10+ Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024

Don’t know what cover letter tricks will catch the attention of an employer? Check out our job-winning examples from 2024 and adopt the best practices for your copy.

Don’t know what cover letter tricks will catch the attention of an employer? Check out our job-winning examples from {{ year }} and adopt the best practices for your copy.

10+ Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024 How Important is a Cover Letter in 2024? Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024 Best Cover Letter Samples for 2024 Cover Letter Writing Tips for 2024 Conclusions
10+ Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024 How Important is a Cover Letter in 2024? Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024 Best Cover Letter Samples for 2024 Cover Letter Writing Tips for 2024 Conclusions


40% of companies refuse applicants if the cover letter to the resume is missing or is written incorrectly. More than 52% of employers choose a new employee considering the cover letter along with education and experience. In this article we will explain what a cover letter is and how to write it in 2024 so that you are definitely paid attention to. We’ll also show you examples to help you write a non-standard and interesting letter.

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How Important is a Cover Letter in 2024?

Job applicants who are not used to such a practice often miss this point from their attention or consciously prefer not to waste time on it. Mainly, because the basic information is already given in the summary. Sometimes this approach can cost a candidate a potential position.
According to the results of the survey, more than a quarter of HR managers admitted that they did not consider the candidate’s resume due to an unsuccessful cover letter, and many HR specialists made it a rule not to consider the resume at all if there was no accompanying information.

IMPORTANT! The applicant should submit a cover letter, even if the job description did not contain such a requirement: such a text is taken for granted in serious companies. For cover letters in 2024 it is important from the first words to show interest in the company and position and a great desire to work with them.

In addition to meeting higher business standards, which the applicant will demonstrate by providing his resume with a cover letter, it will help to achieve several important goals:

  1. Demonstrate your writing skills: the strict structure of the resume does not make it possible to show off the construction of beautiful sentences;
  2. Emphasize motivation: this is especially important for people changing their field of work or having relatively little experience in the chosen field;
  3. To highlight their sides, which are especially beneficial for this company: in the resume, this information is supplied by a common block among all your skills;
  4. Individualize the approach to job search: the resume is standard, it can be sent to any company in almost unchanged form, and the text will show interest in this particular one;
  5. Show that you were interested in the company, searched for information about it, and the data turned out to be attractive to you.

To write a cover letter format of 2024 correctly, you should adhere to:

1. Style:
Style: stay business-like, but avoid office and cliched phrases. If the corporate culture of the company is non-standard, you can do some creative work or joke.
2. Structure:
Structure: A standard cover letter consists of a greeting (try to find out the name of the person who is responsible for selecting candidates!), the main part and farewell. Highlight each block with a space.
3. Size:
Size: How long should a cover letter be? Try to make your letter readable in 10 seconds.
4. Content:
Content: only useful information in which the employer will see a benefit for himself. Do not duplicate the text from the resume.

In order for the employer to draw attention to you, the cover letter must have a clear structure, but not be a template. Do not write “like everyone else," be inspired by the examples of non-standard cover letters that GetCoverLetter collected in the article.


Best Cover Letter Examples for 2024

A cover letter usually takes no more than one page and consists of four or five paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you should introduce yourself and explain the reason for writing the letter, in the second - describe your professional skills, in the third - answer the question why you are a suitable candidate for the vacancy. The last paragraph must necessarily contain a call to action: ask the addressee to schedule an interview for you and inform your contacts.
How to make a good first impression? GetCoverLetter will show this with 10 examples of brilliant cover letters for different titles and positions. Take them as a model for writing winning recommendations.

Cover letter template for 2024 for candidates with no work experience

Dear HR Manager!
I ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy "X."
Introduction. Explain why you want to work in this company or what interests you about this vacancy.
Main part. Insert in each block the basic requirements that are indicated in the job description by sections:

Professional skills and knowledge.
Technical skills, languages.
Completion. Answer the question: “Why should you be considered for this vacancy?” You must emphasize that you are approaching this vacancy perfectly and would be glad to work in this company.
Your name
phone number

Cover letter template for 2024 for job candidates

Dear HR Manager!

I ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy "X."
Introduction. Explain why you want to work in this company or what interests you about this vacancy.
Main part. Insert in each block the basic requirements that are indicated in the job description:
Education (indicate if it meets the requirements of the vacancy. If education does not fit, do not include this information in the cover letter, but focus on experience and skills).
Professional skills.
Technical skills.
Conclusion: Answer the question: “Why should you be considered for this vacancy?” You must emphasize that you are approaching this vacancy perfectly and would be glad to work in this company.

Your name
phone number
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If you do not know if there is a vacancy

The following is a fragment of a fact-finding cover letter. The applicant did not know if there was a vacancy, so the introduction and the offer are excellent examples of what to write in this situation.

Dear (name),
I am writing to find out if there are any vacancies at your reputable university, for example, a professor of mathematics.
Thank you for reading my letter. I would be very grateful if you would send my letter and application to any educational or research institutions that are interested in my profile. Looking forward to your reply.
Your name
phone number

Work breaks

How to explain interruptions in work more gracefully? How to describe them so as not to affect the rest of the experience?
The candidate for the position of teacher shows how:

I was six months pregnant when we moved to (city). Now that my daughter has gone to kindergarten, I look forward to getting back to work.
Although in the past years I focused on my daughter and family and I did not work, I constantly monitored changes in education and sciences, reading new textbooks and attending events held (name of organization). I constantly studied, using every opportunity with a lack of free time.
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Transfer to another position

The applicant begins the letter with an explanation of the transition and how the previous experience will come in handy.

I have a degree in marketing and success in retail and customer service. Now I am looking for the application of these skills in the field of public relations.
The entry is immediately followed by the applicant's knowledge of the company and related skills:
As a buyer and seller of your products and services, I am familiar with your brand and its targeted demographics. I have been following the launch of your company’s products in Southeast Asia and I’m sure that I can attract the attention of your company that it deserves.
I already have experience spreading word through social networks and press releases. When I participated in the (event) at (company name), we used Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to the event, raising over $10,000.

Cover letter snippet for product developer position

This is the third and fourth paragraphs, where the applicant explains his/her skills in product development through the story and keywords:

In (company name) I developed and manufactured a working sample (product) and successfully received initial funding from (investor name). Now I have experience creating prototypes with limited funding.
Then at (company name) I worked on several large-scale projects for Fortune 500 clients. Using my Excel skills, I was able to transform the data into an understandable and effective strategy for many clients.

A cover letter template for a Marketing Manager with several paragraphs describing related and special skills. In addition to the usual resume, this applicant described his achievements in a previous job.

Dear (name),
Thank you for taking the time to read my statement. I will be an outstanding customer service manager (company name). That's why:
I am an experienced sales and corporate branding manager. I have experience in written communication and administration with excellent organizational skills.
I have experience in management and support. Well versed in all aspects of marketing work, including documentation (MS Word, MS PowerPoint and InDesign); customer acquisition, outsourcing, sales and operational support.
I am known for my ability to build relationships and get regular customers. Thanks to my skills and proactive strategy, I won and managed complex projects and events for (company name). I have established excellent working relationships with national and international suppliers. You can entrust me with research, writing proposals and project management.

Here's a cover letter template for a Marketing and Branding Specialist with a focus on entertainment and retail.

My mother thinks I am special, all mothers consider their children like that, right? I hope that after viewing my resume you will agree with her. Especially in my role as X in company Y, to which I appeal.
The candidate immediately showed an excellent sense of humor and his experience in the entertainment industry.
I have attached my resume for your consideration and would like to speak with you someday to prove my mother is right.

After one short paragraph listing his skills and experience, he closes the letter with a funny but accurate sentence.

A fragment of the cover letter from the application of the candidate who received the place of IT engineer:
We included only the second paragraph, the most interesting place. The pilot project shows the initiative of the applicant, and this is the best way to demonstrate your talents compared to the long list of programming languages ​​that could appear here.

For verification, I created a test project using Django and Python. This is a custom task manager that allows you to figure out the time it takes to solve a problem and compare it with the time it took to complete it.
IT is one of the highest developing spheres that employs over 2.8 million people. A solid cover letter can increase your chances of joining this industry. So don’t let someone else take this opportunity away from you.

Below is a sample cover letter from a candidate for the position of senior financial perations manager. The candidate described his skills in various areas of management, such as recruitment, business development, operations and marketing, which is in demand in most senior positions.

- Successfully launching a startup by selecting a talented team with a clear development plan and impromptu marketing strategies that have reached $XX million + revenue and X% profit in three years. I was head of the restructuring assistance department for (company name), which led to an increase in sales of 7% and an increase in overall productivity of 15% throughout the organization. - Supervisor (company name) of operations on the provision of turn-key call-center services in Europe and Asia.


Best Cover Letter Samples for 2024

GetCoverLetter offers some samples cover letter for job in 2024 below.

University Graduate

This may look like a cover letter from a 22-year-old university graduate:

"Hello! My name is Alex. Two months ago, I graduated from university with a degree in Enterprise Economics. I don’t have much work experience yet, but there are other qualitative advantages.
I am very organized and disciplined. I graduated from the military department at the university, was the head of the group. I organized trips for a whole stream of students (which is about 90 people), I have always been the main one in finance and budget. In practice, between the 4th and 5th year of study, I worked at a bank as an assistant economist. I got recommendations from superiors.
I’m soundly approaching a job search, so I agree to the position of assistant or trainee, the main thing is that there should be an opportunity for development. I am ready to devote myself to work fully, follow the rules and regulations, in return giving energy and devotion.
Thank you for attention".

Position "Office Manager"

Here's an example of a cover letter for an office manager.

“Dear HR Manager!
I am interested in the vacancy for the office manager position in your company. I am very close to the values ​​of your company that are shared by employees, such as: decency, sincerity, responsibility and ambitiousness. I also heard a lot of positive feedback about working in your company from my friend who told me about this vacancy.
Let me tell you why I am perfect for you:
• I am a graduate of MESI. Studied in the specialty "State and municipal administration." During my studies, I did internships in companies such as Venus and Mars. My responsibilities included: preparation and verification of contracts, as well as the creation of various types of documents using a special office program.
• Work in these companies taught me a lot. I expanded my knowledge of documentation and successfully put it into practice. And also got acquainted with the features of office work.
• I am an outgoing and responsible person. I am able to work effectively in stressful conditions. I study and learn new skills quickly and easily. I am perfectly fluent in two languages: English and German.
If you have any questions, you can call me by phone: 123-45-67-89 or write a message by email.

Position Assistant Editor

Here's an example of a cover letter for an assistant editor.

“Dear HR Manager!
I ask you to consider my resume for the vacant position "Assistant Editor," which I saw on the website of your company "N."
I currently work at Crystal as a research fellow. I would like to start a career in publishing. I graduated from Boston College with a degree in English and Literature. At the university, I gained extensive experience working in a student newspaper as a journalist, so I am well acquainted with publishing.
I am able to work in stressful situations and love to work in a team. In addition, I am fluent in English.
I will be very glad of the opportunity of a personal meeting.
Looking forward to your reply.
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Position "Project Manager"

Here's an example of a cover letter for a project manager.

"Dear HR Manager!
I ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy "Project Manager."
I would like to join a team of professionals in the Elephant company and I am sure that I can successfully apply my experience and skills.
13 years of analytical and design work in various fields of business: engineering, leasing, banking, insurance. I have a bachelor's and master's degree from the Financial University under the Government of Great Britain.
I am able to understand the essence of the analyzed investment project quickly, build financial models and make it possible to express the results of the analysis for the end user in the form of a presentation in German and English. I have the skills to prepare opinions on investment projects and write business plans, as well as market reviews by industry.
I use a systematic approach to solving professional problems. I am able to predict the development of events and the consequences of decisions made, identify and formulate the main areas of work, identify promising goals, propose and argue forms and methods of work to solve the tasks.
I am able to conduct several projects in parallel and work in a short time.
Strengths: diligence, perseverance and determination, self-mastery, leadership skills, punctuality.
Attached is my resume and hope for the opportunity to tell more about myself in the course of a personal interview.

Position: “Personal Assistant”

Here's an example of a cover letter for a personal assistant.

"Dear HR Manager!
I’m very interested in the Personal Assistant vacancy in your company. Work in such a large company as yours provides opportunities for professional growth and personal development. I would like to fulfill the responsibilities that are indicated in the job description.
I am sure that in this position I will be able to reveal my potential as the best assistant and my professional experience will be in great demand.
I have 3 years of experience in administrative and information support for the department head. I am able to interact with all departments of the company effectively. The experience gained in the company "X" I can use effectively for positions in your company.
I am able to solve complex and non-standard tasks. As a rule, I manage to cope with them quickly enough, but if the problem does not dissolve itself immediately, I will still continue to look for solutions and will finish the job. Under any circumstances, I try to do everything that I promised, and to meet the deadlines agreed upon.
I like to work in multitasking mode; qualities such as reaction speed, sociability, stress resistance, will help me successfully cope with the duties of a personal assistant.
I would be very glad to be able to introduce myself at the interview.

Advertising and Marketing

They say that getting a good job after maternity leave with two or three children is almost impossible. But what if you do not lose hope and try to take a different look at the situation, find the pros in this position, not the minuses for a career? Here is an example of a cover letter for a woman who has children and a desire to get a decent job.

Whatever your age or expertise level, a customized cover letter is an essential tool to impress the employer. Have no idea where to start? Use our cover letter builder.
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Dear Mr.Smith.
My name is Kate, I am 35 years old and three children. This is for short. And if in detail, then in addition to family and children, I still have 8 years of experience in advertising and marketing, which you can find out from my resume. In order not to lose my skills, on parental leave I regularly attended various trainings and Seminars in my specialty. The last two years I have been working on freelance, among my clients there are such companies: "Diamant", "BigDeal", "Metro". In addition, I always try to keep abreast of the latest news in the advertising world, read books by famous marketers, follow their blogs on the network, and keep my own notes.
Having three children taught me multitasking, I can quickly switch from one task to another, organize the work of an entire department even with the most capricious employees and persuade intractable customers. Given the specialization of your company, I can offer a plan to increase sales and brand awareness, I know how to increase the loyalty of real and potential customers. I guarantee full dedication to the assigned tasks, I am able to organize my life so that the personal remains personal, and the professional remains professional.
Thanks for attention. Have a nice day!
Kate Russu
102 Policy Street,
Salem, New Hampshire,

For candidates after 40

It is widely believed that after 40 finding work is extremely difficult. Especially if you have held a position in one company for 20 years. Yes, indeed, the chances are reduced, but not to zero. Perhaps our sample cover letter will help you get the desired job.

HR manager
Mrs. Caterine Johnson

Dear Mrs Johnson!
My name Jeff, I am 43 years old, but, do not rush to close my letter. Your vacancy states that you need an experienced and determined manager who is not afraid of responsibility. And I am like that. For 23 years of professional experience, I "grew up"from a simple bank employee to the head of the regional branch of a large bank. I had to manage small teams of 5-7 people and departments of up to 50 employees. In my work I use modern management methods, listen to the views of employees, find a balance between the needs of management and staff. I had to leave my previous place of work because the company was liquidated.
They say that 40 it's impossible to find work. And I believe that he does not find anything does not look for anything and who has nothing to offer the market. I have recommendations, experience, confidence and opportunities. I want, I can and I know how to solve the tasks described in the vacancy. I guarantee full commitment and interest in the success of the company .Thanks for attention. Always in touch,

Jeffrey Core,
408 Pit Lane,
City, State
Tel 123-456-789,

Position "Assistant Brand Manager"

Here's an example of a cover letter for a brand manager.

Dear HR Manager!

I ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy “Assistant Brand Manager”
I am an effective performer and organizer. I am able to analyze a large amount of information in the face of solving diverse problems. I try to find non-standard solutions to improve quality, while reducing the time to complete the tasks.
My strengths are; analytical skills, efficiency and independence in decision-making, high learning ability.
Experienced user of MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point; I know the basis of the business correspondence and business etiquette; fluent in English.
A high level of self-organization, attention to details and excellent communication skills will help become indispensable assistant for a brand manager.

Thank you for your attention to my resume.
John Green
Phone o52-956-025

Position "Internet Marketer"

Here's an example of a cover letter for a digital marketing manager.

HR Manager
LCC “Growth”
Mr. Adam Green

Dear Mr. Green!

I ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy “Internet marketer”
I have experience of more than 12 years of independent management of advertising companies, promotion of mobile applications, SEO, SMM, content marketing, guerilla marketing, email marketing.
I am well aware of web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Yandex Direct, Metrica), I can analyze and develop systems of performance indicators: audit and traffic sources, set goals, segments, events, calculate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, incoming traffic and key site indicators.
I know how to work in a team, interact with contractors and negotiate, find optimal solutions, work in multitasking mode.
I’m creatively approaching work, using the entire additional arsenal of Internet marketing tools, looking for new ways and sources of online promotion, monitoring and testing of online innovations.

Thanks in advance for your interest in my resume.
Michael Scott

Sales Coach Position

Here's an example of a cover letter for a sales consultant.

Dear Mr. Brook!

My name is Liz and I am interested in vacancy Sales Coach.
I managed to achieve my career goal and become sales coach. I grew and developed first in the local companies: Green , Happyland, Termex, then I looked to opportunities to gain new experience and personal growth and conquered new heights in international FMCG companies: Gloss, Beauty and RedLine. Now at the trainings I pass on my successful 15 years of experience in the field of sales and management, I provide effective tools and sales techniques.
Let me explain why I am the ideal candidate for this position.
Firstly, I am a manager with successful experience in sales for more than 12 years and all the time I am on firing line, regularly checking in practice how accurately my trainings “hit” the target.
Secondly, I am a business coach who owns the methodology for creating trainings and webinars for the company’s needs. I am a real practitioner, not an ordinary teacher or trainer who himself has never had to sell, convince clients and negotiate. I was constantly in the fields, daily checking the effectiveness of the cases and exercises I developed for training.
My goal is the real breakthrough in the actions of the participants after passing the trainings! My trainings also give students a huge boost of internal energy and motivate to achieve high professional success in the company.
I will be glad to receive an invitation for an interview, where I can talk about my professional experience in more detail.

Elizabeth Binz
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Cover Letter Writing Tips for 2024

How to achieve the same effect as in all of the above cases? Here are 5 cool life hacks that you can and should use.

1. Use the human factor

Behind each of these cover letters there is a living person, and this is noticeable. Just imagine writing a letter to a friend explaining why you are a good specialist. This does not have to be a childhood friend - just another person on the other side of the monitor. They do not want to read letters of the same type.

2. Learn company philosophy

Philosophy, products, features of services. Knowing the facts of life of the company will be a serious advantage. It will show you as an active and interested specialist.

3. Add details

A person is more likely to believe in a story that is accompanied by small details. They will make the story interesting, regardless of what you write about: about mom, about a strange boss or your skills. The main thing is to respect the time of employer. Do not go deep into feelings and emotions.

4. Easier - Better

Avoid overly long sentences and abstruse words. Use them only when you are sure that the employer knows their meaning. Just speak the same language with him. Pay attention to style and structure, with a welcoming and closing word. All this is evaluated, albeit not always consciously.

5. Appearance

It is important not only what to write, but also how to write. Neat form, good font, uniform style - all this shows the efforts made by the candidate. GetCoverLetter can help with this. Use our Get Cover Letter editor to fill out a cover letter beautifully and increase your chances of finding a job.
You can also learn many useful tips from our article “ Email Cover Letter: Sample, Best Email Format & Tips."



So, start writing your cover letter now.
We hope our list of ideas will help you. Still not sure where to start? Check out our guide on GetCoverLetter!
Your cover letter is written, resume made and the application is submitted. You can find a work that you are dreaming about!

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