McDonald’s Interview Questions & Answers What to Expect at a McDonalds Interview What to Wear to a McDonald’s Interview What to Bring to a McDonald’s Interview 16 Common McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers McDonald’s Interview Tips and How to Prepare End Word
McDonald’s Interview Questions & Answers What to Expect at a McDonalds Interview What to Wear to a McDonald’s Interview What to Bring to a McDonald’s Interview 16 Common McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers McDonald’s Interview Tips and How to Prepare End Word
Updated 08/12/2020

McDonald’s Interview Questions & Answers

Have you been through numerous job interviews but are still confused about how to answer questions to land the job? We have prepared a list of common McDonald’s interview questions and explained how to answer them.

Have you been through numerous job interviews but are still confused about how to answer questions to land the job? We have prepared a list of common McDonald’s interview questions and explained how to answer them.

When it comes to job interviews, some people get anxious and stressed, especially when a job at the desired company is on the line. The challenges range from “what to wear” to “how to answer questions to make a positive impression and get the job offer.” According to HR experts, 33% of employers claim that the hiring decision comes within the first 90 seconds of a job interview. With this in mind, proper self-representation, tidy appearance, and politeness are just as important as how you answer the interview questions. If you aim to obtain a position at the world-known fast-food chain McDonald’s, this article will help. We’ll go over the most common questions asked at a McDonald’s interview and find possible helpful answers.


What to Expect at a McDonalds Interview

Interviewers will analyze your gestures, tone of voice, clothes you wear, and the confidence you show while talking. There are several common formats for how job interviews are conducted. Some companies prefer to conduct group interviews as it saves their time when hiring; however, McDonald’s is highly concerned about individual meetings to evaluate candidates more deeply and accurately.

Pre-Interview Stage

If the McDonald's recruiter sees your CV and finds it catchy, they will give you a call or text you. You will be asked several general questions to discover your motivation behind the interest in this position. You should have thoughtful answers beyond just “McDonald’s is a huge corporation, and I want to work there.” Provide a brief explanation referring to the position description.

The Interview

If you successfully pass the phone call interview, you will be invited to meet in person. The in-person interview is your opportunity to show your proper awareness about the company and the position offered. To prove your interest, make sure you can claim some facts about the company, mention recent events within the company that impressed you, and indicate several values that match your personality. Pay attention to every question and information given by the recruiter. Listen carefully to show your serious intentions and professionalism.


What to Wear to a McDonald’s Interview

Considering that people are more flexible about dress codes in the 21st century, you won’t need to wear an official suit to impress your potential employer. However, wearing appropriate clothes can be an ace up your sleeve.

  • Keep it simple - wearing casual clothes like jeans, shirt, or blouse is normal until you overdo jewelry (women) or wearing bright-colored prints (men and women).
  • The combination of casual and official is your combo - for example, jeans and a black jacket, pants with an ordinary white shirt, or dress with sneakers is a new normal.
  • Tip for women - no for night makeup, yes for slightly highlighted eyes; no for messy hair, yes for combed or tied up ponytail.

What to Bring to a McDonald’s Interview

Once you decide what to wear, it’s time to think about what to take with you. Even though we now keep all information on smartphones and tablets, there are several things you should consider having on hand.

  1. Copies of your CV, cover letter, and ID card if requested. Yes, most likely, the recruiters will have their own copy of your documents, but just to feel more confident, prepare copies. An ID card is sometimes needed to pass the security check while entering the building.
  2. A pen and notebook. Since a one-on-one interview shows your interest in the position and company overall, you need to take notes. Moreover, notes will be helpful after the interview in case you forgot something.
  3. A list of questions for an interviewer. Asking questions back is as crucial as answering them. 44% of employers would deny a candidate a job offer if they didn’t come up with any questions. Having a pre-written list of questions is an excellent way to avoid being tripped up when asked the question, “Do you have any questions regarding the position?”
  4. Mirror, gum or mints, brush. To make sure wind and rain didn’t ruin your hair and makeup, touch it up before entering the building. Refresh your breath before meeting with a recruiter, but don’t chew gum once the interview starts.

16 Common McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers

Now comes the central part of the article - what potential Mcdonald’s interview questions you might be asked and the best way to answer them. Let’s begin.

1. What do you know about McDonald’s fast-food chain?

To determine if you are genuinely interested in the company and eager to work there and not just in salary, this question will most likely arise. Use it as an opportunity to prove your interest in the company by sharing some of what you learned about the company during your pre-interview research.

“I am inspired by the history of McDonald’s and its good work in the communities where the company operates. Since McDonald’s was founded in 1954, it has grown to operate in more than 100 countries worldwide with around 36,000 restaurants. Despite its success, McDonald’s always puts the community first. The company customizes its menu selection based on the country's preferences, such as religion, traditions, and eating habits, and keeps a close eye on food quality, freshness, and environmental sustainability. McDonald’s also participates in and initiates valuable campaigns such as donations for people with cancer, orphanages, and other socially-disturbing programs.”

2. What’s your personal motive to work for us?

Depending on your goals, there are several possible answers to this question.

  • I believe that McDonald’s personnel works as one unity, which makes it a recognized international brand. So I would appreciate becoming a member of this environment to support it and contribute to its further success.
  • I believe that working in such a big company is an opportunity for me to grow professionally and personally.
  • I know that working for such an industry giant comes with overcoming numerous challenges, but this type of environment perfectly matches my personality.

3. What are your biggest weaknesses and strengths?

While revealing your strong sides is easy, when it comes to describing your weak points, there are certain things you should know.

  • Strengths
“I possess strong communication skills and adequately accept criticism. I always remain patient when it comes to overcoming challenges and consider myself as a good team player.”
  • Weaknesses


  • Don’t say that you don’t have any weaknesses.
  • Don’t name weaknesses that do not relate to the position.
  • Don’t make your weakness so strong that they undermine the employer’s opinion about you.


  • Name weakness that you managed to handle during your past employment experience.
  • Define the steps you will take to overcome any particular weaknesses that you mention.

Weaknesses should be presented in a positive way that shows you are ready to fight and work on.

“Quite often, I feel guilty if I can’t help and support my colleagues when I’m busy with my job duties.” Or “I am a highly detail-oriented person, and whenever I can’t make something perfect for some reason, I become too strict on myself and my colleagues.”
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4. Name several favorites from McDonald’s restaurant selection.

This is another question to find out how well you know the company. Here, everything depends on you and your food preference.

“My all-time favorites are the BigMac and Chicken McNuggets and Fries. For breakfast, I usually order Sausage and Egg McGriddles and an Apple Pie. As for the drinks, I’m a big fan of the Strawberry Shake, Caramel Mocha, and for summer - the Iced French Vanilla Latte.”

5. Describe your behavior towards managing an angry client.

This question is aimed at checking your stress-resistance and level of patience. McDonald’s is considerably concerned about each client’s satisfaction in order to preserve the company's reputation.

“First off, I would try to find out the reason for dissatisfaction and try to do my best to solve it. Offering a dessert to compensate for a bad experience is a good approach to facilitate negativity in this case.”

6. Why did you quit or aim to quit your last job position?

The most important thing to keep in mind while answering this question is that badmouthing your employers has consequences. What are the chances that after quitting McDonald’s, you won’t spread negativity about them? Stay professional despite how much you want to talk.

“I have been working for the last company for over 4 years, and I realized that the company's culture does not match my personality. Moreover, I am eager to work in a developing and fast-paced environment to strengthen my professional and personal skills. I enjoyed working for them and learned a lot during this career stage.”

7. What’s your most productive working schedule? Do you find over time appropriate for you?

Flexibility is a good personality trait; however, be honest with your employer and name working hours that you feel will reveal your full potential.

“I used to work as a full-time employee for years, and I find regular working hours as my best option. One of my previous jobs included night shifts, and I could quickly adapt to this routine. Therefore, I’d say that I am more of a day-time worker with the flexibility to include night shifts from time to time.”

8. What makes customer service great?

A candidate applying for a service delivery company should accurately define the peculiarities of excellent services.

  1. “Positive greeting of customers, knowledge of food selection, fast order delivery.”
  2. “Cleanliness, polite tone, smile, timely order delivery, and attention to details.”
  3. “Attentiveness to order details, fast delivery, assistance in choosing the food.”

9. What are your salary expectations?

Quite often, candidates find this question challenging and confusing. Make sure you conduct market research and know the salary rates for this position in your region. Another crucial aspect to bear in mind is considering your experience and skills and defining if they coincide with the position requirements. While answering this question, useful advice is to name a range of money instead of claiming one number.

“Given the requirements of this position and my experience and skills, I believe that $800-1200 is fair for my work.”
“$800-1000 seems to be a fair amount of money to start with. There are lots of things to learn and improve, but I believe that I can easily manage it.”
“As indicated in my CV, I expect to get $800-1100. I am confident that with time I will be more acknowledged in the company's operations to grow professionally and financially.”

10. Do you have any customer service experience? Tell us about it.

The company needs to know that you possess a certain amount of experience, can successfully interact with McDonald’s guests, and ensure their satisfaction. If you don’t have any experience interacting with customers, say that you already have the soft skills needed to adapt to get hired.

“I used to work as a Server at IHOP in Springfield for 2.5 years. I adapted to this fast-paced serving environment in less than 2 months, successfully passed a probation period, and became a full-time worker. I could easily serve 2-3 guests simultaneously and deliver their orders fast.”
“I actually do not have any experience working with customers; however, a lot of people who know me well say that I can easily get along with new people and impress them with my positive energy.”

11. What will happen if you see one of your colleagues stealing?

“If I witnessed my colleague stealing, I would immediately inform a manager since such misbehavior contradicts the company's values and considerably undermines its reputation.”
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12. Why should McDonald's hire you?

Answering this question requires you to show your best strengths that the company might value and appreciate.

“I believe that my skill set and experience in the hospitality industry perfectly match the position requirements. I also possess an immense interest in this sphere and constantly develop my skills to contribute to the company's success.”

13. Where do you see yourself as a professional in the next 5 years?

This question helps define the employer's vision for career growth. They want to discover your ambitions and intentions. Moreover, if you have a clear vision of what kind of employee you see in the period, an employer will conclude that you are a valuable candidate for the position.

“I always strive for more: through challenges and milestones, I am willing to build my career at McDonald’s and hit a position as a Store Manager. To achieve this goal, I am planning to research the store's specifics, identify the policies and regulations, and learn how to manage and motivate employees and create exemplary store operations.”

14. Are you ok with performing duties unrelated to your position?

Once in a while, every job position requires you to perform some additional tasks to see how flexible you can be. However, do not let your employer think that you can do it on a regular basis. You are concerned about your professional growth and value your time.

“I am interested in cross-functional responsibilities as it can give me more insights into a company's operations. That’s why I could assist in completing some additional tasks from time to time.”

15. What drives your motivation at work?

Since McDonald’s is a successful corporation, there are numerous benefits you can get when becoming its employee. So don’t let them think you came solely because you can get employee discounts or free lunches.

What to say:

  • opportunity to work in a team
  • learning more about the company and the industry
  • challenging tasks
  • supporting and assisting colleagues

Don’t say:

  • money
  • company’s privilege of getting discounts
  • to add solid experience to my CV
“I really enjoy overcoming challenges and learning new things to master. I am extremely enthusiastic about becoming “Best Employee of the Month,” so this goal drives my efficiency and productivity.”

16. What questions do you have for us?

As we have already mentioned above, asking questions for the employer is a step you should never skip. See what kind of questions would be useful for you to ask.

  • What core responsibilities are needed to be handled? Are there specific KPIs to achieve?
  • Do you consider hiring part-time or full-time employees?
  • Do you provide any group activities as a part of team building?
  • Do you offer a person who will mentor me throughout the probation period?

McDonald’s Interview Tips and How to Prepare

Now, we will give you useful hacks on how to increase your chances of getting the desired position in the hospitality industry. From CV and cover letter creation to self-representation at a job interview, we will explain vital things to keep in mind to remain confident throughout the McDonalds interview process.

Tip #1 Make sure your resume is attractive and professional

The first impression is a lasting impression, and the first thing a recruiter sees is your CV. There might be various designs and templates for your resume, but the content remains the same - Education, Experience, Personal Traits, Certificates/Courses. Your resume should be customized based on the position. Make sure to highlight the experience and skills needed for that position. Another crucial thing in your resume is the photo. There are countries where CV photos aren't necessary (the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States), so insert a picture only if the employer requests it.

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Tip #2 A Cover letter is vital, not optional

A cover letter attached to your job application will considerably boost your chances of being reviewed as a candidate and getting hired further. A CL is a document that helps an employer get to know your skills, motivation, and intentions better and decide if your personality fits the corporate culture. Since a cover letter is a customized document (all indicated information refers to a particular position), an employer will see your straightforward intentions to land a specific job position. GetCoverLetter offers you a sample of the document for the position and the opportunity to generate your own job-winning customized cover letter. It takes just a few clicks and a few minutes of your time to have all the essential information displayed on one page.

Tip #3 Don’t be late and mute your smartphone

Punctuality shows respect for the company. McDonald’s recruiters may have more interviews throughout the day, so it’s better to come ahead of time than be late. Setting the phone to silent mode will help you be attentive and won’t interrupt your interview.

Tip #4 Be confident

You can have a perfect portfolio, well-structured CV, and detailed cover letter, but your behavior and gestures can say a lot about you when it comes to the interview. If you take long pauses before answering the questions or can’t structure your answers well - try practicing at home in front of a mirror or ask your friends to conduct a rehearsal job interview. Remember that you are selling yourself, so don’t undersell your value.


End Word

A job interview at McDonald’s is the final step before the company decides whether or not to hire you. It is a great reason to get fully prepared. We hope this article sheds light on important matters. Keep our tips in mind and remember that your positive mood and confidence will surely help you successfully pass the interview and get the desired job at McDonald’s.

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