Jobs in Canada for Filipinos in 2024 How to Start a Job Search in Canada as a Filipino The List of Documents You Need to Get a Job in Canada Which Jobs in Canada for Filipinos Are Easy to Land On? Canada Jobs for Filipinos - Top Recruiting Agencies You May Turn to How to Get a Job in Canada From the Philippines - Tips and Lifehacks Conclusion
Jobs in Canada for Filipinos in 2024 How to Start a Job Search in Canada as a Filipino The List of Documents You Need to Get a Job in Canada Which Jobs in Canada for Filipinos Are Easy to Land On? Canada Jobs for Filipinos - Top Recruiting Agencies You May Turn to How to Get a Job in Canada From the Philippines - Tips and Lifehacks Conclusion
Updated 05/01/2021

Jobs in Canada for Filipinos in 2024

Want to move to Canada for a job but feel overwhelmed when it comes to vacancy searches and legal document preparation? In fact, there is nothing too tricky about landing the job of your dreams in Canada. Our guide will help you to develop a strategy that will be successful at every stage of your immigration process.

Want to move to Canada for a job but feel overwhelmed when it comes to vacancy searches and legal document preparation? In fact, there is nothing too tricky about landing the job of your dreams in Canada. Our guide will help you to develop a strategy that will be successful at every stage of your immigration process.

Canadian Filipinos are the third largest subgroup of Filipinos living abroad, and your desire to find a better job (or a better life) in this country is quite reasonable. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide on working in Canada as a Filipino, what documents you need to work in this country legally, and what jobs you may choose for yourself. Let’s get started.


How to Start a Job Search in Canada as a Filipino

If you've made the final decision to exchange the warm air of the Philippines for a cold but promising life in Canada, let's start moving towards your goal step by step. Here's what you can do at the beginning of your journey.

Find Out How Can You Be Useful

Canada isn’t a country that is easy to enter or easy to stay in. Instead, Canadians focus on attracting the best talent from all corners of the planet. Therefore, you will have to prove that your knowledge and competencies are enough to work in this country.

However, if you have no higher education, high-end knowledge, or special skills, this is not a reason to despair. Canada needs a workforce as well. So, at this stage, your task is to hypothetically find out what value you can deliver while being in Canada. For example, if you love children, you may consider nanny positions or work in a kindergarten. If you are physically strong, pay attention to the jobs in agriculture or construction.

Proceed to the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Website

This website has a simple appearance but allows you to immediately get the first impression of what positions are currently available in Canada for Filipinos. Just enter your country at the search bar and press “Enter”. As you can see, there are many offers for technical specialists, caregivers, drivers, and general workers. Undoubtedly, vacancies for high-end specialists are also available.

Shortlist the Vacancies You May Be Suitable For

Now, you should move through the list of available vacancies and hypothetically try each of them on yourself to find the most suitable options. This strategy will work for you if you don't have strict job requirements, and your primary goal is to gain work experience in Canada. Of course, if your goal is a specific vacancy, you can switch to sorting by position and find the vacancy you seek in alphabetical order.

Decide on Your Strategy

Basically, you have only two ways to land a job in Canada. You can either pass through all the procedures independently or apply for a recruiting agency that provides immigration services. The first option is less costly but more time-consuming, while the second may cost several times more but gives you instant access to all current openings and assistance on every step until you return to the Philippines. With the help of an agency, you can be calmer about documents, legal tricks, fees, etc.

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The List of Documents You Need to Get a Job in Canada

Despite the strategy of getting the Canadian job you’ve chosen, your knowledge and qualifications, the rules for entry, and applying for jobs in Canada are the same for all candidates.

The first and most important question is, how can you enter Canada as a Filipino during this current pandemic? According to the official sources, until the end of 2020, you may only enter Canada at the port of entry if you are entering the country from the USA and plan to quarantine for 14 days. You should have a valid job offer. A special mobile application will also facilitate entry procedures in Canada; with its help, you may provide all your information in advance to be reviewed by the officers.

Secondly, to get a job in Canada, you will need a work permit, which can be of the two types:

  • An open-work permit allows you to work with any employer you can find and choose on your own until your work visa expires.
  • An employer-specific work permit allows you to work only with the employer that made you a job offer and during the term specified in the contract.

The type of work permit will depend on the specifics of your job. In most cases, highly qualified workers are offered to work with a specific employer. In contrast, semi-skilled workers can work with any eligible company that has the right to hire foreigners. Here is the link to apply for a work permit and a piece of good news. Because of the pandemic, you don’t need to give your biometric data when applying. However, make sure to check up with this update one more time when preparing your documents since the requirements may change.

How to Apply for a Job Permit in Canada as a Filipino

So, let’s go through the application process step by step.

  1. Make sure you are eligible. As for the general requirements, you should:
    • promise that you will leave Canada when your permit expires;
    • have good health confirmed by a medical examination;
    • have no criminal past proven with corresponding documents;
    • have the right to enter the country;
    • promise to quarantine for 14 days;
    • have enough money to cover your basic needs; and
    • have no intention to harm the Canadian government or its citizens.
  2. Fill out the application form. To do it, you need to get registered on the Government of Canada’s official website. You will need to fill out the application form very carefully after you have chosen your application method (online or paper - online is better) and your country of citizenship (Philippines). Here is the link to choose the application method and your country.
  3. After you are done, you need to provide your photos and biometrics. The rules for biometrics may be changed depending on your status. So if you are outside Canada and applying for a temporary work permit and have not provided your biometrics yet, you should do it now.
  4. The next step is waiting for the “Port of Entry Letter of Introduction,” which means that your application is confirmed, and you have the right to enter Canada for work.

Note! You will get your work permit when you arrive in Canada.

As the last step to collect all the necessary documents, you need to go through a medical exam. However, if you plan to stay in Canada for less than 6 months, this examination is not required. Also, the need for the medical exam depends on the job you want to get. Jobs that involve interactions with people, including children and seniors, and any jobs in healthcare and agriculture require this examination. Also, the Government of Canada kindly reminds you that you are not eligible for medical examination, and logically, getting a job in this country, if you:

  • suffer from a disease that may result in a sudden loss of mental or physical abilities;
  • have shown unpredictable and violent behavior and have a criminal past (you will be asked to confirm you are law-abiding at the stage of obtaining a work permit); or
  • excessive demand for health or social services.

So, below is the complete list of documents you need to land some jobs for Filipinos in Canada:

  1. Enter from the USA
  2. Valid job offer
  3. Work Permit
  4. Medical examination certificate (depending on the duration of your Canadian stay and the job you will get).

Also, you should know about the Express Entry Program. It is an opportunity for skilled workers that can confirm their working experience and speak English or French at a high enough level to communicate freely (confirmed through a test). As additional documents, you will have to prove police certificates, education certificates, and funds availability. All the candidates that apply for the Express Entry Program are evaluated according to a hundred-point scale, where 67 is the minimum passing score. Further, only the best and most suitable candidates receive an invitation and the opportunity to apply for a temporary residency.

In this case, you still have to enter Canada from the USA, quarantine for 14 days, and have medical certifications. But your temporary residence permit allows you to work in Canada for 6 months or less.


Which Jobs in Canada for Filipinos Are Easy to Land On?

If you are eligible for the Express Entry Program, you will likely already look for jobs on your own, or maybe you already have a job offer from a specific employer. However, if you are not skilled enough, you should first obtain a work permit, then proceed to the final choice. Here is the list of the most popular vacancies for Filipinos in Canada.

  • Caregiver. This is a job for men or women that requires medical certification. There are many caregiver roles opened across the country so choose this option if you like to care for people.
  • Cleaner. This is another job that suits people regardless of gender. You could be hired as a cleaner in a hotel, restaurant, or other public or private places.
  • Cook. Everything is straightforward with this vacancy - choose it if you have cooking skills. Additional courses and certificates will be your competitive advantage.
  • Meat Cutter. This job is more suitable if you have the physical strength to cut and handle the meat.
  • Truck Driver. Truck driving is primarily considered a role for men; however, there are no restrictions for women with an international driving license and truck driving experience.
  • Mechanic/Electromechanic. You should have at least secondary vocational education to get this job since you will be working with potentially dangerous mechanisms.
  • General Worker. General workers are always needed at construction sites and farms. There are no strict requirements for your skills and gender, except for the desire to work hard.
  • Restaurant/Cafe manager. It is better to have catering establishment management experience and fluent English or French to apply for this position.
  • Operator. As an operator, you will have to manage some equipment so it will be useful to have some experience and language skills.
  • Welder. This is a men-only job. It requires working with potentially dangerous equipment.
  • Farmworker. There are seasonal and year-round opportunities for men and women to work on farms and gardens.

This is far from a complete list of vacancies you may apply for. Some of them are closing, while new opportunities are becoming available. So, if you are looking for a specific role, you should stay up to date and have your documents ready (the ones needed to enter the country and your personal documents like your resume and cover letter)

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Canada Jobs for Filipinos - Top Recruiting Agencies You May Turn to

When looking for a job abroad, further immigration and adaptation are always overwhelming, costly, and time-consuming. That is why it is sometimes wiser to apply for professional help and thereby speed up the process of getting a job in Сanada for Filipino with or without experience.

Here are the top three Filipino based agencies to apply to for assistance finding a Canadian job that suits you.

  • Mercan Canada. This is one of the leading agencies helping people build a bridge to their dream jobs in Canada. The agency’s specifics are that it works with Philipino and Saudi Arabia citizens only, so they are well-versed in the labor laws of both of the counties. They help with immigration to Canada and the USA.
  • Advanced Productions. This is a Filipino based agency. However, they only have offers for men. Cooperating with this agency, you may apply for the position of a caregiver, construction worker, skilled and semi-skilled worker, and some other jobs that require physical strength and stamina.
  • International Staffing Organization. This is a full-fledged recruitment agency that can help with any request regarding relocating to Canada. They have many current openings from construction and seasonal workers to senior-level IT specialists and medical professionals.
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How to Get a Job in Canada From the Philippines - Tips and Lifehacks

You already know what vacancies you may apply for, what documents you need to enter Canada as a temporary worker, and where you can ask for help with all these issues. To help, even more, we have prepared some tips and life hacks that will help you to easily jump from one stage of your hiring process to the next one.

Start by Defining Your Strongest Skills

As you see, there are a lot of vacancies to choose from. However, to improve your chances of being hired in Canada, you should focus on your strongest skills and shortlist suitable vacancies. What can you do better than others? What’s your passion? Find the answers to these questions to facilitate your search, clarify your expectations, and target only those positions that are most suitable.

Leverage your English and French

According to the Express Entry Program for skilled workers, you should confirm your knowledge of English. You will have to take a language test and choose English or French as a language you want to be evaluated. What’s more, if you select English as a core language but know French as well, you could earn an additional 50 points by also getting tested in French.

As for low skilled workers, they also need to pass a language test from an agency approved by IRCC. The minimum requirements are lower than those posed to the high-skilled specialists; however, you still should prove your ability to read, write, listen, and speak in English or French.

Thus, despite the hiring program, when you apply to get a job in Canada, it makes sense to start improving your language skills right now. Many useful resources can help you evaluate your level of knowledge and quickly boost your language skills.

For example, you may start with free courses from British Council if you want to leverage your English or take French courses online on Udemy. The latter option allows you to learn French basics in 8 weeks.

Revise Your Resume

Your resume is one of the most important documents for determining the fate of your whole idea of ​​migrating to Canada for work. Once you have obtained all the necessary permits and can potentially cross the Canadian border, it's time to contact your employer. The first and most effective thing you can do is send your resume to the company you want to work for. You can either do it yourself or with the help of an agency, but the main rule does not change. Your resume must be perfect.

  1. First, make sure it is logical, structured, and lists your work experience chronologically.
  2. Second, make sure it is free of lexical errors. Of course, the resume must be written in English or French. Pay attention to the employer's requirements, if any. This is important because mistakes can indicate your language flaws, which is not the best thing when trying to get hired as a foreign citizen.
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Add a Stunning Cover Letter

Your job search doesn't end with putting together the perfect resume, although that's half the battle. Hiring foreigners has its specifics, and as a rule, the best vacancies are highly competitive. To smoothly bypass competitors, you need to immediately grab your future employer’s attention and convince them that you are a profitable investment in his business.

How to do it? With a cover letter, of course!

  • Firstly, it is an excellent opportunity to show your writing skills in English or French. The test results are certainly convincing, but employers always want personal communication, and rightly so.
  • Secondly, in this letter, you will introduce yourself less formally, explain why you have decided to work in Canada, and convince a potential employer of your value. Here, you may briefly tell about your previous work experience, additional skills that will be useful in the role you are applying for, and enhance the impression from your resume.
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Summing up, landing a good job in Canada is not as difficult as it seemed at first glance, even if you are a Filipino trying this opportunity for the first time. There are many requirements for documents provision and delivery, there is some red tape, but in general, this goal is quite achievable. The best way to get a Canadian job is to turn to recruitment agencies in the Philippines, and if you have a well-prepared resume and cover letter, it will facilitate your task even more!

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