How to Get a Job at a Hotel Possible career paths How to get a job at a hotel with no experience Where to search for open positions Wrap-up
How to Get a Job at a Hotel Possible career paths How to get a job at a hotel with no experience Where to search for open positions Wrap-up
Updated 21/12/2020

How to Get a Job at a Hotel

Working at a hotel is a great career opportunity that leads to managerial positions and personal growth. Read our tips and find out how to get a job at a hotel. With this plan of action, you will surely get a job offer.

Working at a hotel is a great career opportunity that leads to managerial positions and personal growth. Read our tips and find out how to get a job at a hotel. With this plan of action, you will surely get a job offer.

Many people are interested in working in resorts and hotels, especially at famous chains such as Hilton and Marriott. It is an industry of opportunities, new acquaintances, and daily challenges. Hotels are always hiring, so you can find a job for your taste, whether it is serving people at restaurants or managing calls and requests.

The hotel industry accounts for over 1 in 25 American jobs, proving that the market is in demand. To get your first job at a hotel, you need to approach the process with seriousness and attention. In this article, we will discuss the vacancies to look for, tips to use, and application documents to prepare.

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Possible career paths

The list of jobs available at hotels and resorts is rather long. For example, you can work as a concierge, bartender, yoga instructor, or cook. Everything depends on the hotel’s location and specialization and your qualifications and preferences. Below we will tell you about some of the most common career paths for those who dream of working at a hotel. Salary data is taken from Payscale, which provides accurate information on the international job market.


A housekeeper is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel’s rooms and spaces. They need to follow the hotel’s rules and standards and be ready for irregular schedules and night shifts.

Main responsibilities:
  • Cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and common areas
  • Doing laundry if necessary
  • Supplying rooms with hygiene products, bathrobes, etc.
  • Answering guests’ questions and requests
  • Experience in housekeeping (desirable but not required)
  • References from the previous place of work
  • Good communication skills

Average annual salary: $26,791


A receptionist is a person responsible for welcoming and assisting guests based on the hotel’s vision and culture.

Main responsibilities:
  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Resolving problems and complaints quickly and effectively
  • Billing customers
  • Completing office duties, such as filing, sending emails, and corresponding
  • Providing updated information on prices and special offers
  • Stress resistance
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Experience working with booking systems and emails
  • Hospitality experience
  • Performance of first aid (desirable but not required)

Average annual salary: $33,250


Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food/beverages to visitors. They also check on guests to ensure that they are satisfied with the meals and services.

Main responsibilities:
  • Greeting visitors and introducing them to menus
  • Making suggestions
  • Arranging tables
  • Collecting payments
  • Following hotels’ guidelines and health department instructions
  • Proven work experience
  • Solid communication skills
  • Mastership of ordering systems and cash registers
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Good physical shape
  • Active listening

Average annual salary: $36,525

Kitchen chef

A chef is a person responsible for inventing recipes, creating menus, and cooking dishes.

Main responsibilities:
  • Preparing the workplace with pans, knives, and other equipment
  • Checking food quality
  • Cooking dishes
  • Supervising cooks
  • Monitoring food supplies
  • Experience working as a cook or chef
  • Knowledge of culinary techniques
  • Time-management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Knowing sanitation rules

Average annual salary: $40,259


How to get a job at a hotel with no experience

The hotel business is open not only for experienced employees. It is also for those who are starting a career or want to сhange fields. Below you will find out how to get a hotel job even if you have never worked in the industry before.

Obtain a hospitality degree

If you hope to work in management or business, getting a bachelor’s degree in hospitality is a good idea. If you prefer the operational part of the industry, an associate’s degree will be enough. However, a hospitality degree is not compulsory for all hotel vacancies. Some employers find health, CRP, or food safety training enough.

Develop necessary skills

To get started, you need to decide which position you are interested in. Then search for the set of required skills on the Internet and try to work on at least several of them. All skills are divided into soft (personal traits) and hard (specific knowledge) ones.

Soft skills include teamwork, strategic thinking, empathy, problem-solving, creativity, and stress resistance. Hard skills include knowledge of a foreign language, database management, booking software, and cash registers.

Get references

A reference is a person who knows your skills and character and is ready to support you on the job search process by describing you. Quite often, employers ask applicants to provide names of people they can contact and learn more about you.

References should be supervisors, previous bosses, educators, or mentors who can ‘sell’ you to the hiring manager. Reference contacts can be added to your resume or included separately.

Create strong application documents

When you apply for a position online, a resume and cover letter become crucial. It is your opportunity to stand out from other candidates and show all your strengths. Here are the things to consider when working on your application documents.


  • Choose a suitable format. If you have prior work experience in related fields, use the chronological format. If you don’t have any experience, it is better to choose a functional format that highlights skill sets.
  • Follow formatting rules. The basic fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, and Helvetica. The font size should be between 10 and 12 pts with enough white space. Different fonts or text sizes can be used to highlight your name and headers.
  • Show instead of telling. Try to quantify or support every skill or experience with examples or data. It will add value to your words.
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Cover letter:

  • Customize your cover letter for each job. The hiring manager will easily notice if you send a generic cover letter to multiple companies and may reject your application. While it is ok to copy a few strong sentences, the rest should be tailored to a particular position.
  • Include the hiring manager’s name. Take some time to find the name of the person who is going to read your cover letter. It might be indicated in a vacancy’s description or at the company’s official website.
  • Don’t repeat information from your resume. A cover letter aims to show that you can be a valuable employee. Go beyond job entries and education, and concentrate on several essential skills with real-life examples and your motivation to work in a particular hotel.
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Get ready for an interview

A job interview can be rather stressful, and it is impossible to be fully prepared, but with the tips below, you will find it easier to stand out at an interview:

  • Show your interest in the hotel industry. If you lack skills or experience, it is important to indicate that you are passionate about customer service and helping people. And don’t forget to mention that you are willing to develop a long-lasting career in this industry.
  • Prepare for interview questions. Even though you can’t predict the questions that will be asked, there are common things that all hiring managers are interested in. For example, why you like the industry or how you can handle complex situations. Try to support your answers with examples.
  • Dress and look professionally. If you don’t know what outfit to wear, choose a smart-casual style. It is also important to keep eye contact and remember about posture.
  • Ask questions. It will show your proactivity and interest in the position.
  • Be kind. When working in the hotel industry, you will continuously interact with other people, so it’s important to show employers that you are friendly and attentive to others.

Where to search for open positions

There are different ways you can find vacancies in the hotel industry. The most common are:

  • Job search websites. You can find numerous vacancies on the Internet and filter them based on your location, experience, salary, and other requirements. If you create an account at LinkedIn or Facebook, you can also join professional groups and talk to recruiters and those working in the hotel industry.
  • Hotel’s website. Make a list of the hotels you are interested in and head to their websites. There may be a career section with open positions. If you can’t find any openings, try contacting them directly and showing your interest.
  • Visiting a hotel. Head to the concierge or receptionist and ask whether there are any job openings available. They will direct you to the hotel manager where you can find out everything about the vacancies. If there are no openings at the moment, give them copies of your resume and cover letter so that they can keep your candidacy in mind.
  • Employment agencies. Many hotels prefer working with recruiting agencies, and some vacancies don’t even reach the job search websites. Contact a staffing agency and tell them about the position you are hoping to find. They will search for a matching vacancy and sometimes even help you prepare for an interview for a fee.


The hotel industry boasts a broad range of roles, so you can always find an offer that fits your experience and preferences. If you are truly interested in this industry, it is important to keep in mind the above tips and guidelines.

Create a plan of action beforehand, build strong presentation documents, and get ready for an interview in advance to start a successful career.

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