#1 Ngcareers #2 Jobberman #3 Hot Nigerian Jobs #4 My Job Mag #5 JobList Nigeria #6 Naira Career #7 NG Job Rapido #8 Naija Hot Jobs #9 NGR Jobs #10 Job Gurus #11 Job Center Nigeria #12 CareerNaija #13 JobZilla #14 Careers24 #15 Just Jobs Nigeria #16 Jobemy #17 Latest Nigerian Jobs #18 Gblcareers #19 Nigeria Tip Top Job site #20 Employment Nigeria #21 Indeed Nigeria What Are the Requirements for Applying for a Job? Conclusions
#1 Ngcareers #2 Jobberman #3 Hot Nigerian Jobs #4 My Job Mag #5 JobList Nigeria #6 Naira Career #7 NG Job Rapido #8 Naija Hot Jobs #9 NGR Jobs #10 Job Gurus #11 Job Center Nigeria #12 CareerNaija #13 JobZilla #14 Careers24 #15 Just Jobs Nigeria #16 Jobemy #17 Latest Nigerian Jobs #18 Gblcareers #19 Nigeria Tip Top Job site #20 Employment Nigeria #21 Indeed Nigeria What Are the Requirements for Applying for a Job? Conclusions
Updated 05/08/2020

21 Best Job Sites in Nigeria

An informative publication for those who are looking for a job in Nigeria. You will face workable advice on where to find the most reliable vacancies.

An informative publication for those who are looking for a job in Nigeria. You will face workable advice on where to find the most reliable vacancies.

Statista reveals that the quantity of unemployed citizens in Nigeria has grown to a rate of 6.11%. Among youth, this figure has increased to almost 20%. The current situation shows that job search is becoming highly relevant, especially using online tools. Our team has prepared a list of job sites in Nigeria with the best offers and functionality. We have collected platforms that will be helpful for the seasoned pro looking to advance their career and for graduates or interns looking to begin their professional paths.

#1 Ngcareers

This is an extremely useful online platform with headquarters in Lagos. It is one of the most respected portals and is included in the list of top job search sites in Nigeria. Ngcareers was created in 2013. Since that time, it has helped millions of people to find their first jobs and advance their careers. Since the beginning of 2020, this online resource has been visited by more than 1 million users. Its value lies in the fact that in addition to searching for vacancies, the site provides a course library that helps to develop various professional skills.

#2 Jobberman

This is one of the largest platforms in Nigeria for matching employers and employees. The website was created in 2009. In February 2012, it appeared in Top 20 Tech Startups in Africa published by Forbes. It has more than 200 employees and 300,000+ subscribers on Facebook. In March 2020, Jobberman was visited by more than 600,000 users. The platform is attractive due to its user-friendly interface and quick search. Jobberman offers tens of thousands of jobs in various industries. All you need to do is register for free and search for the desired position.

#3 Hot Nigerian Jobs

This site has the latest database of relevant professions across all cities. This web platform is also one of the oldest online job tools in the country. About 2 million users visit Hot Nigerian Jobs monthly. In this bulletin board, you can find lots of job offers from both commercial companies and government bodies. Hot Nigerian Jobs has a pretty easy registration process and fast search engine. In just a couple of seconds, you will find many vacancies for any level of experience and knowledge. Despite the fact that the design of this site has long been outdated, it still attracts tons of applicants due to its simple functionality and fresh vacancies.

#4 My Job Mag

Launched in 2010, this online platform is one of the most popular and modern resources for job seekers. My Job Mag greatly simplifies the recruitment process thanks to a convenient classification of professions. It also offers many opportunities for interns and volunteers. Additionally, My Job Mag provides career advice and resume preparation services. Their specialists conduct salary research that allows you to quickly calculate the required benefits for an employee of any industry. More than 1.1 million users visit this platform every month, making it one of the best job sites in Nigeria.

#5 JobList Nigeria

This is a good resource for various specialists including graduates & postgraduates. The website provides advanced employment opportunities even for those who have no experience. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and receive news about the latest jobs in the industry in which you are interested. Statistics say that JobListNigeria is visited by about a million applicants every month, which indicates the reliability of this resource. Besides, you do not need to register on the site in order to contact an employer. The platform allows you to write directly to the job holder.

#6 Naira Career

When looking for job websites in Nigeria, consider Naira Career. This is a very convenient and trusted portal where lots of vacancies and job articles are posted. Naira Career has analytics in various industries and tells which professions are in demand at certain periods of time. This site was created in 2010 in Lagos and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. In addition, it has many articles on how to improve your qualifications, get additional education, and become more attractive to a potential employer. Naira Career demonstrates a nice and user-friendly interface. That’s another reason why so many users love this website.

#7 NG Job Rapido

Launched in 2006, Job Rapido is a pretty safe job search platform. It is an international resource, but it provides many job opportunities within several Nigeria states including Abuja (Fct), Adamawa, Borno, Edo, Imo, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Rivers, and Zamfara. When you open this site, you face a nice design and extremely easy functionality. Job Rapido has no pitfalls. Just select what profession you are looking for, and where you’d like the job to be located, and the platform will show you thousands of active options. It's an affordable way to connect with business owners and advance your career.

#8 Naija Hot Jobs

This is a whole community. When considering Naija Hot Jobs, you will find job offers, useful articles, and even a forum where everyone can get necessary advice. This site was created in 2009 and has taken a strong position in the list of top Nigerian job sites with a perfect reputation. The platform provides a lot of useful information for job seekers with no experience and advanced professionals who want to improve their career. Working with Naija Hot Jobs, you can study the current situation in the labor market and even find forecasts. Despite the obsolete design, the site has tons of useful information and workable tips.

#9 NGR Jobs

This is another convenient platform for communication between employers and employees. NGR Jobs publishes fresh vacancies every day. They also provide a huge range of professions for students, graduates, and interns. It’s pretty easy to navigate around the site. Moreover, it doesn’t require registration, as they give access to the employer's contacts, where you can easily submit an application. Another significant addition is that the site has a blog with many useful publications. You can find articles on current economic trends, as well as business topics that will help you to make a decision regarding what profession to choose.

#10 Job Gurus

If you are seriously thinking about developing your professional qualities, pay attention to this site. Here you can buy books on the development of your abilities, as well as find free lists of questions with solid answers that are asked at interviews. Job Gurus provides opportunities in Practice Aptitude Tests. This is a reliable resource to prepare for a meeting with potential employers. However, Job Gurus still puts the main emphasis on the job search. More than 500 thousand users visit it monthly, because this platform publishes new offers daily.

#11 Job Center Nigeria

This company was founded in 2007 in Wuse. Today it is a very convenient bulletin board for many vacancies. Job Center Nigeria provides offers for over 60 professional sectors, including religious and volunteer. They publish 1000+ vacancies monthly around all states. In order to contact the employer, you need to register. This process is simple and free. You can also post your resume on the site so that the employers could easily find your profile. Also, pay attention to the fact that Job Center Nigeria is among the top 15 best job search sites, which makes this resource trusted.

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#12 CareerNaija

Another website that you definitely need to review is CareerNaija. It provides thousands of fresh jobs across the country. But its main advantage is that it presents a couple of extra important services. First of all, CareerNaija gives career advice. The site has lots of publications to help job seekers achieve success. Secondly, it gives a list of Training Courses to increase employment opportunities. Some of them are paid, while others are free. And finally, CareerNaija provides functionality to build a professional resume and even a LinkedIn profile.

#13 JobZilla

This is a popular resource that provides services worldwide. However, there are separate pages for users from Nigeria. On JobZilla you can search for various positions across all states. It also provides a subscription option, so you can receive fresh offers in your email. JobZilla is visited by more than 350,000 users monthly in Nigeria. It has an easy search tool and you don’t even have to register to apply for a job. The platform has a detailed dictionary of abbreviations and professional terminology to help you clearly understand the vacancy text.

#14 Careers24

Founded in 2006 this platform reaches users around the world. Despite it, the site published hundreds of job offers for Nigerians. Its advantage is that the platform has lots of career advice. Here you can find useful articles on how to prepare a solid resume & cover letter, how to find a good job, how to successfully pass an interview, etc. Also, note that Careers24 has thousands of training courses, and most of them you can complete online. These courses are developed by various companies that help everyone to gain extra skills and increase their chances of finding a job. The duration of the courses range from one week to several months, depending on the content. There are also paid and free offers.

#15 Just Jobs Nigeria

This is a good tool to simplify the job search process. The site provides vacancies from about a hundred companies. Although the list of offers is pretty small, the platform has a nice design with a user-friendly interface and easy search. Just Jobs Nigeria also has a few publications to get prepared for an interview. Besides, you do not need to create a profile to access vacancies or submit your application. The website provides credentials of all employers just by a click of a button.

# 16 Jobemy

This website posts fresh vacancies for more than 100 categories. Moreover, Jobemy gives opportunities for scholarships, internships, and graduates. Its advantage is that the site offers paid member programs that significantly advance the employment process. Also on the platform, there is a lot of useful information on how to pass an interview successfully or choose the best job. It is worth noting that Jobemy has comfortable navigation and a beautiful design. It also provides free courses for developing professional abilities or acquiring new skills.

# 17 Latest Nigerian Jobs

This site promotes job offers. You can subscribe and receive fresh alerts daily, but the point is that you will get notifications about all new vacancies even if the industry is not interesting for you. This platform is a very simple bulletin board, with no additional features. Despite the fact that the latest Nigerian Jobs does not have a good design, the overall functionality is pretty easy.

#18 Gblcareers

This is another simple site to find interesting offers. In order to apply for a position, you do not need to create a profile, because the site automatically redirects you to the employer's page. The Gblcareers database is not so extensive compared to other powerful job search websites, but it presents a very simple interface. You also have the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter and receive all new vacancies once they are published.

#19 Nigeria Tip Top Job site

This project went live in 2000 in the United Kingdom. And now it has open vacancies for various industries in Nigeria. When using the site you will notice a poor design, but Nigeria Tip Top Job can be a good addition to your set of job search websites. It also allows for the posting of resumes so that the employers can reach you.

#20 Employment Nigeria

This is a relatively new online platform, but it already offers many vacancies. Employment Nigeria promotes full-time, part-time, and permanent jobs. You can also find options for internships or volunteering. Another plus is the user-friendly interface, which quickly gives an understanding of the working conditions. Employment Nigeria has over 10,000 daily visitors making it a rather popular resource. Note that in order to contact an employer, the user must create an account.

#21 Indeed Nigeria

More than 300,000 users check Indeed Nigeria monthly. Indeed is a well known online job search platform worldwide that also posts lots of reliable offers for Nigerian citizens. Additionally, the site created a form for users to make a resume for free. At the same time, Indeed does not provide any tips or career advice. So you will create all the information yourself. Developers put the emphasis on job search, so it works quickly and conveniently.


What Are the Requirements for Applying for a Job?

The main conditions for getting hired at any company are a resume and a cover letter. These are the documents on the basis of which your candidacy will be considered. You will not be able to respond to a vacancy if you do not prepare them.

A resume is a document that reflects the history of your career, professional skills, qualities, and education. In other words, it's your self-presentation.

A strong document lists all your former employers in reverse chronological order, including your responsibilities and achievements. If you are a graduate or have less than 3 years of experience, you should focus on your education. You can clearly emphasize your qualifications by telling in more detail about academic accomplishments. At the same time, a resume should be short. Its goal is to reveal only your professional activity.

A cover letter is a solid addition to your resume. This document tells more about vocational qualities and skills. In it, you can include information that you were not able to put in the resume.

In the cover letter, you should also explain to the employer why you are submitting your candidacy. And this can tell a lot about your motivation and desire to work. In essence, the cover letter provides more details as to why you must be hired. No more than one page of text and a unique letter for each employer are two essential conditions for the preparation of a magnificent document.



Finding a job in Nigeria can be a real challenge. Many factors have influenced the labor market, and now it is crowded. However, if you know the right resources to use, you can find a great job. On most websites, you can obtain offers with remote opportunities, which allows you to work in any location. Be sure to use the list above to advance your career. And remember that in order to succeed, you must prepare a solid resume and a cover letter.

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