10 Perfect High-Income Skills to Learn in 2024 What is a high-income skill? High-income skills to learn How do you develop high-income skills? Final thoughts
10 Perfect High-Income Skills to Learn in 2024 What is a high-income skill? High-income skills to learn How do you develop high-income skills? Final thoughts
Updated 05/01/2021

10 Perfect High-Income Skills to Learn in 2024

This article is of great use for anyone who wants to make smart career decisions and is looking for a way to increase income. With its help, you’ll get familiar with the most demanded high-income skills and improve your career.

This article is of great use for anyone who wants to make smart career decisions and is looking for a way to increase income. With its help, you’ll get familiar with the most demanded high-income skills and improve your career.

Economic inequality continues to widen, and one of the reasons is a significant salary gap in the labor market, even between specialists in the same industry. What affects the level of earnings? Is it personality, education, or something else? While personality traits and background matter, it is impossible to underestimate how important professional skills are.

The job market is evolving, and the best way to remain competitive is to master a set of sought-after skills that can bring you career success and the best money. In this article, we are going to discuss the best high-income skills and how to develop them.


What is a high-income skill?

High-income skills are skills that can significantly increase your earnings and add a few zeroes to your monthly salary. Many skills are in high-demanded on the market and can be used in different areas. Thus, they can be applied and improved throughout your career.

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune." Jim Rohn


High-income skills to learn

Education doesn’t end with a college or university degree. In the modern job market, mastering new skills and completing training programs is a necessity. That is why you should be well aware of the most in-demand and profitable skills employers are seeking.

Below you will find a list of high-income skills that anyone can master. They don’t require going to college or spending thousands of dollars. Most of them can be learned from home and for free. Read our guidelines, find the best sources for obtaining and improving the chosen skill, reflect your newly mastered skills in your resume and cover letter, and prepare for an interview that will change your life for the better.

Salaries are taken from Payscale, which helps companies and employees to understand the job market and their value.

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1. Software development

Technologies are evolving at a tremendous speed, and the number of IT specialists is growing as well. If you want to create things, are thrilled by artificial intelligence, and are not afraid to learn, software development may be a great high-income skill that makes money.

After mastering this skill, you can become a programmer, software engineer, or even launch your own application. It is very difficult to find an industry that doesn’t value software development.

Such experts code software that creates and supports programs and applications. To start working, you will need to choose a preferred coding language and master it. The most popular are C, C++, Java, Python, and Ruby.

How to learn

  • Get a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field if you plan to work as a software developer.
  • Stay updated on the latest inventions and technologies.
  • Master peculiarities of the industry you want to be employed. For example, if you’re going to be an AI software developer, learn as much as you can about artificial intelligence.
  • Take software-building courses and classes to learn how to program and write code. For example, on Udemy, there are thousands of classes for software developers.

To learn this skill, you might also need to master mathematics and electronics, be a quick learner, and have an analytical mind.

How much you can earn

On average, software developers earn $71,590, but freelance specialists make $150 an hour and more.

2. UX design

The technology market is tense, and thousands of participants are doing their best to increase their audience and boost retention. One of the best ways to do that is to provide customers with outstanding user experience. The UX design skill can be applied by product managers, marketers, usability researchers, IT architects, project managers, and business analysts.

How to learn

UX design is a fascinating skill that combines knowledge in business, innovation, marketing, psychology, and technologies. The best way to learn UX design is to take paid courses on Coursera or at a local institution. If you have a limited budget, free online tutorials also might work.

To develop this skill, you should be a creative personality, learn JavaScript and HTML, and possess strong strategic thinking skills. If you want to become a UX designer, a bachelor’s degree in engineering, design, or related fields is required. If the above sounds too complicated, try web design, which is also a highly demanded skill.

How much you can earn

The salary range is extremely diverse and depends on the industry where you will apply this skill. For example, usability researchers earn $84,938 and IT architects - $117,358.

3. Business analysis

If you can’t decide which industry you like more: business or IT, business analytics is a great skill that combines both. This skill allows you to guide enterprises in improving their services, products, and software. Business analysts work with vast volumes of information to improve a business’s performance and profitability. With this skill, you can also become an IT business analyst, business analyst manager, data scientist, or quantitative analyst.

How to learn

To master business analysis, you need to have solid knowledge in various industries, including technologies, finance, and engineering. Take online courses, and don’t forget to boost your soft skills. Participate in projects to make your resume and cover letter more solid.

Some of the best textbooks to master this skill are Business Analysis by Debra Paul and James Cadle, Business Analysis Techniques by Paul Turner and James Cadle, and Business Analyst: Careers in Business Analysis, by Adrian Reed.

How much you can earn

  • IT business analysts: $69,009 and more
  • Financial analysts: $61,143 and more
  • Data scientists: over $96,101

4. Copywriting

Writing is an art that can change lives. You can create speeches, stories, and books to teach, motivate, and inspire people worldwide.

These specialists write magazine articles and handbooks, develop marketing campaigns, create technical content, and write strategic and business plans. Copywriting is extremely useful for marketers, SEO specialists, sales managers, SMM specialists, and business owners. To find a well-paid project, don’t forget about a portfolio and a cover letter for an excellent self-presentation.

How to learn

To become a business/technical writer or a copywriter, you should have a bachelor’s degree in communications, English, or journalism. But if you want to apply this skill in SEO or SMM positions, a degree is not necessary. All you need to do is sharpen your writing skill and be aware of all the industry updates and trends. You can also try paid courses on Lynda or other educational platforms.

How much you can earn

The average copywriter salary is $52,060, but many specialists work remotely on several projects, and their hourly pay can reach hundreds of dollars. General sales managers earn $65,186 and SEO specialists - $45,948.

5. Digital marketing

This skill allows you to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and use social media, search engines, email marketing, company websites, and other digital channels to attract more users and turn them into clients. Besides, you could create campaigns, landing pages, and develop efficient marketing strategies.

This skill can be applied in such roles as a marketer, SEO specialist, entrepreneur, and other product promotion positions.

How to learn

Even if you don’t have a degree in communications or marketing, don’t be upset. It is possible to learn digital marketing through internships and paid courses. You should be an expert in social media, content management systems, and editing software. Fortunately, there are numerous free tutorials on the Internet.

How much you can earn

  • Digital marketing manager: $66,659 and more
  • Digital strategist: $61,098+
  • Search Engine Optimization specialist: $45,948 and more
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6. Investing

If you want to earn at least five or even six figures a month, learning investing skills may be for you. It is a skill that doesn’t have many entry barriers and can be an additional income source even if you have a regular job. It is an evergreen skill which may help you to become a millionaire. Or at least to cover all the bills.

Investing is a proficiency to spot a potential project and to evaluate how much profits it can generate over time. Investors notice valuable opportunities and invest money; they transform risk into huge profits. This skill is useful for financial analysts, loss prevention managers, bankers, risk managers, and those who occupy leadership positions.

One of the best things about investing skill is that it doesn’t require a degree or specific knowledge. Mainly it is based on gut feeling and market analysis.

How to learn

One of the best ways of boosting this skill is to follow successful investors like Warren Buffet and Naval Ravikant. Read their biographies, follow the news, and subscribe to their social media accounts.

To become a successful investor, you should also choose a particular industry or niche to enter and follow its trends and tendencies. The ability to forecast market changes and to find the right niche is priceless.

How much you can earn

  • Risk managers: $87,160 and more
  • Financial analysts: $61,143 and more
  • Loss prevention manager: $53,671+

7. Teaching

Teachers play an important part in our lives, and it is safe to say that they have a significant impact on our future. This skill can be used by teachers, lectors, fitness instructors, driving instructors, nurse educators, training specialists, and other professionals who transfer knowledge.

They can work for enterprises and lead online courses. Teaching skill gives you a great opportunity to increase profits because it can be both a part-time and a full-time position, and you can reach out to students all over the world.

How to learn

Formal teachers should have a degree in education, but if you want to set up an online course or start a gym, no diploma is needed. The main requirement is to have a deep understanding of a particular subject and willingness to teach others. To master this skill, you may want to complete a few courses and training programs on communication and teaching tools. You can easily find such lectures on YouTube or educational websites.

How much you can earn

While the average teacher salary equals $61,730, everything depends on the academic institution, your qualifications, and the type of the program you are willing to teach. For example, training managers make $68,004.

If you want to take it slow, start a YouTube channel with tutorials and monetize your blog. It will be a great source of additional income and a chance to boost your teaching skill.

8. Coaching

It is one of the most demanded skills across numerous industries. It allows you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals, groups, and companies, evaluate progress, and help them reach their goals. Depending on your expertise, you can be a business coach, a life coach, or even a dating coach. Individuals with this skill can also take on leadership roles ranging from a supervisor, coordinator, or manager to CEO and executive director, as coaching makes it possible to teach, mentor, and motivate staff.

How to learn

No specific training or background is needed to become a coach. However, if you want to succeed and make good money, joining the International Coach Federation and having a degree in a chosen industry may be of great use. Ensure that you know a certain topic exceptionally well and work on your communication skills to establish a trusting relationship with a client or staff. You may also need to master different software programs and applications to track progress and stay in touch.

How much you can earn

Average business coach salary: $70,400

Average life coach salary: $31.68 per hour

Average sports coach salary: $44,011 (top basketball coaches earn millions of dollars)

9. Public speaking

People with public speaking skills have a strong voice, catch and keep the audience’s attention, are good at storytelling, and can convince others. Such characteristics pay well. Public speaking skills will help you succeed in such positions as public relations manager, general manager, head of department, lawyer, and others that involve conveying thoughts to a broad audience.

How to learn

To develop your public speaking skills, you can take speechcraft courses, enroll in a debate coterie, or practice expressing your thoughts with family and friends. Such books as "Understanding What Makes a Great Talk Great" by Jeremy Donovan, "The Art Of Presentation Flow" by Nancy Duarte, and "Being Prepared for Disaster" by Scott Berkun will also come in handy.

How much you can earn

An average speaker’s hourly pay is $187.50. Public relations managers can earn up to $69,057, while department heads can reach $96,984.

10. Video production

Video is considered the most powerful media content. 62% of US users watch YouTube every day, and 92% - at least once a week. This makes video production a rather profitable skill that you can master, especially if you have a creative personality. This skill can be used by videographers, film editors, video game designers, and video engineers.

To start producing videos, you will need a computer, a camera, microphone, and video editing programs. There are numerous online courses both for beginners and advanced video producers.

How to learn

  • Master equipment and editing software by taking courses on Udemy and Coursera
  • Work on your patience
  • Improve storytelling
  • Develop communication skills

How much you can earn

On average, video producers make $56,822. You can become a videographer and earn $44,916 or higher. However, if you want to utilize this skill in another field, you can make thousands of dollars by monetizing professional-looking videos on YouTube.

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How do you develop high-income skills?

Now you know what skills can significantly increase your income and open a brand new world of opportunities. The only thing left is to discuss the winning tips on developing these proficiencies. Pick the tools from the list below and start changing your life without delay.

  1. Learn every day
    Build learning into your daily routine and schedule a particular time for it. Ensure that no one distracts you in the process, and don’t forget to silence your phone.
  2. Make a plan of actions
    It is easier to achieve any goal if you have a step-by-step plan. Write down the stages you need to take to master a particular skill. For example, watch a video tutorial in one day or read a textbook by the end of the week. This will help you to manage your schedule and track progress effectively.
  3. Find the best resources
    Nowadays, there are numerous sources for any taste, request, and budget. They include books, podcasts, educational platforms, and personal training programs. The simplest and the most effective is the Internet, where you can boost the chosen skill online. In this article, we have already discussed the most useful sources, but you should constantly search for new books, platforms, and courses
  4. Invest in the process
    Even though there are numerous free online guidelines and books to gain new knowledge, professional tutorials usually cost money. But in exchange, you can communicate with a tutor, ask questions, and get personalized tips on how to master the skill faster. Remember that investing in quality knowledge eventually pays off.
  5. Apply for an internship
    Many people dream of heading departments or starting their own businesses, but you should begin with internships to obtain experience. They provide a great opportunity to apply gained knowledge, learn from professionals, and immerse yourself in the working environment.
  6. Find a mentor
    Having an experienced person who will guide and motivate you is priceless. Search for a mentor in the chosen field, and you will get a personal coach who can save you from multiple mistakes and disappointments.
  7. Practice
    It is impossible to polish a new skill without applying gained knowledge in practice. If you are learning how to build a mobile application, try to create one. There are many platforms where you can get hired for a freelance project, even with minimum skills. Apart from valuable skills and insights, you will have projects to add to a resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed what high-paying skills you should pay attention to in order to boost your career and significantly improve your profits. Their mastering takes time, attention, and motivation but if you choose this path, you can become successful in the chosen career and be paid very well.

If you want to make good money and become a real professional, don’t forget to comprehensively approach the process: master the chosen skill, create a strong resume and cover letter, and prepare for a job interview in advance.

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