20+ Jobs That Pay $100 an Hour or More List of the 21 Jobs that Pay 100 Dollars an Hour Applying for Jobs that Pay Over $100 an Hour: What You’ll Need To Sum It Up
20+ Jobs That Pay $100 an Hour or More List of the 21 Jobs that Pay 100 Dollars an Hour Applying for Jobs that Pay Over $100 an Hour: What You’ll Need To Sum It Up
Updated 23/12/2020

20+ Jobs That Pay $100 an Hour or More

Want to know what are the highest-paying jobs in the world? Wondering how much can you make? Check out our list with over 20 positions where you can earn more than $100 an hour.

Want to know what are the highest-paying jobs in the world? Wondering how much can you make? Check out our list with over 20 positions where you can earn more than $100 an hour.

When choosing a career, the ideal situation is if you like doing it, and it brings you good money. We’ve made a list with 20+ positions, offering good hourly income for those wondering what jobs pay 100 dollars an hour.


List of the 21 Jobs that Pay 100 Dollars an Hour

Below we have prepared for you a list of job positions that are among the highest paying. You can see the hourly rate for each according to PayScale, calculate how much a year you can make, and find out about specific skills you’ll need to apply for the job.

1. Anesthesiologist

Typical responsibilities of an anesthesiologist:

  • determination of the anesthetic dose for patients;
  • recording and monitoring patients’ vital signs during the surgery;
  • reading patients’ medical histories;
  • determining risks during medical procedures;
  • educating patients on post-procedure care;
  • coordinating with other medical professionals during patient procedures.

Average $ rate per hour: $101.80

Necessary skills: Doctor of Medicine with anesthesiology residency; at least 3 years of relevant medical experience; ability to work long hours and under pressure; board certification in anesthesiology; skilled in various anesthesia types, attention to detail.

2. Commercial pilot

Typical responsibilities of a commercial pilot:

  • flying aircraft according to the set flight plans;
  • developing flight plans;
  • conducting safety checks before each flight;
  • monitoring cargo loading and unloading;
  • managing the flight crew;
  • checking weather conditions before each flight.

Average $ rate per hour: $120

Necessary skills: a commercial pilot’s license; over 4,000 hours of flying experience; pass a criminal background check; experience flying at night; stress-resistance; excellent physical health.

3. Tattoo artist

Typical responsibilities of a tattoo artist:

  • advising clients on the tattoo size and color;
  • giving instructions on how to take care of the new tattoo;
  • using a tattoo gun to create permanent designs on the clients’ bodies.

Average $ rate per hour: $130

Necessary skills: a tattoo license; bloodborne pathogens certificate; CPR training; ability to draw by hand; proven tattooing experience; attention to detail; excellent communication skills.

4. Orthodontist

Typical responsibilities of an orthodontist:

  • designing teeth molds for patients;
  • examining patients to detect a problem and set a diagnosis;
  • tightening patients’ braces;
  • educating patients about orthodontic care.

Average $ rate per hour: $103

Necessary skills: a medical degree; a certification issued by the board of orthodontists; excellent knowledge of the various molds and metals; strong patient management skills.

5. Underwater welder

Typical responsibilities of an underwater welder:

  • performing safe and efficient underwater welding services;
  • performing cutting and fitting on the underwater equipment;
  • calibrating the underwater welding equipment;
  • inspecting the result for the welding imperfections and finding ways to fix them.

Average $ rate per hour: $130

Necessary skills: high school diploma or an equivalent; a welding certification; successfully pass underwater welding and commercial diving programs; ability to adapt to challenging work environment; excellent health and physical fitness.

6. Freelance Photographer & Videographer

Typical responsibilities of a freelance photographer & videographer:

  • filming videos and taking photos on a set or location;
  • editing the shot material in post-production;
  • planning the shooting session with the creative team and the client;
  • directing other members of the crew to achieve the perfect picture.

Average $ rate per hour: $150

Necessary skills: familiarity with the professional equipment; ability to meet deadlines; strong multitasking skills; experience working in a similar position in a high-level production environment; strong knowledge of Photoshop and Photomatix.

7. Life Coach

Typical responsibilities of a life coach:

  • meeting with clients to determine their request;
  • developing strategies to achieve clients’ goals;
  • recording clients’ progress;
  • making adjustments to clients’ goal-achieving strategies;
  • evaluating clients’ progress.

Average $ rate per hour: $148

Necessary skills: strong communication skills; the ability to listen; compliance with ethical guidelines by the International Coach Federation (ICF); flexibility.

8. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Typical responsibilities of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

  • communicating with stakeholders on behalf of the company;
  • creating a long-term development strategy for the company;
  • researching competitors;
  • providing risk assessment for the company.

Average $ rate per hour: $118.30

Necessary skills: bachelor’s degree in Administration; at least 10 years of work experience, starting in lower-level management positions; strong communication skills; ability to follow tight deadlines; public speaking; a strong law knowledge.

9. Massage Therapist

Typical responsibilities of a massage therapist:

  • keeping the workplace clean;
  • replacing linens between sessions;
  • sterilizing work equipment;
  • complying with necessary standards;
  • provided massage services to clients.

Average $ rate per hour: $110

Necessary skills: high school diploma or GED; at least 6 months of relevant work experience; advanced knowledge of different massage types; excellent communication skills; ability to stand for long periods.

10. Part Model

Typical responsibilities of a part model:

  • displaying promotional goods;
  • posing for photos;
  • representing the company at various promotional events;
  • demonstrating products to consumers.

Average $ rate per hour: $300-500

Necessary skills: taking good care of that specific body part; advanced posing skills; strong communication; time-management skills; ability to work under pressure.

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11. Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Typical responsibilities of a cardiothoracic surgeon:

  • choosing a method of surgical procedures for patients;
  • setting a diagnosis;
  • learning patient’s medical history to select the right treatment;
  • performing duties in compliance with the Law and regulations.

Average $ rate per hour: $115 - $304.10

Necessary skills: medical degree; complete a general surgery residency, at least 2 years of proven experience working as a cardiothoracic surgeon; the ability to perform well under pressure; excellent interpersonal skills; developed empathy.

12. Plastic Surgeon

Typical responsibilities of a plastic surgeon:

  • providing non-invasive treatments for patients;
  • explaining the risks of the procedures to patients;
  • providing professional medical care to patients;
  • performing plastic surgeries on patients.

Average $ rate per hour: $100 - $242

Necessary skills: Osteopathic Medical Licensing; medical degree; minimum 2 years of proven experience in a similar position; solid knowledge of the modern medication and its side effects; excellent communication skills.

13. Attorney

Typical responsibilities of an attorney:

  • advising clients on a legal matter;
  • researching evidence in clients’ cases;
  • developing case strategies for clients;
  • defending clients in court.

Average $ rate per hour: $100 - $281.30

Necessary skills: JD degree at the Law school; pass the written bar exam; strong communication skills; the ability to give convincing oral presentations; critical thinking; developed research skills; improve professional skill annually.

14. Psychiatrist

Typical responsibilities of a psychiatrist:

  • conducting psychiatric examinations;
  • prescribing medication to patients;
  • providing crisis interventions to clients;
  • developing treatment plans for patients.

Average $ rate per hour: $144 - $209

Necessary skills: valid certification in Psychiatry; medical degree; listening skills; valid DEA registration; strong knowledge of the general psychiatric principles and practices; developed communication skills.

15. Cardiologist

Typical responsibilities of a cardiologist:

  • diagnosing and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • developing on-going treatment plans for patients;
  • prescribing medicine to patients and educating them on possible side-effects;
  • performing patient exams.

Average $ rate per hour: $100 - $195

Necessary skills: Doctor of Medicine; experience in treating chronic heart conditions; valid license for medical practice; empathy; developed communication skills.

16. Senior Database Developer

Typical responsibilities of a senior database developer:

  • creating logical & physical data model designs;
  • working through early stages of software lifecycle;
  • performing data analysis activities;
  • ensuring the long-term reliability of the systems.

Average $ rate per hour: $100

Necessary skills: experience working with SQL Server and Data Profiling Tools; strong communication skills; a proactive individual with great attention to detail; extensive knowledge of data architectures.

17. Financial Analyst

Typical responsibilities of a financial analyst:

  • performing financial forecasting;
  • analyzing financial data;
  • identifying financial trends;
  • collaborating with the accounting team.

Average $ rate per hour: $100

Necessary skills: college degree in Economics; experience working with financial modeling techniques; proficiency in Excel formulas and functions; attention to detail; strong analytical skills.

18. Cloud Software Engineer

Typical responsibilities of a cloud software engineer:

  • designing cloud-based applications;
  • managing cloud environments according to the company security protocols;
  • automating the company’s cloud-based platforms;
  • educating junior specialists

Average $ rate per hour: $100

Necessary skills: college degree in Computer Science; a valid AWS Solutions Architect certification; Java, Python, and C++ proficiency; minimum of five years of professional experience in a similar position; proficiency in OpenStack and Rackspace; strong SQL and NoSQL knowledge; strong organization and communication skills; ability to multitask and meet deadlines.

19. Enterprise Architect

Typical responsibilities of an enterprise architect:

  • providing maintenance of an organization’s IT networks and services;
  • updating legacy systems;
  • developing a replacement strategy for the company’s hardware and software;
  • ensuring that all the company’s business units have the right tools.

Average $ rate per hour: $100 - $148

Necessary skills: master’s degree in Computer Science; at least 10 years of relevant experience in the field; strong communication and analytical skills; experience with SQL and data sourcing; ability to build a strong business strategy.

20. Oncologist

Typical responsibilities of an oncologist:

  • diagnosing and treating cancer;
  • performing surgeries on patients with cancer;
  • arranging drug treatment for patients with future supervision;
  • providing several treatment options and advising on the best one.

Average $ rate per hour: $101 - $183

Necessary skills: medical degree; complete medical residency; relevant medical license; empathy; ability to work well in stressful conditions; knowledge of how to treat different types of cancer.

21. Petroleum Engineer

Typical responsibilities of a petroleum engineer:

  • designing proper equipment for oil and gas extraction;
  • finding ways for the most profitable oil and gas extraction process;
  • developing ways and procedures to extract more oil;
  • researching the most profitable locations for oil and gas extraction.

Average $ rate per hour: $100 - $118

Necessary skills: the ability to work well under pressure; ability to work well in a team; excellent health; bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology; an achieved chartered status with the Engineering Council.


Applying for Jobs that Pay Over $100 an Hour: What You’ll Need

High paying professions are usually hard to get. You’ll need to use every chance to present yourself in the best light. The first and most important thing to do here is to prepare your resume and cover letter.

Getting Your Resume Done: What to Consider

A good resume can drastically improve your chances of getting an interview invite for a 100 dollar an hour job. It’s a short document that outlines your most relevant skills and professional experience for a particular position. Typically, a recruiter spends around 6 seconds on each resume, so yours should stand out if you want to get noticed. Here are a few tips that you can use:

  • Skip irrelevant information. If you’re planning on applying for several different positions, you must create a separate resume for each one of them. This will allow you to provide only the relevant skills and experience to your recruiter and prove why you can be the best candidate for the job.
  • Use the appropriate format. Depending on your background, you can choose between a functional or chronological format. In the first case, you can focus more on your skills and professional achievements. By using the second format, you will be able to present your work history chronologically.
  • Back up your statements with facts. Instead of writing something like “a few years,” “significant impact,” or “amazing results,” write down how many years you spent on a project, what the results were, what particular skills you acquired, etc.

Increase Your Chances With a Cover Letter

Your resume will shine even brighter if you accompany it with a cover letter. It is a less formal document, with fewer requirements than a resume, and usually doesn’t get longer than 1 page. However, like the resume, a cover letter should reflect your motivation and reasons to apply for a particular position—the more customized the document, the better.

You can also describe the approach you used to complete tasks from your resume and mention any personal traits that help you in this position, work ethic, and what will make you an effective member of this company’s team.


To Sum It Up

Don’t let these big salary numbers scare you – it doesn’t mean that these $100 per hour jobs are impossible to get. Some of these higher-wage jobs require a lot of skills and experience, while others you can apply for even without a degree. It might just take a little extra effort, but we assure you that it will pay off (no pun intended).

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