. If you are bilingual, a translator job will help you get a stable income with minimal social interaction. Often you just get the texts and documents for translation and send the completed tasks to the customer for consideration. To succeed in this position, you should have advanced language knowledge, copious vocabulary, cultural awareness, and research skills.

  7. Software Tester
  8. Software testers check the usability and functionality of web sites and mobile applications. Your attention to detail will come in handy as never before, as you must identify errors and bugs that may lower the user experience in the future. Your work involves collaboration with web developers and coders. However, all your reports and edits are submitted in writing, which greatly simplifies your task.

  9. Accountant
  10. As an accountant, you deal with the company's financial data, including the preparation of bills and invoices, tax calculation, budget development, and so on. This position implies full-time, part-time, or remote employment. In any case, your day-to-day activities include working with documentation, and interaction with stakeholders is carried out through regular reports. Employers await your financial awareness, analytical skills, and critical thinking.

  11. Fine Artist
  12. The article "Creativity for Introverts" published in Psychology Today proves that people produce better ideas by working alone than in groups. It helps to avoid pressure and evaluation appreciation. The artist's work will allow you to focus on your thoughts and give free rein to your imagination. The basic requirements are a degree in fine arts, aesthetic taste, creative thinking, and technical skills to put ideas on canvas.

  13. Editor or Proofreader
  14. The editor and proofreader positions involve checking the texts for grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors. This work requires outstanding focus, since you often both inspect large volumes of documents and evaluate their compliance with the original instructions. These positions imply native fluency, attention to detail, and analytical thinking.

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  15. Data Entry Specialist
  16. A data entry specialist usually works remotely, which means your personal boundaries are well protected. Employers do not put forward educational requirements, but your perseverance, attentiveness, and accuracy still matter. You will transfer data to spreadsheets, update databases, and transcribe files, if necessary.

  17. Librarian
  18. Librarians work in museums, schools, scientific organizations, and public libraries. They manage records and databases, sort resources by author and subject, and regularly update catalogs. To get this job, you should have documentation management skills and basic computer literacy. In exchange for this, you get a quiet working environment and unlimited access to unique and rare books, audio files, and films.

  19. Research Scientist
  20. If you are looking for a job where your personality type will be to your advantage, the role of a research scientist is just to you. These specialists conduct laboratory tests and experiments, analyze the collected data, and write research articles for scientific publications. In addition to a master's degree or Ph.D., this work requires a logical mind, meticulous attention, and data processing skills.

  21. Social Anxiety Disorder Counselor
  22. Unlike other jobs for introverts, this role involves interaction. But you will work with people who share your experience and understand your fears. Counselors attend therapy sessions, provide valuable insights, and listen to people going through treatment. Thus, you provide and receive support. This work may not be a stable source of income, but this warm environment helps you to redefine yourself and the world around you, thus shedding inhibitions.

  23. Animal Care Provider
  24. The "Introvert, Dear" online community has proven that introverts are the best candidates for positions like dog walkers, animal trainers, and vets. Animals have a soothing effect and help replenish the energy spent during the day. Introverts often perceive animals as silent interlocutors, and therefore even a long pastime with them does not cause discomfort. Educational requirements may vary, but love for animals is a constant condition.

  25. Truck Driver
  26. These professionals provide safe shipping between cities and countries. The main requirements for this position are a commercial driver’s license as well as patience and endurance for long journeys. In exchange for this, you get an unlimited number of hours on the road where your thoughts are your only companions.

  27. Social Media Specialist
  28. Social media specialist is one of the best entry-level jobs for introverts. Your tasks include managing company profiles on social networks, developing a content plan, launching advertising campaigns, and measuring audience engagement. This work primarily involves online collaboration with clients and the community, and requires basic marketing knowledge, writing skills, and a creative approach.

  29. Archivist
  30. Archivists rarely interact with people since their typical day consists of working with physical archives or electronic databases. They update, check, and catalog valuable records and ensure their safety and integrity. Candidates must have a master's degree in archival studies or library science.

  31. Lab Technician
  32. Laboratory technicians have a bachelor's degree in chemistry or biology and are responsible for collecting, labeling, and testing samples. These specialists work in secluded laboratory space and perform sterilization, calibration, and equipment maintenance. Other employees do not distract laboratory technicians as any oversight could impair the accuracy of the investigation.

  33. Transcriptionist
  34. Transcriptionists transfer audio files to paper and create subtitles for video. This is an ideal job for introverts, as you don’t communicate directly with the customer, but rather receive tasks through specialized platforms. In addition to attention to detail, you will need fast typing ability and well-developed auditory perception.

  35. Paralegal
  36. Unlike lawyers and attorneys, paralegals are involved in administration and research activities. They manage legal documentation and correspondence, help in gathering evidence, and interpret laws for each case. Paralegals have an associate’s degree and an ABA-approved certificate.

  37. Auditor
  38. Auditors verify the legality, accuracy, and reliability of the company's financial records and ensure that corporate policies and procedures comply with applicable legislation. They work with large volumes of information daily and must maintain a high level of concentration to identify problems and inconsistencies. Often they have a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance.

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  39. Data Analyst
  40. Big data is a powerful tool for decision making in any business, but only with the correct interpretation. Data analysts transform raw information into valuable recommendations for the company through spreadsheets, charts, and graphs. You will present your findings to the employer, but your daily duties do not require outside help and intervention.

  41. Farm Hand
  42. The work of a farmhand allows you to stay away from the hustle-and-bustle of society and contribute to agriculture. Farmhands help farmers grow crops and raise cattle. This job requires only a high school diploma and physical endurance, but be ready for irregular working hours.

  43. Microbiologist
  44. Microbiologists have a master's degree in microbiology or biochemistry. They study the effects of various microorganisms on people's lives, conduct laboratory tests, identify the unique characteristics of microorganisms, and keep detailed records of their findings. Such research requires maximum involvement and minimal contact with people.

  45. Mechanic
  46. Mechanics provide maintenance and repair of various vehicles, from cars to aircraft. They rarely communicate directly with customers, and therefore this work is ideally suited to introverts. Mechanics have a high school diploma, manual dexterity, and in-depth knowledge of diagnostic equipment and mechanical systems.

  47. Graphic Designer
  48. Graphic designers develop visual concepts for print or digital products. They do not use canvas and easel like fine artists, but instead work with specialized software. One of the advantages of this profession is the ability to work from home and take on various gigs to build a portfolio. Graphic designers must have a bachelor's degree, advanced computer skills, and creative thinking.

  49. Affiliate marketing
  50. The goal of affiliate marketing is sales. But you do not call potential buyers, handle objections, and conduct presentations. Your role resembles an online reviewer. You write short texts, insert a link to the product, and post them on various forums and groups. The more people that make a purchase using this link, the higher your income. It is an easy and comfortable way to make money for introverts without work experience.

  51. Astronomer
  52. Astronomers specialize in the study of celestial bodies, such as stars, planets, and even galaxies. These scientists have a Ph.D., and their responsibilities include developing theories, continually collecting and analyzing information, publishing scientific articles, and seeking funding. Astronomers can collaborate with engineers, but their main activity is carried out alone in laboratories or observatories.

  53. Court Reporter
  54. Court Reporters record court sessions in shorthand. This position requires high typing speeds of up to 200 words per minute, advanced active listening skills, and attention to detail. They work among other people in the courtroom, but do not waste time communicating. Their main task is to focus on the court hearing to create a verbatim transcription.

  55. Night Stocker
  56. Night stockers place goods on store shelves after operating hours. Besides this, they identify defective or damaged goods, sort and label products, and carry out an inventory of stores. It is a pretty secluded profession. Night stockers can be completely alone right up until the start of the working day for the rest of the staff.

  57. Dental Technician
  58. Unlike dentists, dental technicians do not communicate with the daily flow of patients. They spend working days in the laboratory, creating veneers, dentures, mouth guards, and so on. They may meet with patients from time to time to construct a model of their mouth, but these meetings are one-on-one and, therefore, not stressful for introverts. To start your practice, you must have a high school diploma and an Extended Diploma in Dental Technology.

  59. Software Engineer
  60. Your expertise in Java, C ++, or JScript.Net programming languages ​​can bring you the position of a software engineer. These IT field representatives work on the creation and testing of codes and manage the entire software life cycle. In many companies, you spend most of your business hours alone, communicating with the team through technical documentation. This work requires problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and in-depth knowledge of computer science.

  61. Forensic science technician
  62. Forensic science technicians collect evidence at crime scenes for further analysis in the laboratory and provide findings and conclusions to investigators. Solving the case depends on their accuracy and meticulousness. Therefore, a secluded and quiet working environment is a necessary condition of their work. Forensic science technicians have a chemistry or biology degree, an analytical mind, and strong reasoning skills.

  63. Online Tutor
  64. This work does not imply group or individual classes. Instead, you can register on an educational platform such as Udemi and post a series of training video lessons. You get money for each user who buys your course. To succeed in this role, think over the theme of your class, develop a lecture plan, and make sure that your videos have high image and sound quality.

  65. Conservation Scientist and Forester
  66. Conservation scientists and foresters can work for government organizations and private corporations. In both cases, their task is to protect the environment and preserve natural resources in a trusted territory. They study soil, water, animals, and plants and also develop proposals to reduce the harmful impact of human activities on the environment. You will spend your working day in the open air without social interaction. This work requires a bachelor's degree in environmental or agricultural sciences.

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  67. Night Watchman or Security Guard
  68. Night watchmen and security guards ensure the safety of the premises or property, and in rare cases, night shift workers. During their duty, they patrol the trusted territory on foot or by car, manage the surveillance system, and keep a visitor log, if necessary. To get a position, you should have a high school diploma, a driver’s license, physical endurance, and knowledge of safety rules.


How to Increase the Chances of Getting a Job

Finding a job and finding your true identity are two inseparable concepts for introverts. They are looking for no less than an ideal employment option that is entirely consistent with their needs and worldview. So if you find at least one job from our list that resonates with you, this is half the battle. But you still have to compete with other candidates for the selected position. Given the problem of self-presentation at interviews, you should pay special attention to your application documents. The resume and cover letter should provide meaningful data and prove your professional aptitude. Remember, the more the recruiter knows about you before a personal meeting, the less clarifying and hard-hitting questions they will ask. Therefore, revise your documents with our tips and contribute to a more comfortable interview.

  • Resume. According to LinkedIn's data, employers or recruiters spend no more than 6 seconds viewing a resume. Therefore, covering your extensive track record in 4-5 pages will not be appreciated. Focus only on the information that is valuable for the selected position. Reflect your industry experience or related jobs and select skills that match the job description. This way, you will give only insights that the recruiter really needs to know to make a decision.
  • Cover Letter. A cover letter is an effective self-presentation tool for introverts. You put your ideas on paper alone, and therefore the interlocutor cannot stop or interrupt you. In this way, you won’t lose your train of thought and will be able to maintain a logical narrative. A cover letter also allows you to talk about yourself at your own pace without pressure from other people, which saves you from stress and allows you to focus on your thoughts.

The cover letter may contain any information proving your value for the selected position. And this is a great opportunity to present the features of your personality as strengths. Tell about your attention to detail, perseverance, diligence, and accuracy. Mention your solitary work style; show the results it helped you obtain and explain how you can contribute to the common cause even without active interaction with the team. You do not have to bill yourself as an introvert directly. However, you can still define your comfortable working conditions. It will help to avoid misunderstandings and save you the trouble of playing the role of an extrovert in your new corporate environment.


Closing Thoughts

It seems that the entire labor market is tailored for extroverts. Teamwork skills and strong communication have become essential points of any job description, and recruiters are waiting for a person who will impress them with eloquence and fit perfectly into the dream team. But this is only a superficial view. In fact, employers are primarily looking for qualified specialists who will contribute to the development and prosperity of their business. Therefore, you do not need to pretend and suppress your introversion. It is not a bad thing to be an introvert. It does not detract from your value. Look for your vocation and remember that a wise employer will always make the right choice and meet you half-way.

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