Top 20 FedEX Interview Questions & Answers Why People Aim to Work at FedEx FedEx Interview Tips FedEx Interview Questions and Answers Questions to Ask at a FedEx Interview The Takeaway
Top 20 FedEX Interview Questions & Answers Why People Aim to Work at FedEx FedEx Interview Tips FedEx Interview Questions and Answers Questions to Ask at a FedEx Interview The Takeaway
Updated 20/09/2020

Top 20 FedEX Interview Questions & Answers

An interview with FedEx is a chance to join the world leader in delivery services. To nail it, check its most popular interview questions and winning answers.

An interview with FedEx is a chance to join the world leader in delivery services. To nail it, check its most popular interview questions and winning answers.

FedEx is an excellent example of how a fledgling company can become a key player in courier delivery services through bold innovation, customer focus, and employee-centered corporate policies. Today, FedEx keeps its momentum going and offers new job opportunities for specialists of different profiles. If you received an interview invitation, you have already become one step closer to the coveted position. It is a strong reason to consolidate your success by studying FedEx job interview questions and practical answers in our guide.

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Why People Aim to Work at FedEx

FedEx has a multi-step recruitment process. Once Brassrings's applicant tracking system has reviewed your resume and cover letter, you are asked to take several behavioral and personality tests. Their successful completion will lead you to a phone, personal, or panel interview to determine the selection process's outcome. But these difficulties do not stop thousands of applicants from going all the way and fighting for the position. And below, we will look at the main reasons for this persistence.

Recognition in the Labor Market

In 2018, FedEx took pride of place in the list of the best companies for which to work. It made FedEx a tidbit for the workforce and increased the number of employees by a record 34.32% compared to 2017, according to MacroTrends. Although the following years did not repeat a similar boom, the staff increase is still observed annually. It proves the reliability and stability of FedEx as an employer.

Positive Employee Experience

Great Place to Work has proven that 86% of FedEx employees are committed to the corporation. This engagement rate is much higher than that of other typical companies.

  • 90% of staff note a friendly attitude towards newcomers;
  • 89% proudly tell others that they are building their careers at FedEx;
  • 87% say that they have all the necessary equipment and resources to do their job well;
  • 87% appreciate the opportunity to be a full member of the team regardless of the position held.

Support for Young Professionals

Students and graduates should not puzzle how to get a job at FedEx, as the company is interested in talented staff and fresh ideas. In this regard, it offers the College Connection internship program. Its members can work full-time in the summer, attend networking events, and gain practical experience as assistants on real projects. In this way, the company produces perspective specialists and contributes to lower unemployment after graduation.

Employee Benefits

PayScale says FedEx offers its staff benefits such as medical, dental, vision insurance, severance pay, paid vacations, and sick days. Besides, the company takes care of the financial stability of its employees in old age. For this purpose, it provides them with individually defined contribution retirement plans. These plans enable employees to save money for retirement throughout their careers within the company. This approach increases worker loyalty to the employer and encourages them to stay with FedEx for many years.

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FedEx Interview Tips

The interview is a last and decisive step in your self-presentation. With high competition for positions, every detail matters and can either tip the scales in your favor or lead to the infamous rejection letter. To help you achieve a successful outcome, we've compiled proven FedEx job interview tips. Follow them to nail it.

  • Research a potential employer. Some FedEx interview questions will focus on your knowledge of the company and your motivation to join its team. To deal with them, take the trouble to study FedEx’s history highlights, fast facts, and philosophy on the official websites.

    For example, it is useful to know that the company was called Federal Express until 2000 and was created in 1973 to solve logistics challenges and deliver urgent cargo. FedEx was the first to introduce the function of tracking the status and location of parcels in real-time. The foundation of the company's philosophy is the Purple Promise:

    "I will make every FedEx experience outstanding."

    You can apply this info during the interview, thereby proving your awareness and commitment.

  • Come to your interview 10 minutes early. Arriving late or too early are bad tactics. In the first case, you discredit your self-organization. And in the second one, you can put the receptionist or secretary in an awkward position as they will have to look after you until your appointment.

    Arriving 10 minutes in advance is the best solution since you can catch your breath after being on the road and collect your thoughts. Plan your route and, ideally, make a trial run to your destination to establish the exact time needed.

  • Think about your attire. Contrary to popular stereotypes, the tailored black and white suit is no longer a versatile interview solution. Moreover, if you apply for a position such as a package handler, such a clothing choice will look inappropriate. Therefore, stick to a smart casual style. It can be a shirt with buttons in combination with dark jeans and plain shoes or sneakers for men and a blouse with a midi skirt or a trouser suit with flats or shoes with a heel of no more than seven sentiments for women. Clothing like this will help you feel comfortable and make the right impression on the hiring manager.
  • Be prepared to talk about salary. The interviewer may ask you about your financial expectations if the wage is not indicated in the job description. Their purpose is to determine if your requests match the company's proposal and avoid misunderstandings and disappointments. If you wonder how to answer FedEx interview questions about salary, check your chosen profession's salary level at PayScale.

    For example, the hourly pay for a trucking & transportation dispatcher varies from $23 to $37, a customer service specialist can get from $14 to $23, and a package handler earns from $12 to $19. Using actual amounts in your answer, you prove that your choice of company and position is balanced and conscious.

  • Bring reserve copies of your resume and cover letter. Even if you sent a resume and cover letter during your application process, take the advice to bring five copies of each document to the interview. FedEx frequently arranges panel interviews for candidates for customer service positions. In this case, you should provide each interviewer with a copy to prove your responsible approach and foresight. But even if you go to a one-on-one interview with a recruiter, be prepared that the supervisor or manager will want to join your meeting. Thanks to your copies, they can review your background and participate in the dialogue, which will make it more productive.
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FedEx Interview Questions and Answers

Below we have collected both individual questions asked to candidates for the most popular positions in FedEx and general ones for everyone who wants to get into the corporation. Remember, the recruitment process differs depending on the role, and you may encounter them as FedEx phone interview questions and in-person or panel interview items. Therefore, the sooner you prepare your answers based on our examples, the less chance the recruiter will surprise you.

Courier Interview Questions

  1. What skills will help you succeed as a FedEx courier?
    “My advanced directional skills help me build an efficient route from A to B, taking local roads and surrounding areas into account. My time management abilities allow me to calculate the time spent on the chosen path, considering my travel mode and avoiding delivery delays. Besides, I am mindful of record-keeping, which allows me to manage all trusted documentation. These skills will help me contribute to FedEx's customer satisfaction.”
  2. How do you feel about working in nasty weather?
    “I am always customer-oriented in my work and see no obstacle in achieving their positive experience. Therefore, if a FedEx client expects a parcel, they must receive it by all means, regardless of weather conditions. Rain, hail, or strong wind are just minor difficulties easily compensated by the client's loyalty and trust in our company.”
  3. Describe a situation when you solved a problem at work?
    “Once I noticed a logistic mistake made by the dispatcher with whom I was on friendly terms. I had to deliver packages to different parts of the city almost simultaneously, which is impossible. Such omissions always affect the company's reputation. An additional complication is that only a manager in my previous company could resolve this error. So I had to either turn a blind eye or report it to her. For starters, I honestly pointed out the mistake to my dispatcher friend. He confirmed he couldn’t change anything. Then I described the situation to the manager but noted that the dispatcher identified the error on his own. She changed my itinerary and commended us for being honest and attentive. In this way, I avoided customer complaints and maintained a good relationship with my colleague.”
  4. Have you ever had a conflict with a colleague? How did you solve it?
    “When I was in college, I tried to take only the night shifts to combine work and study. Within a month, I noticed that a colleague was avoiding communicating with me and meeting all my words with hostility. I decided not to develop the conflict, but to find out what was happening. As it turned out, he also needed night shifts to take care of his mother in the hospital during the day. Unfortunately, I did not consult with him about the schedules and only pursued my interests. After that, we found common ground and always filled the schedule together. I agreed to work during the day around my academic hours.”
  5. What will you do if you understand that you cannot deliver the parcels on time?
    “In this case, I will first calculate the estimated delay time and analyze the factors that may affect it. After that, I will contact the dispatcher or customer service department and ask to notify the customer. My message will definitely include the reason for the delay, the measures I am taking right now, and the time range of delivery.”
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    Package Handler Interview Questions

  7. How much weight can you lift?
    “I can lift up to 75 lbs. I try to continually monitor my health and physical fitness and improve my stamina to meet FedEx's requirements for my position and cope with hands-on work even on long shifts.”
  8. How do you deal with the rush hours at work?
    “I always try to get priorities right and make a clear plan of action. When I know where to start and what sequence to complete the tasks, I collect my thoughts, calm down, and carry out the plan step by step. Also, I actively interact with colleagues and take part in the distribution of tasks. It increases overall productivity and helps get through the rush faster.”
  9. Suppose you notice that your colleague's behavior or actions are contrary to company policy. What will you do?
    “First, I will talk to them one-on-one and explain the consequences of their actions or behavior. If this does not work, I will have to inform the manager as violations of one employee affect the team and the company's reputation as a whole.”
  10. How do you think you contribute to FedEx in your position?
    “I work with packages directly and bear responsibility for their safety, integrity, and correct labeling. My conscientious approach to work contributes to their accurate delivery and the satisfaction of FedEx customers.”
  11. How will you interact with a rude coworker?
    “I find out what contributes to this behavior through personal conversation or observation. If I can influence these factors, I will try to remedy the situation. If not, I can advise them on how to deal with stress and avoid aggression. If that doesn't work, I'll ignore the rude behavior unless it harms other team members or me. In this case, I will bring this topic up for discussion with the supervisor.”
  12. Customer Service Representative Interview Questions

  13. Describe a situation when you resolved a conflict with a customer.
    “I worked in an appliance store. One day a customer came with a demand to replace his broken washing machine. But he did not have a warranty card with him, and therefore replacement of the product was impossible. He was outraged and annoyed by this situation, which affected his communication with the staff. I suggested that he give the washing machine to express diagnostics and repairs in our store to settle the conflict. Also, I offered them a 20% discount on these services. It calmed him down and even resulted in him posting a positive review of the store on social media.”
  14. Share your best customer service experience.
    “I strive to provide impeccable customer service daily. Nevertheless, once a customer incorrectly placed an order in our online store, and her package was sent to another state. She ordered a dress for her daughter's graduation and noticed a mistake two days before the event. It was too late to re-order as it would not have arrived in time. I monitored all our stores in her city and found the same dress in stock. After that, I contacted the store manager and asked to book this dress for my customer. She arrived and picked it up the next day. It was the most sincere gratitude in my entire career.”
  15. Imagine that you make a severe mistake in completing a task. What will you do?
    “First, I will collect my thoughts and understand if I can fix the error myself. If so, I will think over several solutions and choose the most optimal one. If not, I will turn to my manager for help, even if it leads to a fine. I am not used to hushing up problems and believe that my honesty will help compensate for my mistake and maintain trust.”
  16. What would your friends say about you?
    “I think they would say that I am a sociable person who is always open to new experiences and not afraid of difficulties. Besides, my inner circle would note my flexibility, which has helped me more than once in different life circumstances.”
  17. Suppose the company or its representative made a mistake that led to customer dissatisfaction. What will you do to keep them?
    “I will apologize for this mistake on behalf of the company and clarify what we could do to fix or mitigate the situation. After that, I will register their wishes and pass it on to the executive department. I will keep them informed about the measures being taken to resolve the problem and prevent it in the future. Finally, I will offer the customer bonuses or discounts for inconveniences and contact them in a couple of days to check their satisfaction.”
  18. General Interview Questions

  19. What do you know about FedEx?
    “FedEx is a multinational company and one of the US government's leading contractors that provides courier, postage, and logistics services in 211 countries. The company consists of different business units, each of which focuses on a particular market segment, which gives FedEx a significant competitive advantage.”
  20. What motivates you to join FedEx?
    “I admire your policy, where you focus on your employees' needs, and they, in turn, focus on your customers' needs. This is precisely the pattern that contributes to fruitful cooperation and the company's prosperity in the market. I also know that FedEx is involved in charity work and supplies food and medicine to the needy. Thus, you make the world a better and kinder place.”
  21. FedEx company works around the clock. What are your preferred shifts?
    “I prefer morning or afternoon shifts. However, I always take into account the goals of the company and the needs of my colleagues. Therefore, I am ready for a flexible schedule with night shifts. It will allow me to collaborate with most of the team and clients from different time zones.”
  22. Why did you leave your previous employer?
    “I worked for a great company, but at some point, it became my comfort zone. Now I feel the need to develop as a specialist and accept new professional challenges. For this purpose, I must step out of my comfort zone and look for new ways to unleash my potential.”
  23. Do you have specific financial expectations?
    “Given my experience and skills, I would like to earn between $2800 and $3500 per month. However, the opportunity to become a part of the professional FedEx team and develop to your high standards is more valuable to me than the numbers on my bank account.”
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      Questions to Ask at a FedEx Interview

      The interview helps the potential employer and job seeker collect all the information they need for decision-making. To take full advantage of this opportunity, prepare your list of questions. They will help you make the right choice and prove your genuine interest in the company.

      • When can I expect your decision?
      • Do you provide feedback in case of rejection?
      • Can you describe a typical working day in this position?
      • Are there any personal qualities that are inherent in successful employees of your company?
      • How and when are shift workers scheduled?
      • Is there a mandatory number of night shifts for each employee?
      • Who will show me the ropes in the first days of work?
      • What results do you expect from me in the first month / six months?
      • Is there any career advancement in this position? What results do I need to achieve to get it?
      • How do I join FedEx employee volunteer programs?

      The Takeaway

      An interview with FedEx is a crucial moment. Recruiters evaluate you as a specialist, a potential team member, and a person who will become a representative of their culture and values. In this guide, we have given you proven tips and answers to the most common interview questions. The rest of your success depends on your perseverance, result orientation, and, most importantly, sincere desire to become a part of this world-famous corporation. Remember, your motivation and commitment are as valuable as your skills.

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